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I put up a pretty quick review of Midway’s‚ TNA Impact!, but as you know, from time to time I like to dig a little deeper into a game.

So I’m playing an early version of Stroke of Fate, a WWII adventure title in the works from Akella.

Russian game mogul Akella had been a foreign name to me until meeting up with them at E3 this year. The Moscow-based company was founded in 1993 and headquartered in Moscow and was the first real game developer and publisher in Russia and is well-known for their naval games, including some Pirates of the Caribbean/Disney titles.

They are now a key game distributor in former Soviet bloc countries, which has grown to a $500 million industry. But what attracts me to them is the unique corps of games under development and license, including Stroke of Fate, which is being developed by SPLine Games.

The game puts you in the shoes of an SS soldier during the last days of WWII and Adolf Hitler as you pretend to be loyal to the Nazis, only to plot an assassination.

They’ve gone to painstaking efforts to recreate, in accurate historic detail, the infamous “furerbunker,” where Hitler took refuge as the war turned against him.

This is simply a game that American audiences — even an adventure game whore like me — might easily miss. And before Sarah Palin goes to war with Russia and messes everything up, I’m going to play a few games.

I’m playing Stroke of Fate‚ now and will have the results in the October issue.‚ 

Here are some pretty pictures in the mean time:

Company line:

Genre: adventure
Platform: PC
Publisher in Russia and CIS: Akella
Developer: Spline
Release date: Q4 2008

A Stroke of Fate is an interactive detective story framed in authentic surroundings of the fascist Germany in the 1940s. A gamer has a unique opportunity — to conduct a compelling investigation of the most mysterious secret veiled by the 20th century — Adolf Hitler’s preterm death.

The main character, a special sabotage and espionage agent is making every effort to squeeze into Adolf’s closest minions. You’ll need to act as a true patriot Germany has ever seen “" attentive Gestapo eyes are watching you all the time! A most challenging task to fulfill – to prepare an assassination of “Lieber Fuhrer” himself “" will show whether you have learned what it is to be a good spy! The Stroke of Fate will take you to the authentic landscapes and surroundings relevant to 1941-45 and controversial but still powerful personalities like Hitler, Himmler, Muller, and Goebbels. But what is even more important “" you’ll even be able to breathe that time”¦

Key features:

  • Compelling pseudo-historical plot
  • Ingenious brainteasers and quests to reflect German peculiarities of the 1940s;
    Realistic graphics
  • Authentic places and historically derived personalities: Muller, Goebbels, and Hitler;
    You can walk along the Secret Police building and Hitler’s private study

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