More than 30 people died in explosions that rocked five busy Indian markets Saturday, according to Delhi police.

The death toll was initially much smaller, but like many attacks of this nature, it climbed and it is uncertain whether it will keep climbing; a few days ago it was 21, now it’s 30.‚  About 100 have also been injured, some severely.

The blasts were acts of terrorism by the Islamic fundamentalist group, Indian Mujahideen. The Indian Mujahideen have also taken responsibility for two other blasts this year; blasts that killed over 110 people.‚  They claim their hatred for India stems from its support for the United States’ policies, and its supposed persecution of Muslims for decades.

Less than five minutes after the first bomb erupted, CNN’s Indian sister station CNN-IBN received an e-mail from the group, warning them about more attacks.

Two bombs were found and defused.

This death toll adds to the deaths from the flood in the Indian state of Bihar earlier this year, which killed dozens and left even more displaced.

Eight have now been arrested and detained; suspects thought to be connected to Saturday’s blasts.

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