Sen. John McCain announced he will be suspending his presidential campaign in order to tend to America’s dwindling economy.

McCain urged Sen. Barack Obama to do the same and join him in Washington.‚  Obama told media he will proceed on the campaign trail as normal.

Obama did however say he would return to Washington only if it helped negotiations and didn’t draw attention away from the task at hand.

Obama spoke with McCain on the phone and agreed to issue a joint statement on their position of the handling of the economic crisis by the Bush administration.‚  Probably not a favorable one.

McCain also wants to postpone this Friday’s presidential debate in a move Obama aides are calling a “staged photo op.”

When McCain told Obama he wanted to push the debate back, Obama heavily disagreed.‚  “This is exactly the time when the American people need to hear from the person [who] will be the next president” he told media.

It’s OK that McCain wants to go back to Washington to put in his two cents, he’s known for voicing his opinion and this is a very serious issue.

They shouldn’t postpone the debate though, what Obama said is correct.‚  Right now, in a time of countless global economic crises, the American people need to hear what their potential leader has in mind.‚  They want to know how he will get them out of this seemingly ever-expanding black hole of debt.

It’s great that this week’s debate focuses on foreign policy.‚  Foreign policy ties into the issue of economy wonderfully, so I think they can get some good questions and hopefully some good answers.

If a section of the questions (most of them probably will be) are for example, devoted to the American economy on a global stage or how each candidate would strengthen America’s economic reputation with the world, people will be satisfied.

Regardless of the topic, the recent AIG bailout and the Bush administration’s proposed bailout will certainly be addressed.

Nothing would be worse than having a presidential debate during a time of economic crisis that doesn’t focus on the economy.‚  That’s not the case, so I say, let the show go on.

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  1. Campbell

    Obama now is refusing to delay the debate to discuss “foreign affairs” no less. McCain challenged Obama to ten debates and he refused them all. Now he’s ready. Its seems that for Obama a debate is more important than country. Maybe Obama should debate himself in a Senate stall.

  2. Eddie Zalez

    The presidential debate should go on and be turned into a debate about the bailout. The Wall Street criminals that looted our economy should be punished. The members of Congress that allowed this major embarrassment to happen to our nation should be identified and asked to resign their committee positions. Now we know why seniority in Congress does not work well and there should be term limits.

  3. Sonia Kermaz

    Since McCain can’t stand the heat, he needs to get out of the kitchen. McCain’s money management skills: a rich admiral father, a good Navy pay thank to admiral father, a very, very rich wife and father-in-law, and a bankrupt primary campaign bailed by very, very rich wife.


    Time to accept a scripted Presidential “debate” yet again?
    Brought to you by your “good friends” on Wall Street.

    No USA Main Street Paul or Nader,
    nor Cynthia McKinney…


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