This is great. Not that I have anything against the Tennessee Titans, but just that I think Vince Young is a chowderhead and a waste of the third-overall pick in 2006. Forget the fact that he can’t pass, he’s also a terrible leader.

Yesterday, after tossing an interception and being awarded with a cascade of boos in a win over Jacksonville, Young apparently refused to come back on the field.

“I came on the field and 10 wasn’t in the huddle” said center Kevin Mawae. “I didn’t know what the situation was.”

Young claims that he felt tightness in his hamstring, yet he never sought treatment. That’s odd because that’s exactly what you are supposed to do. You are supposed to tell the trainers and tell the coaches, like every other player in NFL history has done.

So, after the defense held the Jags to a three-and-out, Young appeared to have to be thrown back out onto the field by head coach Jeff Fisher.

“He said, “ËœIt’s tight’ and I said, “ËœIf it’s tight, we’ll go with Kerry’ and try to talk him back into it and he felt good” Fisher said.

That’s great. Coaches love when they have to baby sit their “star” QB and coax him to return to a game. And there is no way that was all that was said based on the video. Fisher was much more animated than someone who was just talking about a hammy injury.

Essentially, it didn’t really matter because Young did return to the game and then promptly tore his MCL.

He will be out 2-4 weeks and that might be a good thing. Titans fans should be excited to win a big game over a hated division rival. Instead, they are left to ponder this mess of a franchise player.

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Micah Warren is a sports writer from New York and the founder of Blast's sports section and the Off the Record sports blog.

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  1. Sammy O'Banion

    Vince Young is a gifted athlete with issues that no professional athlete should have after becoming a pro…..the question is, what should the Tn Titans do about the problem… suggestion is to bench him and play Kerry Collins whether he is able to play or not and lets see if he grows up a little and excepts the responsability for poor performance… real life that’s what happens if you don’t perform well….without growth of mental toughness, Vince Young will never be a good player in the NFL, much less a great player….the Titans have a great team and should go far this year, unless they cater to Vince Young…’s his job to lead his team and follow the coaches, not be coddled…..I don’t think anyone on any level of life is entitled to not accept the consequences of their actions in their job.

  2. Sammy O'Banion

    I used the word except instead accept while giving my opinion on Vince Young improperly and for that I apologize. Sammy O’Banion


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