After two years of rumors, expectations and political dramas, America finally has its four main contenders for the presidential race. Democrats Obama and Biden are up against Republicans McCain and Palin. As they prepare to face what will become one of the most historic and awaited elections, there are many questions still unanswered by either party.

Both presidential candidates have been in the limelight long enough to talk of their life experiences and ideas for how to better the nation. However, they have been so involved in obtaining the nomination that until now will they be able to further explain how exactly they plan to fix the economy, offer health care to the more than 47 million uninsured Americans, restore the ailing educational system and figure a way to deal with the 20 million plus illegal immigrants and their American families who are in the country-amongst many other important issues.

While trying to build their case and be viewed as political saviors, both candidates must also prove that their vice presidential picks were good choices… and survive the gossip media frenzy that has been unleashed. Biden has had several years of political experience, becoming a senator in 1973 at the Constitutional minimum age of 30. He was the fifth-youngest senator in U.S. history and is the current chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee aside from serving as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He can give Obama the credibility amongst voters who are doubtful he is able to run a country after only eight years as senator.

Still, Biden is not easily recognizable by the youth of America and because of his age he can be seen as just another high up politician from the bunch. On the other side we have Palin, the young charismatic female governor of Alaska. If the Democrats were making history by having a black man and a woman running for the presidential candidacy, the Republicans are offering retribution by giving the people the first ever-female vice president hopeful.

The difference between the two parties, though, is that in the Democratic side both candidates launched themselves into the race. The Republicans front chose their woman practically out of the blue and shocked even its own members by doing so. The same doubtful voters can see Palin as an inexperienced, beauty-pageant contestant who needs to fill a void to attract those who were planning to vote for Hillary. Palin served in the city council of Wasilla, AK, in the 90’s until she became its mayor in 1999. The young politician, who has a bachelor’s degree in journalism, won the position of governor in 2006 and serves approximately 670,000 Alaskans.

After all these political character identifications my fear remains. Is this going to be a historic campaign because America will elect either its first black president or first female vice president? Or, will it be historical because America will elect the candidate who can solve the thousands of problems that are bringing the country down the drain?

True, race, gender and experience can be considered when making a decision. But what I want to suggest is blind, educated, decision making. Blind and educated in the sense that whenever listening to debates or political commentary we, as responsible voters, listen to the facts and the options offered.

So far, neither candidate has had a face-to-face debate. Democrat team has laid a blueprint for how they plan to refurbish the educational system by providing the necessary tools inner city and poor neighborhood schools are missing. They have also expressed their interest in a type of universal health care system and offered a plan for how to better the economy by investing in fields like energy independence. In the spirit of bipartisanism it must be said that the Republican presidential nominee and his VP gal have spoken of these issues and others like immigration. The pair would implement a clear two-step immigration process that offers various levels of working permits.

It is still safe to say we do not know each candidate completely. Whoever wins the presidential seat will have to grow into the position just as the country will grow to know them. Yet one thing remains clear. In this race it is extremely important to stray away from what the two parties are constantly shoving at us, this race is important because of one black and one female candidate.

The yellow journalists will continue, “uncovering” facts behind the specified candidate’s life and personalities. And although this is important-yes a black candidate and a female candidate are a first-EVER, please don’t be blinded.

The facts, the plans, the solutions being discussed are most meaningful part. These will make or break our America. These will ensure we do not have another four or eight years involved in warfare under economic and societal emergencies. These will prove that as Americans we can look past gender and color, like many claim to do, and truly elect a candidate for what they stand for.

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Bessie King is a Blast contributing editor. She can be reached at [email protected]

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  1. Victor Overly

    While I agree in principle with what you are say, that it is essential to listen to the individual candidates, what they stand for, what is their plan for fixing the challenges we face now and in the future, I also recognize there is a vast difference in the ideologies between the two parties represented.
    Such things as health care, and retirement which is unaffordable to many people needs to be examined in a different light. One question that should be asked is why is it unaffordable? Could it be because the court system has allowed huge lawsuits to break the backs of the Doctors and insurance companies, causing insurance rates to sky rocket? Like everything else, these costs are passed down to the consumer.
    The difference in the parties is how they plan to pay for such programs. Tax business or tax the people. The government, Democrats and Republicans alike, believe the certain people should shoulder more of the cost because they are more prosperous. There is little incentive to “get ahead” in America with this type of thinking.
    Why can’t a candidate look at fresh ways to solve challenges instead of always going after more taxes, no matter where the taxes come from? I am looking for a candidate that will offer fresh ideas to stimulate the economy, fresh ideas that will encourage new business ventures, fresh ideas on how to fix the health care problem, fresh ideas on how to control our borders.
    Why are Americans, many of them, such bleeding hearts that they believe it is our responsibility to take care of every illegal alien within our borders? Politicians are afraid to give real answers to our problems because they are afraid they may loss that vote. Whatever happened to the idea where you stood for what was right regardless of the consequences? Now there’s an idea, albeit not a new one, just one that’s never used any more……


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