An NFL executive who has followed Jason Campbell’s career (Vinny Cerato?) tells Jason La Canfora of the Washington Post that Jim Zorn’s West Coast offense is an awful fit. Campbell seems better suited for seven-step drops as opposed to Zorn’s timing offense.

“When I watch that team, I think something’s going to have to give,” said the executive. “Is it the scheme or the quarterback? At some point either the coach is going to have to change what he does to fit the quarterback, or they’re going to need a different quarterback.”

But, I’m not so quick to blame Campbell. The guy is learning his 23rd new system in just four years. The Redskins seem poised to blow it yet again.

As I see it, the problem starts at the top. As I said before in an item on OTR titled “The Redskins Will Never Win with Dan Snyder,” the Redskins will never win with Dan Snyder. It’s dangerous to think you know everything, Dan.

Dan Snyder has kept inept general manager Vinny Cerato around for way too long. Why? Because he’s a yes man who won’t cause problems. So this year, the dynamic duo hires Jim Zorn. Why? Most likely because he has zero head coaching or coordinator experience and he won’t cause problems.

The owner doesn’t know what he’s doing. He hired a GM who doesn’t know what he’s doing. By most counts, the head coach doesn’t really know what he’s doing. And now, according to some league insiders, the quarterback won’t know what he’s doing.

Job well done, Mr. Snyder. Maybe that’s why you trade all of your draft picks every year. You just run the picks you do make into the ground.

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