A busy birthday week- yes the big 22- took me a little out of the huddle. But I’m back. The Patriots won on Sunday as everybody knows and was shocked to hear.

The Pats were the underdog for some godforsaken reason. Wait,‚ what?‚ Compare the two teams. New England is stronger is every aspect. Compare the players in each position. New England wins. Maybe not QB. I am the first to admit that the QB is one of the most important positions on the team- but it certainly isn’t the only one. Cassell isn’t a dead-beat. He knows the playbook. The Jets barely beat the terrible Dolphins. Brett Favre knows 75 percent‚ of the playbook.

I mean the list is so long it would take me two hours to write out. But it doesn’t matter. They won and analysts everywhere wished they had thought once or twice before hopping on the J-E-T-S bandwagon.

Prediction: Jets don’t make the playoffs.

Now let’s talk baseball. With Brady mayhem it seems that we may have forgotten that Boston is a self-proclaimed baseball town. The Sox are back at it. Winning, or demolishing, the Rays last night putting them in‚ tie for first. Beckett is pitching tonight and‚ is pitching to win.‚ 

If they lose, it won’t kill their chances of taking the AL East crown. Not even close.‚ But a win would give them the momentum- the energy they need- to take off and never look back. The elements seem to be in place. With the pitching and‚ hitting (Pedroia MVP?) both in a comfortable place.

Watching the game last night took me out of my Pats frenzy for a few hours. Part of that was because they hit the Rays under the table. It was also because the race is on and the Sox look like they are capable of getting it- again- without too much drama. That happened two months again. Manny anyone?

So here is my‚ medical advice‚ for any Pats fan who may‚ be thinking a bit too much, studying analysis‚ until midnight and scouring rumor websites hoping that it was some kind of Coach B joke.‚ Sit back and watch the Sox.‚ for minute and remember we DO have a playoff team in Boston. The team we all love, but temporarily forgot about as they won games and we were on PatsWatch ’08.

Trust me,‚ it’s the perfect and winning perscription.

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