Mastiff, otherwise known for making the competitive eating game, announced on a more serious note that their upcoming Nintendo DS game, Moon, will be released November 18. They’ve teamed with GameStop to offer anyone who preorders the game a free telescoping Moon stylus and game case, too.

Moon is described as a sci-fi, action-adventure, first person shooter.

Game summary:

Developed by Renegade Kid,‚ Moon‚ is an intense sci-fi, action-adventure title for Nintendo DS.‚ Moon‚ places gamers on the cold lunar surface in the year 2058. Researchers of the newly established Lunar Base Alpha are shocked when they discover a sealed, alien hatch during construction of a new lunar base, but it’s a shock that soon pales in comparison to what they find beyond the hatch.

Game features:

  • Renegade Kid’s patented formula of sick and twisted FPS adventure features a cinematic storyline and white-knuckle shooting action.
  • Built on the Renegade Engine 2.0, Moon delivers rich environments and robust FPS gameplay that screams at a blistering 60 FPS.
  • Collect alien artifacts and challenge insane difficulty levels to unlock premium hidden content – only the hardcore need apply.
  • Annihilate alien hostiles as you rip up the lunar landscape in your turret-equipped buggy, or pilot the Remote Access Droid to delve into the Moon’s darkest corners.
  • Deliver Major Kane’s style of intergalactic diplomacy as you wield powerful alien technology like the Lepton Spread – a particle shotgun that can tear your enemies a new black hole.

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