Here are a couple of quick trends in the auto industry over the past few months:

Ford: Not Asking, but Doing

Ford is a classic name in cars. But in an age when most people want new cars, ‘classic’ is not a good association. Ford released an advertising campaign aimed at showcasing the ‘new’ Ford, with greater quality, fuel economy, and added features. You may remember the little jingle at the end of their commercials, “Have you driven a Ford lately?”

The problem with the jingle is that it only asked a question. Viewers would answer either ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ Ford has since amended its campaign with a call to action, encouraging viewers to do something after watching the ad. The ads feature testimonials of non-Ford drivers who tried a new Ford and were pleasantly surprised by the results. The action message at the end of the commercial now reads “Drive One.”

Mercedes: Targeting Those Who Can Afford

In a sports arena, there are hundreds of places to advertise-on the Jumbotron, on the wrap-around digital banners, or over the public address system. These ads are aimed at everyone in the audience. But Mercedes found a place to advertise at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, OH that targets only their ideal customers.

Mercedes has a permanent display on the base of the Jumbotron-the large scoreboard suspended in the middle of the arena-featuring their three-point star and the locations of Northeast Ohio dealerships.

What makes the ad particularly interesting is that the only people who can see the ad are the ones on the lower levels of the arena. Mercedes’ logic is, if these customers can afford the most expensive seats to Cavaliers’ games, then they are more likely to also purchase a Mercedes.

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  1. Jake


    A PA and NJ used Car Dealer.

    What A Headache They Are!!!

    I was given the royal run around by their staff. I put down a $500 charge on my credit card on a car that I was interested.

    Then I had to go to Europe for 21 days on business. Not my doing. Customer demanded me and me alone. Car Sense refunded my $500 and then sold the car to someone else in order to make the sale by the end of March 2009. Now I retuen on April 11, 2009 and the bloke who was my contacts say sorry but gone. We refunded your money when you did not show up by our dead line. We left you many messages at you home.

    Being over 9 hours out of synch to east coast US time, how was I to reply to them?? So if you are dealing with Car Sense, at any location, stop and go elsewhere. Now. ASAP. Get your deposit back and find another used car dealer!!



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