It’s not like ergonomics is a crowded genre or anything, but we have a brand new “comfort mouse” to show you today.

“Research shows that mouse fit and versatility are important factors for user health and safety on the job,” says Humanscale, makers of products like tasklights, CPU stands, glare filters, foot rests, and everything else to try to make you more comfortable sitting on your ass in the office. “Traditional designs can promote awkward hand and wrist positions and cause discomfort or, in some cases, debilitating musculoskeletal disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome.”

That’s where the Humanscale Switch Mouse comes in.

Humanscale says that it’s not just the wrist that suffers under a traditional mouse. The wheel — our beloved scrolling wheel, which revolutionized the mouse in the 90s as trackballs and touchpads tried to make their way into the input device domain — the wheel, according to Cornell University researchers quoted by Humanscale, can cause tendonitis and repetitive motion stress in the finger used to manipulate the wheel.

So, we’ve got this new V-shaped mouse that works for lefties and righties and a new “navigation dish” that removes the scroll wheel. Finally, you can customize the mouse to fit the size of your hand, and they include a printable hand-sizing chart for your reference.

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