On August 30, Stephenie Meyer posted a notice on her official website saying that someone close to her who she had given an early draft of her upcoming novel, “Midnight Sun,” had leaked it onto the internet. “It has taken me a while to decide how and if I could respond. But to end the confusion, I’ve decided to make the draft available [on her website],” she said in her statement. “This way, my readers don’t have to feel they have to make a sacrifice to stay honest.”

“So where does this leave Midnight Sun? My first feeling was that there was no way to continue,” she wrote. “In any case, I feel too sad about what has happened to continue working on Midnight Sun, and so it is on hold indefinitely.”

After reading the draft of “Midnight Sun” that was posted, I only have three words for Ms. Meyer: Please finish it.

For those readers who are not familiar with the concept of the novel, “Midnight Sun” is a rewrite of Meyer’s first novel, “Twilight,” from its hero’s perspective: Edward instead of Bella. She has even said before that, once she started writing “Midnight Sun,” she realized that she should have told the story from Edward’s perspective all along. She was right.

What made “Twilight” so interesting was the dynamic between Edward and Bella. Edward was torn between his “wants” for Bella; he was in love with her, and yet he wanted to kill her. In “Twilight,” the reader got a confusing take on his confusion from Bella. She was unsure of his emotions and reactions towards her, and so were we. Did he want to kiss her or kill her? Was it lust or bloodlust?

“Midnight Sun” clears those up. Finally, the enigma that is Edward begins to make sense. Sure, the novel remains about a third completed (the draft is only 264 pages long), but even only telling the story until the drive home after the tense Biology Movie Class Scene, so many puzzle pieces fell into place: What Edward did when he went North to escape Bella. Edward’s hand in Angela and Ben’s relationship. Edward’s real excuse for following Bella to Port Angeles. The extent of Edward’s love for Bella, and the explanation behind it.

Sure, Edward still is a creepy stalker who can’t get enough of watching Bella sleep, but it works because we have an explanation for it. Just like writing Bella’s pregnancy in “Breaking Dawn” from Jacob’s perspective led to some confusion and irritation over Bella’s motives for giving birth to what Jacob thought was a monster, writing “Twilight” from Bella’s perspective led to confusion and harsh claims against Edward’s character. Edward’s perspective is much more fun than it should be as it shows how he rediscovers his 17-year-old side after being trapped in the same body for almost a century. And that includes hormones.

While Edward’s voice is a lot more interesting than Bella’s (and significantly less annoying), “Midnight Sun” is still very much a chick read. I can’t see 14 to 21 year old boys going to a book store and wanting to swoon over Edward’s endless monologue about his love for Bella, but anyone who enjoyed the Twilight saga will definitely enjoy this installment.

The part of “Midnight Sun” that was the most fun was reading everyone’s minds (except Bella, of course) alongside Edward. Meyer is able to include scenes that Edward was unable to see by having him watch it from someone else’s perspective. It is fun to see how all the pieces that were missing from “Twilight” fall into place, and of course we don’t have the same frustration Edward has because if a reader wants to know how Bella is feeling, they can just flip to that scene in “Twilight.”

It is almost funny to see how Edward’s bias of Bella is almost as severe as Bella’s is of him. To Bella, Edward is the most attractive, perfect man in the realm of existence. To Edward, no one else can anywhere near compare to how delicate, pretty, and selfless Bella is. Seeing their views of one another makes it clearer that the “perfection” they find in each other is mostly their mutual love and a decent percentage exaggerated.

“Midnight Sun” is nothing more than a companion piece; don’t think that you can just skip over the Twilight saga and just start from Edward’s perspective because there are a lot of missing details that were explained in previous books and did not need to be explained again. For example, Peter and Charlotte are introduced early on in “Midnight Sun,” while Bella did not know that they existed until “Eclipse.” “Midnight Sun” is a fun way for Twilight fans to re-explore the universe that they had come to love in a new way, a way that will lead to many, many “Oh, well that makes more sense” moments.

So please, Stephanie, please finish writing “Midnight Sun.” After all, you can’t leave us hanging by not sharing The Meadow Scene from Edward’s perspective with us.

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Terri Schwartz was a Blast Contributing Editor from 2008-2009.

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  1. Rainy

    i agree with u. please please please Stephanie please finish it. i’m begging u. i am really looking forward to it. after i heard about that, i got really upset. it’s not fair. please

  2. sunshine

    All it’s done has left me with wanting more… more… more. Please finish Midnight Sun. As I was reading the draft I was hoping it would make it to the meadow scene…darn it…. Even as I am re-reading the other books, I’m constantly thinking, hmm… I wonder what this would sound like from Edwards point of view….

  3. Emily

    OH!!!!!!!!!! Please Mrs.Meyer!!! You’ve got to got to got to FINISH IT!! Plz understand that there’re many many fans out there who are not responsible for the stupid person who leaked the chapters…and if we were?? Then It’d Be MERELY CURIOSITY ABOUT OUR FAVORITE BOOK SERIES IN THE WORLD!!! SOo…please change your mind and publish a finished well written copy of Midnight Sun and our beautiful Edward’s point of view!!! =)

  4. brittney

    WOOOPS i ment scene but ohwell! YEAH THE ROUGH DRAFT IS SOOOO CUTE! girls will def. enjoy it =)

  5. Hannah

    pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase you have to finish it steph. i read the draft when u posted on ur website and i haven’t stopped thinking about it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( i cant stop)!!!

  6. annie

    Amazing article! I really do hope Stephenie Meyer finishes the book. Hey! She might be doing that secretly for all we know. (note: being optimistic, haha)

  7. teresa

    yes, please finish the book. For us your fans!! we have dedicated alot of night and weekend to reading your books. We have put our lives on hold to see how they come out. so now we just look forward to the movie release. What have we to do after that.
    please look at it from our point of view. one loser should not be the one to make it bad for the rest of us. please we would all love to see how edward thinks things should turn out.

  8. Jackie

    I agree whole-heartedly with article. There were so many moments that were made much clearer by reading Edward’s perspective. I especially enjoyed learning that Bella’s father, Charlie had a strong mind as well. This helped to somewhat explain what made Bella’s mind so strong. Also, I really wanted to read the meadow scene from Edward’s point of view as well. I beseech Ms. Meyer to finish Midnight Sun, to end her readers anxiety, and to not let this one person ruin it for everyone.

  9. erin

    I love MId Night Sun!!!!!!!!
    I want Stephanie to finish the book sooooooooooooooo bad!
    I NEED to read the medow from Edward’s point of view!!!!
    Not just for me, but for ALL your fans!!!

  10. nathalie

    i agree please finish the book!<33333333333333!
    i really wannt to knoowww abouut edward’s point oof viiew, he’s side of the story! what he saw in the mind of the guys of port angeles.. i have an ideaa but i wiish i could know exactly, alsoo the thoughts of everybody.. because of the ability of edwarrd..i juust wannt too knooww mooreee<33! plleeeaaseeeeeeeeeee! i’m reallly begging yoouu!! if you read thiis i hope you doo..<333! i want to noow about the meadoow, when he saw her sleeping everythiinngg!! xoxo!:*

  11. Danii

    seriously, I can’t agree with you more! Midnight Sun was just…amazing, incredible, astounding, etc. etc.
    I loved reading just how much Edward loved Bella, how how much of a struggle it was for him to be with her, yet he does anyways.

    And the Port Angeles scene is just…wow.
    But, I felt like I almost died when I saw it ended JUST before the meadow scene!!! D:

    PLEASE, for the love of all that is holy in the twilight world, Finish writing it, Stephenie!! *beg*

  12. Twilight Geek Mom

    The only thing that helped me accept that the Twilight Saga was over was the knowledge that Midnight Sun would be coming out someday. I can’t tell you the last time I enjoyed any book as much as I have the Twilight books. These books have awakened a great interest in reading in many young (as well as older) readers.
    Thank you Stephenie for the renewed passion and I hope someday that I will be able to read Midnight Sun – there is so much I still want to know and to enjoy!

  13. Natalie

    OH please please please. i LOVED what i read of Midnight Sun. oh gosh i fell in love with Edward even more. why take it out on us fans and say its on hold? my heart broke! lol. but seriously Mrs. Meyer. Please finish it? Like soon? I need to know MoRE from that perfect vampire boy.

  14. Lauren

    i totally agree. i nearly cried when i heard it was on hold “indefinently” it broke my heart. but for the sake of the fans, dont leave us hanging before the meadow scene! thats the best part of the book and she decides to stop there?! i need midnight sun….. the series is not complete without it.

  15. Taylor

    OME. Perfect! Totally agree. Stephenie we all love you so PLEASE! Also in that medow scene I want to read about that first kiss. HELL YES!!!

  16. Ley

    I feel very much that she was wronged and can understand her feelings about this situation, someone breaking your trust. I do hope that when Mrs. Meyer is ready that she will allow us loyal fans to get to experience Midnight Sun the way she wanted us to. To see the story through Edwards mind. I do so hope that she will one day feel that she can finish it and choose to do so. I am absolutely in love with the saga. The idea to add one more book to the collection, there are no words! Again I do hope that she will finish and not allow this breach of trust to stop her from doing what she loves. I look and HOPE for the day when I can run out and buy Midnight Sun. So in closing please Mrs. Meyer please let us know the rest of Edwards side of the strory.

  17. Tracy

    I think she will finish it eventually, after she’s had a chance to let it air for a while. I completely understand her frustration right now. But it is SO good, I’ve read it twice. I loved getting to be in Edward’s head for a day. – Tracy, Twilight Mom

  18. please

    You have spoken exactly how i feel. I had no idea about the leak till I read about it at StephenieMeyer.com. I was very sad to hear that but wish she would reconsider. I think i would love Midnight Sun just as much as Twilight. So I say please Stephenie finish the book.

  19. xemena

    I support Stephenie no matter what she decides to do. Hopefully someday she will feel the desire to revisit Midnight Sun and complete it. That would be great for us fans who loved all four Twilight books and I hope she takes any criticism towards her with a grain of salt.

  20. Tiffanie

    We know you’ve been wrong Mrs. Stephine but everyone who love the Twilight Saga couldn’t wait for Midnight Sun. Edward’s side of the story deserves to be told…You said it yourself. PLEASE FINISH IT!!!!!!
    WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

  21. oxygenindefineitly

    oh, please, please, please, please, please, please PLEASE finsih midnight sun, stephenie! it’s so good, i don’t know if i can wait for the rest!

  22. Bethany

    I really hope Stephanie finishes this book <3 I’ve been anticipating it more than Breaking Dawn when it wasn’t out yet.

  23. Amanda

    Please write Midnight Sun!!!!!!!!!! I have wanted to read it since the time I found out about it. Do it for your fans who are loyal to you and who would never post this on the internet against your will. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Christy

    I agree totally, and it would be such a shame to not complete Midnight Sun just because of some inconsiderate idiot. I’d rather wait longer to get the full and complete novel of MS than to get the first 12 chapters and then leave us wanting more. Please, please, please we are begging you Stephenie to please finish Midnight Sun. We understand that you need time to get over this and the violation of your rights that has happened. Just reading the first 12 chapters of MS cleared up so much I was wondering. Edward can see and explain so much more, with his ability to hear other people’s thoughts and see through them. Please, we are begging you to please finish it to be published. Your loyal fans love you and support you.

  25. Jameson

    OMG OMG OMG!!!! Ive never actually read any of the series, nor do I have much of an interest. Yet a friend explain the concept behind this, and well Im cheering for you guys. I hope she does finish this, because its simply a great kind of interesting way to possibly finally end the series( specially after the last book lol). Anyways hope she does finish it up, and excellent article! I really enjoyed it.

  26. PintoBean

    Yes she should definitely FINISH IT!

    I was thinking the same thing when reading Midnight Sun, “Oh please, please, please make it to the meadow scene.” but unfortunately it did not. That scene is by far the best scene in Twilight. I still wonder what he was thinking. 🙂

  27. quirkymarie

    YOU CANT BE SERIOUS!!!….someone leaked that?! ok so they probably got a lot of put downs already so i bet they feel terrible. but now the question stands. and Stephenie..it must be so hard for her to have her story leaked…likethat….out in the open…as a fellow writer i know its hard when i see my ideas and hard work given out before its finished in the way i want it…but as it stands i know i can get over it and take it, i know you can too. you have millions of fans who cant wait for the next chapter…take the time you need to recover, we will wait…..just dont give up on us. i know youve probably heard this A LOT by now, but this is just one more fan saying i love you…….so dont let a story go untold.

  28. Jackie Alvarado

    I read the draft of Midnight Sun and it was sad when it ended. It really upset me to know that she isn’t going to publish it. Well, she most likely is not going to publish it, I should say. I should write a letter…get others to do it, too…yes…

  29. Ashley

    Thank you for this wonderful article!! I hope it will help Stephenie to realize just how much we’ve enjoyed this saga and that she should continue with Midnight Sun! I look forward to pretty much nothing else!!!! LOL

  30. Mariana Pabon

    OK, Stephenie has to read all this! Both the article and the fans pleading. It is so moving! How can she not finish Midnight Sun after all this?

    I know you have a heart Stephenie! How could you have written these amazing books if you did not! So come on woman! Can you find it in your heart to make us happy once more? Don’t leave us hanging! Please?


  31. hayley

    i think that stephine meyer partially has herself to balme for this mess, someone only leaked the first chapter, she went and posted the other 11 chapters, she could havae let the first chapter sit their, but no she decided to go and post it the 11 other chapters. i think that she should continue to write the rest of the novel, we did not leak her chapters, someone she trusted di, not her fans, so why should we be made to suffer from someone elses humongious mistake. i loved reading edwards perspective, i loved to be in the mind of a spunky vampire. it was glorious, i wish that she would continue to write the rest, i know that this idiodic someone has broken her heart for the trust she had to them, but why should we have to have our hearts broken because of their huge mistake. if she was to continue to write midnight sun, i would love to see the other tree books in his perspective. casue i love these books to death and having the idea of the perfect male, even tho he aint human, is still something to dream, cause their arnt many males who would fight for their true love like edward does. i just think that cause we have half means that we should get to read the other half. please stephine meyer do it for the your fans, please dont leave us high and dry cause of some moron. please…….do it for the fans, we can do this together, hearts can be healed but please dont snatch edward…….. i love him…….. please finish writing his perspective. take one for the rest of us, get back on the twilight horse… you can do it. please xxoxo i love twilight…..

  32. Mervi

    OME! I agree..
    I LOVED reading the beginning of Midnight Sun and I would LOVE to finnish it.

    Please Stephenie, find it in your heart to finnish Midnight Sun. Everyone supports you and this book!

  33. Michelle

    Thank you for writing this!

    I agree. PLEASE finish it, Stephenie! I broke down and read the leak once she posted it on her site and holy crap. It’s better than Twilight. WAY better. It needs to be finished! It is driving me crazy that it might not be!

  34. x

    I wish she could finish it.. Its the only book that she talks about how Edward feels, before those 4 books with bella, ( seriously i feel quite tired of bellas view, ) i want to know how Edward feel too, to see if what bella feels is how Edward feels, its really interesting. I wish she could finish it, people, if you do support stephenie meyer, dont read the draft, like what she said in her website, full of errors, she might edit them anytime, even if you finish the first 12 chapters, if she never continues it, its useless, lets just wait for her to think about it, and maybe if she sees us loyal fans really loving the twilight saga so much, she will continue.

  35. mar

    I agree, hope she finishes midnight sun it was wonderful to read Edward’s mind . Personally she’ll be making a mistake if midnight sun isn’t finished

  36. Krissf

    The draft was absolutely spectacular and my fave in the series aside from Twilight of course. Please Stephanie finish for our peace of mind because its killing all the fans out there.I feel as though we are being punished for someone else’s stupidity, although am well aware that that is not your intention, and to have it stop almost right before the meadow scene is absolute torture!!!! Please finish what will be one of the greatest books in your epic love saga PLEASE!!!!

  37. Wendy

    Oh I hope she hears our pleas. I hope she reads this and sees the review would be complimentary and it is not just the opinion of us her devoted fans but critics as well. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Stephenie we need to finish this!

  38. Haley

    I hope she does all four, or just one big with all of them in it. I would to hear his thoughts when Bella was pregnant. Meyer is great author leaving you always to wanting more.

  39. leeloo

    I tried not to read it out of solidarity for Steph, but i caved and i’ve read it twice now and it still kills me that it ends just before the meadow. OUCH!

    I hope someday she can find Edward snarling in her brain again and finish telling his story. It’s a shame for everyone, including Steph, that things ended up the way they did.

    Hang in there Steph. We’ll wait. Edward’s story is worth the wait.

  40. Bethany

    Ok so I just have to say that this piece of fiction is the best written book that I have ever read. Steph you are an amazing storyteller and I would just like to say thank you for the Twilight Saga.

    However on the same note I would just like to state that I fell even more in love with Edward through Midnight Sun (which I did not even think to be possible). And I understand that you need a break after all the chaos that has happened – but I alway hope that you will not give Midnight Sun in its entirety. It is a brilliant piece of work and I know that I would to have the companion to Twilight sitting on my shelf.

    Don’t lose hope Steph, the fandom can be patient. Thanks again for Edward.


    I am in total agreement with the others…when I read the draft for Midnight Sun it cleared up so many questions I had as we were finally able to see everything from Edward’s perspective…Stephanie, please please please continue writing the novel…there are millions of us out there who have been breathlessly waiting for this…I just discovered the series a few weeks ago and I read all 4 books within a couple of days…I’m a twilighter for life!!! Your fans understand why you don’t want to continue and we will support your decision, but we hope after sometime you will reconsider and statisfy our thirst for more!!!

  42. Alexis

    yes! please please PLEASE stephenie! finish midnight sun! it is so absolutely wonderful and amazing and fantastic (and all other good words), and especially heartwarming! CompletingMidnight Sun should definitely fall under your “have-to-do list”. so, 4 all your loving and adoring fans – including myself – please finish it!

    having Midnight Sun made me fall in love with Edward even more (if that’s possible). dont deprive me of this love! 🙂

    dont let go too quickly. we’re all still behing you

  43. Stephanie

    I have to agree with this article! The chapters for Midnight Sun are perfectly written. I really hated to come to the end of those 264 pages. I was secretly hoping that Stephenie Meyer would continue to write all four books over again from Edward’s point of view. It would be great to know what he was thinking when Bella ‘jumped’ and when he sees her again later. It would be wonderful to hear his mind when he has to deal with Bella disappearing from Alice’s sight in Eclipse, and of course when Edward marries Bella in Breaking Dawn and the fight during the wedding. All of this would be so different to read from Edward’s point of view. PLEASE, PLEASE Stephenie, please finish the book of books, your fans would stay faithful to you and buy these books as well. I know that I would.

  44. Dianna

    Great article, and thanks for writing it, I believe you have expressed very well every “True Fans” feelings on the matter. SM explains on her website how Edward had to have a voice.

    “The idea of letting Edward have his chance to speak stuck with me. I couldn’t shake it. I found myself thinking his words in the middle of the night and jotting down phrases he would use while I was waiting in line at the post office. As soon as I finished my real work, I sat down and let Edward get his say.”

    I hope with all my heart and for the hearts of everyone that she remembers this and once her anger and hurt subsides she will continue writing MS.

  45. Lisa Marie

    I totally agree. Please continue writing.

    Personally what I’d find even more interesting, is NEW MOON from Edward’s perspective. I already loved the two Extras on Meyer’s side – the phone call from Rosalie and when Edward speaks with Jacob on the phone.
    Now, that would be great!!!

  46. nikki

    oh my god!..please continue…i read the draft too, and i now understand the story more…

  47. Melissa

    I loved your article, please send it to Stephenie, it breaks my heart when it ends because I want to keep reading. I haven;t loved reading this much in years!!!

  48. Cloey

    AMEN!! Please Stephanie finish Midnight Sun! Please don’t leave your true fans hanging. We will love and support you either way but please for the love all that is Twilight Finish Edwards Story!

  49. Fifi

    SM We LOVE YOU!!

    I’m sure that we can all wait until you’re ready to continue.

    P.S: I read the draft and it was friggin’ amazing!

  50. JV

    I really agree with you! Edward’s version is much much more interesting than bella’s. Plus, we have an opportunity to understand the other characters because Edward has the ability to read their minds. You can also appreciate them through Edward’s version of the story.

    Please please finish midnight sun, and of course, it would be better to explore the entire twilight series again through Edward’s mind.

  51. sylvette

    omg yes i agree!!! sm please finish midnight sun. i was so excited when i first heard it was in the making then all of this happend. please dont leave your true fans hanging!!! we love what you have done with the books and cant wait for midnight sun .. please!!

  52. Hayley_Cullen

    Yes! Thank you!
    Please Stephenie, please continue Midnight Sun. There are scenes that we need to know what is going on in Edwards head. Such as: the medow scene, the basball scene, the chase with James, in the hospital, the prom!! Please dont leave us hanging there!! PLEASE! *Begs*

  53. Danielle

    YES!!!! please please OH PLEASE stephenie i hope u r reading this cuz we all want u to finish it SO MUCH!!! at least let us see the meadow scene….the night when bella said “i love u edward” in her sleep…..and all that. edward is awsum and we all love him and we all love YOU more!!!! don’t let some illegal posting get you down!! we believe in you, steph!!! you can do it!

  54. Hayley

    Even though we ( in Holland) don’t even have Eclipse yet, I was always happy that there would we more. 3 more books. And now, it’s only going to be Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and next year Breaking Dawn.. I can’t live whit that..I already cried when I heard that there would be only 5 books..And 4(,5)! I mean, of course I could I read after BD , Midnight Sun on the internet.. But it’s not the same.. it English, I would miss some things, because my english is not that perfect, and, it’s just not a complete book.

    And Stepehnie always said that we are the best fans in the world,, and we think she’s the best writer ever. But this just SUCKS.

    PLEASE Stephenie, not only in America, but around the whole world, we want every book. The Twilight Saga is not complete yet whitout EDWARD version! It just need to be finished!!!!

    Love, Hayley

  55. *JessicA*

    Please Stephenie!!!!! I really want to finish it. I know it was wrong for them to have posted it with out your permission but please don’t punish us lol.
    I don’t know about everyone else but I didn’t go looking for it when I knew it was out there. I only read it because YOU posted it. It’s a wonderful story from his perspective and it’s nice to know what he was doing when he wasn’t around Bella.

  56. Dorothy F.

    Oh my goodness… I so need to read The Meadow Scene from Edward’s perspective. I loved everything about these books. AND LOVED what was posted on her site from Midnight Sun. From the moment he knew he was in love with her to taking the cap from her lemonade. PLEASE CONTINUE….

  57. Whitney

    I am also on of the loyal fans that refused to read Midnight Sun till Stephanie posted it herself. I agree with her that her rights were violated, I also agree with the other thousands of people that she should finish the book. When I read it I feel in love with the series all over again. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE finish the book!!!! It adds so much more to the story.
    I understand if Stephanie wants to wait a while but think that it should still be finished for all of us to read. No matter how long she waits to finish it or if she even finishes it at all. I WILL wait however long it takes!!!!!!!!


  58. Jennifer Las Vegas NV

    Great article. I read Midnight Sun ONLY after SM posted it to her website b/c I’ve been looking forward to Midnight Sun even more than Breaking Dawn. Midnight Sun was AMAZING!!! I too was hoping for THE MEADOW scene so PLEASE Stephenie PLEASE finish writing Midnight Sun. Seeing Twilight through Edward’s eyes was the most wonderful reading experience of my life!!! PLEASE finish it.

  59. Lyle

    I blame Ms. Stephenie Meyers for my current state of mind. I can’t think of anything else and any other books except Twilight. I’ve NEVER felt the urge to read a book more then once. However, with your Twilight series….I find myself re-reading and re-reading these books over and over again. I’m on my third reading of Midnight Sun already. The least you can do is finish Midnight Sun so I can chew on that instead. My other books are disintegrating from over used. No other books have captured my interest (and I’ve tried many) since Twilight.

    PLEASE…PLEASE….PLEASE….PLEASE…finish it. Your writing is so addictive…I can’t get enough of it. Don’t make us suffer so…. If I was into drugs…I guess your writing would be MY brand of heroin.

  60. Alyse


  61. Kaffe

    I agree with all of you, I loved Midnight Sun, and think I would combust (mentally) if she doesn’t continue writing it.

    Mrs. Meyer, I know it’s hard to write now, but I think you’re staring yourself blind on the negatives. Think of all your devoted fans around the world (I myself am from Sweden, which might explain my grammar- and spelling-problems), and how much many, MANY of us have been longing for Midnight Sun. Please, keep on going for all your fans’ out there’s sake. I’m begging you, and I know I’m not the only one.

    (Hey, I know it’s weard to write to Stephenie here, since she might not even read these comments, but still)

  62. Ami

    I disagree.

    This was an opportunity for Smeyer to flesh out the other characters. Jessica was always so flat— the typical high school girl who only wanted to further her popularity, gossip, and date the cute boy who didn’t like her.
    Angela was just the quiet, shy, nice girl.
    Mike was just the stupid teenage boy, Bella-lover extraordinaire.
    Rosalie was the pigheaded, vain, conceited blonde.
    Esme had nothing to her but being “motherly”.

    THIS WAS HER OPPORTUNITY— and she failed.

    None of the characters developed past the blurry window through which you saw them the first time.

    The characters have no personality. Jacob did, but it was lost. The werewolves are the closest thing to characters with personality, and they’re not very important.

    MIDNIGHT SUN was Smeyer’s golden opportunity. She could step up to bat and hit a home run, or she could strike out.

    She struck out. She struck out like nothing else.

    Midnight Sun was boring, bland, and useless. I’d take Twilight and Bella’s whining any day.


  63. edward cullen fan

    When i read midnight sun i thought it was awesome.
    It was so hilarious & adorable when edward cullen got jealous of
    mike and killed those trees and scared the bird.
    and.. i thought it wouldn’t be possible but now after
    going into edward cullen’s mind in midnight sun i love
    him even more!! stephenie meyer please finish it!!!

  64. Ericka

    I agree with everything here, I have to admit. When Meyer posted it, I read it. I had already fallen in love with the first chapter. Everything about it was so interesting. It shed so much light on the Cullen family relationship. Emmett really acts like Edward’s older brother and I loved it.

    I don’t know if Meyer is reading this but this is my plea to her. Please, please finnish it. I’m willing to wait as long as I must to get the whole story. I want to get into Edward’s head in the meadow. I want to feel my onw heart break when he arrives to phoenix only to find that Bella has taken off. I want to know his feelings during Angel and while Bella lies unconsious. Your writting is so powerful and I’ve never had to struggle to find myself in the minds of your characters and Edward is no different. Is thoughts and emotions are so much different even in organizaton compared to Bella’s. So please, despite the great injustice to you, reconsider finishing the book. You still have readers that, like you, wanted to see a copy of Midnight Sun beside their series on their special shelf.

  65. samantha


    please please please Stephenie!!!
    don’t let the leak bring you down!

  66. Kayla

    I totally agree! This version is such a great add on to Twilight!
    I really hope that Stephenie decides to finish it because I loved the first 12 chapters and I want to know Edwards perspective of the meadow scene, and the ballet studio scene!
    Please, Please, Please Finish Midnight Sun Stephenie!

  67. Alex

    I agree with all the other fans!!!!!!!!!!! We all want you to finish Midnight Sun!!!!! It just won’t be the same! but i do understand your perspective. After some stupid and untrustworthy person illegally posted your work and a bunch of people read it because they love you and the Twilight series, how can you continue. If I were you it would be difficult because your ADORING fans already know a third of your book. If i were you, I would at least try to finish but just for my fans. Cause if i did it for me, everything would end up on how you are feeling. there would be no personal emotion in the book. I understand that but you MUST at least finish this book or write another one! 🙂 *Alex*

  68. Lauren


  69. Emily

    I can understand being quite upset and needing time to escape from the unfortunate situation, but I really hope that she finishes the book. The first chapters were amazing and I would love to see Edwards perspective when Bella goes to AZ. It really connects all the books and gives insite into the remarks and facial expressions of the other characters. If Stephanie can get past this and get her heart back into this book, it would be wonderful. It isn’t fair that everyone is punished for the actions of one person who decided to post the book on the internet.

  70. Bree

    I don’t know if stephenie meyer is ever going to change her mind or for any matter read this, but I want her to know that I could write an entire book pleading her to continue the Twilight novels but because if you do read this you probably won’t read every single one. Any way, my entire life is on the twilight series. I was so sad when you did not finish midnight sun. Don’t let the leak bring down your spirits!! I am hoping with all my might that you will get over it in a couple of years. Just don’t give up on us! I mean have we ever gave up on you???? It was one of your people who gave up on you! correct? so why make us suffer!!!??? THIS IS PROBABLY WHAT THEY WANTED!!!! I will never get over this. EVER. BUT U CAN!!! JUST TRY! I and millions of other people are begging u!!!!

  71. Whitney

    Great article! I’m with you, just write the meadow scene! (Oh, and the part where Edward has to suck the venom out of Bella’s blood). My imagination isn’t as good as yours, Stephanie–I can only make up so much on my own! 🙂

  72. Heather

    OMG please Stephenie Meyer finish Midnight Sun!!!!! IM dieing to know what is going on in edward’s head durring the Meadow scene and when he stayed with her overnight!!!!! Holy Cow soooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE don’t make your loyal and true fans be punished for other people’s mistakes. The first 12 chapters were so awesome!! AND OMG prom when he takes her to prom AWWWWWWW! PLEASE finish

  73. mini

    comm on mrs.meyer please please please!! the meadow scene is my favorite!!! please please think about the part at the airport!! wats edward thinking commmm on!!!!please im begging u finish !!!!!

  74. Lena

    I SO AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FINISH IT!!! I cant stand that the series ended and now since I heard midnight sun was coming out I cant STAND the wait! Im beging along with every other twilight fan! No matter how this rough draft comes out we will still love you Stephanie! PLEASE!

  75. Jen

    Please Finish!!!!!!!
    Don’t punish your loyal readers because of some idiot. We love your work, and were so looking foward to it!

  76. Katie H

    YES! You can’t walk away from something so magnificent as Midnight Sun, no more than Edward could walk away from Bella. After reading those few chapters, I went back and reread (once again and completely) the entire series looking more carefully at Edward’s responses and getting so much more perspective than before. I think we all understand the degree to which Stephenie was betrayed, but I don’t see how her mind can just shut the story off. Everything has a beginning and an end, an Alpha and an Omega, this story deserves the same.

  77. Marie

    Stephenie, please please PLEASE finish the book! I have been looking forward to this ever since I found out you were writing it! When I read on your official website that you weren’t going to finish the book I went into an emotional breakdown..I am seriously OBSESSED with your books..and this book is the most amazing story I have ever read. I didn’t think I would read anything I liked more than Breaking Dawn..But now I see Twilight in a whole new way and I like it the most again! :]

    So please please finish this you won’t regret it and everyone will be so happy. Even if you don’t start on it again for a year or two just at least consider it…or post something on your website telling us you MIGHT finish it..so we can have some hope. Ha..

  78. hayley_mrs cullen

    i agree with katie, you cant walk away as edward couldnt walk away from bella. i mean, i would be heartbroken. i loved to be in the mind of edward. i would love for the remainder of the books : new moon, eclipse, and breaking dawn, to be written in his mind. therse just so many scenes that i want to have his mind for. you gave bella her chance to tell the story, let edward have his. i would love midnight sun better than the other books already as bellas view is so repetitive, i wan to know what the others are thinking like, mike,jacob,the wolves,jess,angela,alice,esme,jasper,rose,emmet,carlise,charlie and of coarse EDWARD CULLEN. i love the cullen boys the most. not so much rose but defrinatly alice and esme too.
    dont deprive us of edward, i fell in love with him, more than i did in bellas views. dont give up on the cullens. wirte all the books in his view. do it for yourself, do it for the fans who support you 110% of the way. please stephine you cant just give up on him it’s like social suicide, please, i will beg for ages.
    think of what it will do to everyone if you dont, you will break their hearts. edward didnt give up neitheir should you. he fought against the urge to kill bella, now you should fight against the urge to kill edward.
    i love edward.

  79. Dani

    Don’t listen to ANYONE who says these books are not the greatest things ever published. I have not read for pleasure in more than 12 years (4 kids) but when I found the Twilight books I have not stopped. It took me a week to finish the first 3 and then the wait for BD. That took 2 days to finish. I have read and re-read. I have one of the books with me every day. I read one of my favorite parts every night before I go to bed. They have brought passion back into my life. My husband even read them all, just to see what had made the change. When I heard MS had been leaked and that Steph had decided to stop I was devestated. Because, not only do I want Twilight from Edwards perspective, I WANT IT ALL!!! The meadow, the time apart from Bella, the reunion, the proposal, the night in the tent with Jacob, the wedding, the honeymoon, the pregnancy, and the way he looked at her after “the change”….everything. These characters have become a part of who I am, as scary as that may sound. The world will be a much happier place with more Edward….and just a miserable place to be without him!!!!! 😛
    Please, please, please, finish and go farther. I’ll make dinner for your kids for as long as it takes!!!

  80. Dee

    I do agree!!! I need to know what Edward was thinking in the meadow. Please Stephenie, don’t leave us hanging. Hey Dani, you wrote the exact comments I wanted to write including reading everyday and finding passion again. And Stephenie, I’ll babysit for you any time!

  81. Meg

    I totally agree. Edward has a totally different perspective. Midnight Sun could be a totally different book if it had different character names. Stephenie Meyer really needs to finish it. Its like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without the jelly.

  82. AYESHA

    please, you really do have to finish writing this book!
    i’m not even kidding- i’m obsessed!
    i own the TEAM EDWARD t-shirt, the heart shaped crystal that he gives bella in eclipse is hanging on a cellphone charm along with a little fork (for forks, washington), i have the cullen bag (with the crest on it), i own all the books- and i re-read at least one of them everynight. i refuse to go to sleepovers now- just so i can read your books at home. im patiently waiting for the movie in 77 days. i hyperventilate when i hear someone at school shout edward.
    when i read the 12 chapters of midnight sun on your website… i was sooo excited! i mean, c’mon! i want to know what he think of bella in the meadow!! after reading those chapters, i have continued to re-read the other books, and i find myself saying.. hmm edward was probably thinking this when bella said this..
    its insane! i am in lover with a fictional character! so steph, please, for me and the rest of your twilight fans, finish the book.
    we love you, as much as we love edward. Damn! you must be special.
    please steph. i will personally fly out to your home to babysit, or do whatever you want!!
    we love you, and your characters,

  83. Angie

    i definetly agree!! Midnight Sun is to good of a book not to be finished and republished . And has left millions of twilight fans mourning over the fact of not having this book published!!
    She should definetly rethink her decesion!!!

  84. Julia

    I understand how disheartening it may be for your own personal project to be stolen from you that way, that you’ve been violated, and taking a break to be in a better piece of mind is of course needed, but please don’t let all the devout die hard fans down because of some attention seeking person. It means so much to us 🙁

  85. faty

    woa, you took my words out of my mouth, only one more thing, now that i have read the draft of Midnight sun i feel incomplete, like something is missing in the hole package, you know, i have read the four books, and now i feel like i need the dessert, i wont stand up of the table until i feel full, so please Stephenie don´t leave us with a hole,,, finish the book pleeeease.. 🙂

  86. katia1307

    i agree! i felt my heart crack when i came to the last page of the draft and realized that i LOVED this book almost more than twilight. hearing edward’s thoughts made me love him even more than i already did after reading the entire series, and i did not think that loving him more then that was possible…..reading the draft proved me wrong. i was left wanting sooooooooo much more. i wanted to hear the entire series from his mind and thoughts. i love this character and knowing him better truly enriches the books and the relationships. take the time that you need to recover from the betrayal you must feel, i can wait. but please finish it someday.

  87. mrs. edward cullen

    please, please, please dont make edward leave us again. it was hard enough being without him through 90% of new moon. when he left bella every reader who loves these books felt like he left us. we your fans support you and love you 100%. betrayal takes time to heal, trust me on this, i get what you are feeling. i would just hate to think that because of someone’s terrible decision and total lack of loyalty toward you that you would let them steal this away from you. from interviews and the way you craft your work we can all see how much you love these stories and the characters that you have created winthin them, fictional or not they hold a place in your heart. and denying yourself the pleasure of creating even more fascinating facets about them and even more fully living in their world i think is a shame. you are probably getting tired of hearing people be you but it is because you have shown your love for these works so much in your pages that we all love them just as much. we just want to keep living in their world with you. i pray that your heart heals from all of this, it is such a shame that things like this happen. we will stick with you though, take your time.

  88. Trisha

    Stephanie: Please, please, please let Edward have his turn. If the portion I read is an unedited version I can only anxiously await the finished product. For whomever the idiot was who did this horrble thing to you please don;t punish the fans who sat innocently waiting for Midnight Sun. I have never begged for a book before, but I am now.


  89. hayels

    i think that she has already finished the book, think about it, she stoped right at the best part of the book with the meadow scene, you wouldnt just finish there, she would have had the itch to keep writing his point of view, i think she just aint publishing it yet…….. i think that’s it completed. if it isnt then please steph finish it for yourself and ur fans….. you have our love…….finnish edwards story. it was glorious to be ion his mind, when i read the other books i try to picture what edward would be saying in them so finish it for the suspense of your adoring fans, and for yourself give twilight it’s other half. twilight + midnight sun = partners like edward and bella, forever bound to be together.
    please,please,please,please,please,please,please,please xoox

  90. A.

    Fantastic review! Count me in as another who’s hoping Meyer will finish and publish this awesome book…

  91. joe phoenix (philippines)

    such an awesome book and awesome author
    sad that some people doesn’t respect other peoples right
    PS Ms. Meyer please finish the book my co-workers and I are realy dying to know what will happen next to the Twilight saga
    Please Please Please

  92. sienna

    i am SOOOOO happy that you decided to write it!!!!!!!! I cant WAIT for it to be published!!!! This series beats Harry Potter by a LONG shot!!!!!

  93. BJ

    I hope that someone knows how to send Stephanie fan mail and all of our requests for her to finish it. I know how she feels about being violated. I never saw the bad draft online. I was excited and saddened to get to read the Midnight Sun Draft from her website. Please please let her know how much we want to read the rest of the story. Especially Edwards side of things while Bella was in Houston, the Meadow Scene, and the fight scene!
    She is so talented and hopefully she will realize that her fans love her no matter what some idiot did.

  94. Kate

    I totally agree! I’ve always wanted to know why Edward was so in love with Bella, who seemed like such a normal girl–only because she thought of herself that way. Everything makes so much more sense in his perspective! I just have to know what he was thinking while he was racing to save Bella from James in the ballet studio. We all love you Stephenie and hope you return to Midnight Sun really soon.

  95. Cassandra Phillips

    I don’t think any of us understands how Stephenie Meyer feels. But i do understand why she did this. How could someone do this to her? She captivates minds of ALL ages and we repay her by illegaly posting Midnight Sun on the internet. How unpatient can someone get?! Couldnt they wait for her?? Give her the time she needs to finish it?? The book wasnt even finished!! Did they not comprehend how much BETTER the finished EDITED version of Midnight Sun would be?! Even though Stephenie Meyer aloud the draft on her site, im not looking at it. Personally, i think it would just ruin what the real book could have been. It would have out shone that draft any day.

    Reading Twilight has changed me. Ive never been so addicted to reading in my LIFE. I have read 14 books over the summer. The Twilight Saga is something ive never read before, i love these books TO DEATH. I wouldnt give them away for anything.

    When i heard Breaking Dawn was going to be the last book of the Saga, i was devastated. I was literally depressed. But then, after checing up on her site, i heard about Midnight Sun. I was ecstatic! Overjoyed!! I jumped around like a four year old getting a new toy!! I read and read the first chapter of Midnight Sun until i had it memorized.

    But just a month later or so, i read about what happened. About Midnight Sun, how she stopped writing…That crushed me harder than Breaking Dawn being the last book of the Saga…Then that sadness was replaced by anger. Again, WHY WOULD SOMEONE DO THIS TO HER???WHY?!?! I mean, they didnt only let Stephenie Meyer down, they let ALL her fans down with her. I hope they ae under a deep pool of guilt for what they did.

    Stephenie Meyer, please dont stop writing Midnight Sun. It was absolutley brilliant to make Twilight in Edward’s point of view. No on wants you to stop. We all love you. You can take your time, i dont care when you start writing it again. As long as you just dont quit :(:(. Your my favorite author EVER. Just please…

  96. Kristen

    We need Midnight Sun!! We love you Stephanie!! I always hoped that one day she would also write New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn from Edwards perspective too. Now? Who knows.

  97. Emily

    I agree with everything Blast magazine had to say. We need you to finish Midnight Sun it Clears up alot of things. I was really really upset when you said you were not sure about finishing it. You truly are an amazing author and writer and by far my faviorte author. I love all you novels (The host included). I love how you put Scifi and love together so all i have left to say is PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STEPHENIE FINISH MIDNIGHT SUN!!!

  98. nila

    omg stephenie,
    if you dont finish it im totally gonna cry.
    im suffering from twilight withdrawl
    midnight sun is the only thing that keeps me going XD

  99. Lucy

    Exactly. Especially about there needing to be the Meadow scene from Edward’s POV. It’s a huge turning point in the story that simply needs to be written!

  100. Nikki

    PLEASE STEPHENIE, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for the goos of all your fans, please keep writing it!!!!!! I can’t stnad it, I need it to be finished!!!!!! It is so good and the emotions are so deep, i love it just as much as i did Twilight, and New Moon, and Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn, maybe even more!!!!!!!!! Stephenie, to over a million people (teenage girls especially!) You are their Idol!!!!!!!!! you cant let some stupid little thing/person ruin your career with this book!!!!!!! The fans are dying, just like myself, to read the whole story!!!!! Everything is critical!!!!!!!!! we need it, even when reading twilight i was thinking, now what is he tinking here, and here, and her, and there, ect. Please don’t let this stop you from finishing it, im beggin you, and i will keep begging you!!!! For the rest of my life!!!!!! PLEASE STEPHENIE, IF YOU ARE READING THIS, FINISH MIDNIGHT SUN FOR THE GOOD OF THE TWILIGHT COMMUNITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. KrissA

    I absolutely agree with this article! I had no idea I would enjoy Midnight Sun as much as I did. It was truly enjoyable to read Edwards perspective on Bella and the things that happened when Bella wasn’t around. I especially enjoyed getting to know Edward. Scenes I had read in Twilight came across totally differently as I saw how Edward’s mind worked!

    I will savor what I have of Midnight Sun for now, but selfishly hope Stephenie Meyer will reconsider finishing it for us 🙂

  102. Lindsey

    I completely agree!!! I LOVE Midnight Sun. I really hope she decides to finish because I think I will cry if she doesn’t. I loved seeing Edwards POV and knowing more about his family and their emotions toward Bella. I also agree that it would be awesome if she continued to write the remaining three books from his POV as well. Please finish Midnight Sun!!!!!!!

  103. Areli

    I agree, I think a speak for all the “Twilight” fans, when a say, we need to know what Edward feels the first time he kissed Bella. Sooooooooooooooooo Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeasssssse finish the book……………I think, and I’m still speaking for all the fans, that even if all lot of us read the draft, we’ll still buy the book. So again finish “MIDNIGHT SUN” Pleeeeeeeeeeeease……….

  104. Dani

    Please finish it! ill buy it still! please please please!!
    im so sad about wat happened…please finish it!!!

  105. Rachael

    Just a note, Eclipse is where Peter and Charlotte first are mentioned. This is during Jasper’s history lesson. I also can’t stand that someone was so thoughtless as to spoil Ms. Meyer’s progress on Edward’s version of the story. I hope that she does finish it. She hadn’t even gotten to Confessions, one of the most tense, passionate chapters in the first book.

  106. neveah

    i totally agree with you,stephenie please please please finish it.
    it was so amazing to be in edwards mind,to understand more of the love he has for bella.
    omg i love edward cullen.

  107. Vany

    please finish the book, I’m waiting for the 4th book, and I did even look for Midnight sun, but I know that you aren’t going to finish it, please, you still have fans who are waiting the original book, please please I want to know the Edward version!!! PLEASE PLEASE

  108. Jaqueline

    The book must be finished!!! As I was reading the rough draft her website, I kept thinking of all the scenes I wanted to here from Edwards point of veiw in all of the other books. As for Midnight Sun I am dying to read Edwards view of finding Bella with James and his first taste of her blood. There are so many scenes I keep thinking about now I am obsessed!!!!!

  109. Jessica

    PLEASE FINISH THE BOOK!!!!! i am dying to read it! i read the first chapter and i thought it was totaly awesome!

  110. Becca

    Please finish it!

    Think of it as giving an addict a tiny piece of their drug and then holding it captive in their sight. 🙁

    It’s so wonderful to see what Edward is thinking, and yes, the mind-reading thing is just about the dandiest thing ever. x)

    I only started the series two weeks ago, and I’ve reread every book about 3-6 times, depending on the book. D:

    I likes the Cullen drugz.

  111. nina

    Please please, finish it. just the thought of u holding it back is giveing me a heartache 🙁 please finish it. Ur books are my drugs, can’t live without em 🙁 —> :'( ur killin me here…… I won’t even read the leaked chapters. I wanna hav the finished peice in my hands. I don’t mind waiting as long as u say u will finish it. Please…..give me hope 🙁

  112. georgie

    the second i finished Breaking Dawn, i cried. and i know it wasnt sad. but i was sad. sad because i knew that it was all over, the only upside was knowing Midnight Sun would be out in due course.

    when it ended, mere days before the meadow scene. I felt distraught in all honesty, i wanted to know so much about edwards thoughts as he finally gave in to his desires. what it felt like to him to smell her throat, to have his lips on her skin, when she was stroking him, how it felt for him when they kissed and her going too far. his thoughts as she slept that night.

    i physically need more. i’m actually begging.

  113. Brown

    I loved reading th “twilight saga” I couldn’t put them down. I think it is the fastest I have read 4 books in my entire life. I read the first chapter that you put on your site of “Midnight Sun” and like everyone else I need more of it. I could read all 4 books over again in Edwards perspective. And I would LOVE every minute of it. I know a lot more people that would too. Please do it for your fans. We are sorry you got hurt. But WE NEED MORE EDWARD AND BELLA.

  114. Shanna

    Oh my god! You have to finish the book!!!! please, I can’t read the draft. I don’t want to!!!!!! I want to read it when it’s publishes and I can read it all at the same time!!!! You have to finish it!!! I need it.. All I know is that it’s from Edwards point of view. But I just CAN’T read it unless it’s all there and the way it’s supposed to be written!!! I hope you killed the mindless fool who put it on the internet.! I wish I could!!!

  115. Rosa

    Oh Stephenie! You see how many fans you have, from all over the world people read and adore your books! We do understand that this was in no way your fault, though I don’t think that poor kid that leaked it meant any harm, surely only wanted to share or even attention. Who knows? But just don’t give up. Please finish Midnight Sun. Go all the way – Publish it. This is my opinion though I know that I am speaking for thousands of unanimous people. We support you Stephenie.

    Sincerely Rosa

  116. danielle

    stephanie..u r like the best author ever i love your book seroes and i heard about the draft that was sent out and i havent even read it….PLEASE dont stop writing more books to the series..there are alot of people who didnt even read the draft and are hoping u will still write im one of them….so please look back on your decision and keep writing for all those fans out there that u have 🙂

    with all my love danielle

  117. Valerie

    Stephenie, please get it together. I have read your first 12 chapters from your site because of the event of its leak online, which I had no idea in the first place and I am sorry to hear that it has happened. But are you going to let this defeat you? By all mean, take a break because you deserved it. Hopefully, in time, you will have the chance to take back the ball in your hands and prove to us that you’re bigger than this. I, for one, don’t believe in throwing the towel because it’s easier to give up than trying. I am sure you wouldn’t want your kids to give up on something they are great at. You have a gift and an once-in-a-life-time opportunity that not many of us have the privilege to earn…yet. Please don’t go down the road where your name will become “pulling a Stephenie Meyer” on all future authors’ readers.

  118. Jamiee

    Stephanie, Please Please Please finish Midnight Sun!! I read the first 13 chapters on your website, and I’m soo hooked. I have read your other books over and over again because, there are no books in the world that matches up to their greatness. You are a wonderful and talented author, better that Tamora Peirce, JK Rowling and every one else. I dont care what any one says, I’m your number one fan and you inspire me in my writing. Keep on writing girlfriend!!!!!!! And please finish your Midnight Sun Masterpiece.
    -an utterly obsessed Fan

  119. Jamiee

    And if you dont believe my last comment (obsessed) well then listen to this:

    On September 23 my school had a fire drill and Twilight was in my Bag. I was up at the teachers desk getting my test when the fire alarm went off.I literally knocked over one girl while running r to get the book from my bag. Then my bag was not opening so i ripped it and grabbed Twilight. I ran out of the building to catch up with my class. The funniest part was that i left my purse in the classroom, on my desk. It had my I pod, cell phone and 75 dollars in it. (Then i got yelled at by the teacher) I did not even care, because i had my book.
    -just me again

  120. Julie Bauman

    please finish it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i always wanted to know what was in Edward’s mind!
    please please please please finish it!!!!!!

  121. abby

    oh yes please finish it Mrs. Meyer, i’m a 13 year old fan of Twilight i need to see what Edward is thinking.

  122. Kristie

    hi Mrs Meyer. i read your blog on why it’s not coming out (the ending would be different cauz you have a different mind set now.) and i just wanted to say that i have read what you posted of midnight sun. IT WAS AMAZING but i know that the edited and completely finished copy would be better. i have read the entire series about six times please finish it for us ( you rabid readers who are basically obsessed) I AM DYING TO SEE WHAT THE MEADOW PART OF THE BOOK WILL BE LIKE. please please please please PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  123. Sasha

    everything twilight is like air. need it to live! i read the whole online part and it was as fantastic as expected. PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT. how could it not be? edward cullen and twilight = life. there are a million die hard fans that NEED TO KNOW! you enticed them and now they NEED TO FINISH MIDNIGHT SUN! or will cry forever and never get over it. its like losing a loved one! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE publish it.

  124. breeze

    I LOVE all four books I seriously am not lying when I say I get about 4 to maybe 6 hours of sleep every night since I discovered the best books in the world!!! I am so glad you were blessed with talent and I’m blessed I found these books that’s all I think about all day edward and bella’s life since I read Midnight Sun in your website there’s nothing in the world that I will be able to think about now pleeeeaaassseeee finish Midnight Sun I will go insane and have sleepless nights wondering what could have been of the book but I will still keep searching the internet to see if there’s any updates on releasing Midnight Sun I LOVE them so much like no other book I have ever read before but please don’t punish us for that person’s mistake of leaking part of midnight sun even though I am truly sorry for what that person has put you through and broke your trust. I am a huge fan and God bless you!!!

  125. Tauna

    After I finished Midnight Sun I looked at my husband and all I could say was “She has to finish this book, it is so good, and I think I perfer it from Edwards point of view so much more.” In fact i had read the series, but I had borrowed the books except one, that I ended up buying. I told my husband to get the keys that I had to go get TWILGHT right now that I wanted to reread the two of them chapter to chapter.
    I have to agree with everyone I really wanted to hear about the meadow scene and what he is thinking when they are kissing, esp. for the first time. So Please If you haven’t heard it from everyone else yet. Please finish MIDNIGHT SUN. It is an amazing book like all your other books.

  126. Joey

    Stephenie i do very hope you can finish writing this part of the series because i haven’t actually touched any novels for the most part of my life especially when the the whole twilight saga is 1 foot long stacked together. this is the book that had me running home for, it is the book that makes me stay home and read and read until i sleep so please i really hope you can finish midnightsun.

    i know they person that leaked it out did a very terrible thing and it hurted you but why would you let other people’s mistakes take away your talent? something that you, yourself really enjoy doing for the most part.

  127. Smith

    Stephenie please finish midnight sun. I CANT STAN NOT KNOWING. I love these books and i need to know what happens. Your series is pretty much all my friends an i talk about at school and when we text each other. Stephenie we need more to talk about. So finish it please. I understand why you don’t want to finish it you where hurt by the person who posted midnight sun online. there are so many reasons not to finish midnight sun, but there are so many more reasons to finish it> So, lease im begging please finnish your book.

  128. Alyssa

    What you guys have to understand is that (being a writer meself) it’s hard to write with a broken heart, her trust was broken and that’s hard to get through. Let her heart mend for a while and I bet the story will be even better.

    Good luck Steph!

  129. katherine

    I pray that Mrs. Meyers will realize that no one sought out the rough draft of Midnight Sun with any idea of hurting her, or violating her rights as an author. The majority of this fan base is fairly young, and they don’t understand copyright rules and regulations. All they know is that they are not ready to let go of these characters. After reading Breaking Dawn, and seeing that final “The End”, it left fans happy, yet still yearning for more. This is a direct result of your own ability to enthrall readers, Stephenie, so maybe you can forgive them their adoration for your work, and finish the beautiful story that you began. It is unsettleing to think that you would allow your entire fan base to be punished for the actions of one, or maybe a couple of individuals who illegally posted the draft. Please have mercy on your supporters, and let us know when we can look forward to this completed work. Thank you!

  130. sarah

    your a great writer.
    please finish, the book.
    & keep writing more/
    i love them all!!! ;]]
    cant wait for the movieeeee!!!

  131. Kclarn

    wow, mrs. meyer. your books are so amazzing.
    i am sooo happppy about your movie.
    keep them cominggg!
    ps. finish the ‘midnight sun ‘ pleeaaaseee!!!!!

    we love you, thanks!

  132. Afrnel

    gurl your books are grate. i dont like ta read but when i read yours i feltt so alive felt like i was in de book. lolz.
    i hope you keep them comng girl .


  133. Hellen

    Mrs. Meyers,
    I belive you are an amazing women for doing what you do.
    You take time out of your day to write things for other people.
    You have the best imagination in the whole entire world.
    Can’t wait for your movie, keep it up steph.


  134. Maroctopus

    Hm. It’s an improvement over the rest of the series, I suppose. As usual though, the description of the love interest is just over the top. She should probably improve her writing style as well.

    I couldn’t finish reading the draft though. For a published author, her writing is a bit subpar. At least there’s some improvement…

    And hopefully she’s actually managed to validate what looks like, for all intents and purposes, a very abusive relationship.

    … Unfortunately, Bella’s character is probably unsalvageable at this point.

  135. sarah

    i know there are already many people who are begging for stephenie to finish midnight sun. but still i’m gong to beg for it too! i really rweally love the twilight saga. and i am desperate to have more of it! the midnight sun is really something worth to read. we all know that the leak was something that will hurt so much. but please, please! finish the midnight sun. i am so dying desperate to read it! i hope stephenie reads this site. coz i want her to know this: i am here in the philippines and everybody knows we’re in the far east of the world. but oh well, almost all people here are obsessed with the whole twilight thing! almost all are obsessed and the rest do like it! and we are really getting more obsessed to it as everyday passes. and of course, as everybody else does, we want to read twilight (the whole of it if possible) from edward’s point of view! honestly, i haven’t read yet the draft because my computer here is not working well with pdf fies. but i am really really dying to read it!! goodness knows how much i love twilight and the whole thiing of it! i am only 13 years old and i’m in my second year high school, and the whole of our class is really talking all about it! and anywhere else you go in the university of santo tomas, you’ll find students who are reading the books or talking about it!. so please stephenie, we need more of them!! we really want midnight sun..so please please!!!! do finish it! you know, bookstores here are always sold-out with your books in just a 5-day span (and hello, they order a lot!)

  136. Sick of Twilight

    After reading books in this series, I have three words as well: Please stop writing.

  137. Go twilight!

    I’m actually happy she put the first book in Bella’s perspective. I don’t think I would be that into it, if I had to start reading from Edwards veiw. Don’t get me wrong, there both good, but I think because I’m a girl, the girl perspective intrested me more…The movie was the best ever!

  138. Edward's Brunette

    Finally gave in to reading Midnight Sun over the weekend, and loved it! I totally knew all the way through that it would stop just before the meadow chapter, which seems a little convenient to me as totally the best point to leave us hanging from! I think that was definitely intentional. It’s amazing how the same events are totally different from Edward’s perspective (as much as I love him, he is such an idiot at times, by the way) and actually one of the best things was hearing other people’s thoughts via Edward- Jessica is such a bitch, but hilarious much! And poor old Mike just didn’t have a clue. In a way MS gives us a lot that Twilight didn’t, because Bella’s take on other people’s thoughts are often so different to the reality. I loved Edward’s helping hand re: Ben and Angela.

    I have no doubt that Stephenie will finish MS at some point, otherwise she wouldn’t have made damn sure we were left panting for more…

  139. I

    i have not read midnight sun because i dont want to ruin it if she ever does finish it and i hope she does becuase if she doesnt i will nvr get to read it!!!

  140. Nicky

    I read Midnight Sun on the website, and I really hope Ms Meyer does finish it. As a writer (alas, with way more than her 7 rejection notices, still unpublished) myself, I know how precious characters are to the writer. and Edward being precious to her, she should get back in touch with him rather than dwelling on the jealous idiot who leaked what she had so far. Please, for those of us who also love Edward, please finish Midnight Sun!

  141. chelsie

    I am the biggest twilight addict of you all i have read it i swear over a hundred times as well as the rest of them breaking dawn was the most amazing theing i have ever laid my eyes on it would seriously kill me if she didnt finish midnight sun but from what i have read on her site im sure she is fininging it thank whatever made her choose to. i want to read the first chapter on her site and it is taking every thing in me not to so i hope that it gets out before my birthday because that would be the best present i EVER recieved.

  142. chelsie

    plus the movie was amazing ive seen it seven times!!!!! Rob Peter and Jackson (edward, carlisle, and jasper ) were so hot

  143. bethany

    Stephanie ,
    I have read your series over and over again and it left me in tears in giggles and most of all craving more and more. I have never finished a book before( i have dislexia and it makes it hard to read ) and never in my life thought i would want to pick up a book and i wasnt the only one amazed my mom was .

    Stephanie these books opened my eyes and made me want to become a writer myself . Please do all your fans a favor and finish midnight sun forget the scumbag who released it on the internet it still will be a #1 seller and you’ll make alot of people happy and besides i actually want to read but dont have anything to but the ones i already have read in your series .

    From your #1 fan , Bethany Van Meter

  144. libby

    plllllllleeeeeaaaaaaaassssssse finish the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don’t i get grounded each time I am caught reading Bella’s point of cause i have read it so many times my mom banned it from my house and has my teachers watching what i am reading like a hawk so please finish midnight sun so i don’t get grounded for another 2 weeks!!!!!!!! i have gone insane with reading i think i need to go to the crazy house and get locked in a room with one small window and a door with no handle!!!!!!!!!

  145. libby

    i have seen the movie 3 times and me and my friend are in a compitition on who can read twilight the most.

  146. Hannah

    I am a young reader of the Twilight book serires and I’m overly obsessed. I read the draft online hoping and praying that it would make it to the meadow scene. Please, please, please write the midnight sun book for the young (me) and old (my mom) fans!! PLEASE!!!!!

  147. kat

    wow wow wow!!!!!!!!!!
    you can’t stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese i need that book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    by the way you awsome!!!!!!
    love twilight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

  148. Jamie

    Stephenie please finish Midnight Sun. I am so hooked on you books, and this would add to the complexity of Edward. I have read the partial draft on your website and i hope that you finish it. The part that i read was absolutely amazing. Please finish it, you would be doing all of the Twilight fans a favor.

  149. Emily :)

    Stephanie –
    Please, please finish writing Midnight Sun!
    I only discovered them a few months ago but I am totally hooked on your books – as are many of my friends and we are all hoping Midnight Sun will be writen.
    The Twilight series truely has changed my life – for the better.
    My favourite charcter is (of course) Edward and after reading the first 12 chapters of Midnight Sun from your website, I can honestly say I love him even more.
    I now understand why he does the things does and why he reacts the way he reacts in the first four books. He truely is MY brand of heroin.
    Anyway, what i’m trying to say is please finish writing Midnight Sun, for if you were to stop completly, I would most likely go mad.
    Thank you so much,
    Love Emily

  150. Emily :)

    If we don’t find out what Edward’s point of veiw is in the Meadow scene, we will ALL go mad……..epsecially me!

  151. chels

    WOW i loved the partial draft and i dont know how much longer i can wait for the rest of it!!! stephenie,im so sorry about what happened with the leak but PLEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSE dont let it keep you from finishing it!!!! please

  152. chels

    oh yeah and its driving me insane that it cut off right before the meadow scene!!!! aahhhhhhhhh

  153. fff

    Your tourchering me! Finish the book! Who cares if it’s online now!Your disapointing your fans!Finish it!Di ypu think I want to read a book that’s have way written? Would you? No.F*** YOU!

  154. Grace

    please please please please please finish the book!!!! please i love twilight and i really really want to read this plus it is a little unfair to edward if you dont let him have his point of view. please please please! please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  155. Grace

    please!!! im addicted to twilight!! its all i ever read!! i want to read this so badly!!!!! twilight is all my friends and i ever talk about!!! alice’s 911 turbo porsche is my desktop!!! i want a car just like that!! i saw the movie with my friends on opening day!!! it wasnt near as good as the book which im reading for the fith time ilove twilight wwaaaaaaaaaaayyy more than Harry Potter!! its the best series in the world and it needs to be completed!!! please!!! im begging you! for all of the millions of twilight fans! for me! please oh please finish Midnight Sun!!!! please!!! please!!! please!!!

  156. Grace

    i know this is my third message but please!!! the anticipation is killing every twilight fan!!!! not finishing midnight sun would be like if you stopped wrighting new moon right after edward left!!! i love twilight and i am dying to hear it from edwards point of veiw!!!! please!!! i love twilight, and it would devestate me and every twilight fan above who wrote a message and many others if midnight sun was left incomplete!!!!! im begging you and will go to your house (i live in phoenix) ,get on my knees and beg you to finish this book!! i was really , really, looking forward to understanding some of the things edward says and does better but if you dontt finish midnight sun that will be impossible. please try to see this from a twilight lovers point of view!!! i cant live without twilight and i’m willing to bet that none of the others above me who comented could either!! please please please,im begging you to do this. you know you want to finish the book. you know you want edwards story told. so please do the right thing by finishing this book.

  157. Jetti

    Please please continue on midnight sun! Or you will most likely cause huge teenage devistation among a lot of fans!!! And why stop at midnight sun. Re-write the rest of the books in edwards point of view then we will have 8 great!! best selling books to read over and over!! WE ALL JUST LOVE YOU FOR WRITING THE BOOKS SO DON’T STOP NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

    -Jetti [HUGE Twilight series fan!!!!!]

  158. nur


  159. Mindy

    Mrs. Meyer I love your books I have fell in love with Edward and I want you to finish Midnight sun so bad I think that you could also continue the story of thier wonderful lives with bella and edward’s daugther growing up and also with bella asa vampire now I really dont want it to end!!!! please continue somewhere from there!!!!PPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  160. Megan Johnson

    Mrs. Meyer,
    Your books say something to me. Before I had read twilight, my mom kept telling me I shold read it and I said, ha no not interested in vampires, so she sat down and started reading the book out load to me. When she finished the first chapter she set it down and stood up and walked out of the room. As soon as she was gone i grabed the book and went outside. I read all afternoon, that night I finished the book and picked up the seconed. It took me a day in a half to read that, and same for the third. It took me a little longer to read the fouth because it was longer. But when I say it took me longer, not by much. Maybe two days. And then I went back and read the whole series again. And now I’m reading the eclips for the third time. But any ways what I’m trying to get at is that your books inspire me and I never want you to stop writing them. Please dont. My friend had come across the first chapter of midnight sun, and I really couldnt help myself from reading it, and when I did, I was DYING to read the whole book. Im begging you please dont stop. I find piece with your books. Just please dont quit out on all of your fans. I know we ha disrespected you in all ways, but we cant help ourselves. Your series is like ‘our own personal brand of herion’. lol… Just please dont stop writing. -Megan

  161. laney

    If you do not finish this book you will never fully redeem the respect you now hold to many readers, critics, and fellow authors! It is absolutely prudent that you finish the book you CANNOT let something so trivial as betrayal disappoint millions of people, and as much as it pains me to say, you will just forever know that there are always people in this world you can’t fully extend your trust to, which is awful bit it’s the truth in the flesh and blood. Think of the praise you would receive from this forget the draft being leaked consider it a…preview..if you will.. It leaves readers wondering, curious. But there are many so possessed by your excruciatingly wonderful writing that ending the wonderful story of Edward and Bellas’ love will cause them to truly resent; even loath..you. So please Mrs. Meyer please consider finishing this book. And i hope you not to think of this as hate mail for that is most surely not my meaning in this letter.

  162. Laney


  163. Debra

    Stephanie, Please don’t leave us hanging! I agree with the writer, I loved Edwards side even more, It that’s even possible! But I did, I’ve been left wanting more sence I finished Breaking Dawn. My husband calls me a Twilight Addict and I’m begining to think he is right. I need to know how it is going to end, even though I already know LOL but I need more. Please start writing for us again.

  164. Breeana

    I LOVE THESE BOOKSS!!!! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE FINISH!!! I Havent even read Midnight sun yet!! any of it cuz i want u to finish it first!!!! Everyone is telling me that i am crazy but there wrong!!!! PKLEEEEEASE I AM DIEING OVER HERE!!!!!!!!

  165. lorrane

    Stephenie, Please finish midnight sun !!! I love all your books…
    I can´t wait more!!!

    Please don’t stop!!!

    The whole world is asking the same thing: don’t stop write Midnight Sun … Do this for us … don’t stop!

    your fans ask: don’t stop! We can’t wait … please!
    We love your books!

    finish Midnight Sun and start the sixth, the seventh, the eighth and others!!! PLEASE!

  166. :*

    Stephanie, your books help me to look differently for the life, to give more value to it!

    Today a thak you for the message that your books have given me! I’m brazilian and all that read the twiling series loved. And they are asking you to continue Midnight Sun, I’m not started to read it yet, I’m waiting you continue, but I know that will be EXCELLENT, like the other.
    The Brazil and the world is asking: Don’t stop! Write more…Continue the fifth, write the sixth, seventh, eighth… write until you can’t more!!!

    We’re their fans and love your books!


  167. silvia


  168. gabriella

    omg i read it and i love it please fifnish it . i was so shocked when i heard u put it on hold . im looking foward to it. i love ur books ive read them all and i want to read mignight sun. so many questions to ask about edward perspective please finish it . i love u =]

  169. lola


  170. Hot babe


  171. -Helpless

    I doubt Mrs. Meyer will ever read this…But here I go.

    Stephenie, this draft, is so much more than a dissapointment for being ruthfully exposed. It’s – it’s almost like a medecine soothing OUR thirst for the last of the book. Some of us are touched with what you’ve written because…Well because this world is so shut out from anything beautiful, unreal, and magical. What you’ve brought to us is imaginatoin beyond us all. I mean, the sooner you could ever get this book out, the sooner our minds will be set at ease. You’re amazing Mrs. Meyer. For putting it on your site so you wouldn’t let your fans feel like their making a sacrafice, to writing that first sentence of Twilight. You care about your fans, and I can see that. So let US support YOU. Finish the book, and let our eyes wander through what we wish we could have…

  172. jOE

    yes please do finish the book, … alot of us are dieing to READ MIDNIGHT SUN . it would really make me / your fans happy, your a great writer and i think you should finish it.

  173. bailey

    please o please finish the book! i just now finished breaking dawn and i HAVE to read midnite sun!!!!

  174. bailey

    im in the 6ths grade and exams are hard! after that i need something to read!!!!!!!!!!

  175. angelina

    please, oh please please pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease keep writing midnight sun. i fel absoutely in love with your series, it is just simply to die for. it would be so tragic if you did not finish the book. do it for your fans. plesae i love the twilight series.

  176. twilight lover

    stephenie, as soon as i read twilight, i automaticly fell in love with the series! i was smiling when ever i read about the conversations between edward and bella. and even though i have read it many times i still love to re-read all my fav parts…… also i think midnight sun is some of your best writing ever. it is a master piece… and i think it would be so disapointing if you didn’t finish it….. so on behalf of all the twilight fans out there PLEASE finish it….. and so the lion fell in love with the lamb <3

  177. mi amor edward

    pooooooooor faaaaaaaaaaaavor mrs. meyer termine su libro midnight sun se lo pedimos todos sus lectores. edward debe tener su turno de expresarse de le la opurtunidad por favor. no nos deje con las ganas de su nuevo libro.

  178. Susan

    I couldn’t have said it better myself! (including the end about the meadow scene. I was sorely disappointed that that was where it ended in the draft) I have to say, that I actually like this version better than Twilight, thus far and I really hope she doesn’t let one person ruin it for her and her fans.

  179. Terrie

    YES! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE finish the book. I did not read the online version until you posted it on your website, Stephanie. Midnight sun told so much about Edward that I did not understand from Bella’s perspective. You must finish it. I need to see the book in its entirety, and to have the hardback to go with my Twilight series. By the way, I am not a teenage girl, I am 47, and absolutely love the story you have told. I love your writing.

  180. jason

    Hey steph i know that u are upset that the whole thing leaked because of some crap bag but please still finish the book you’ ve left all of us in suspence. well i guess thats what you mean to do but please write it Thanks

  181. jason


  182. lauren:D

    Heyy Stephanie…Please Please finish Midnight Sun.You can’t just leave us all hanging at the 12 chapter.It answers so many questions that Bella always wondered.Like if Edward loved her back, and Midnight Sun clears all of these areas up.I know it will be hard getting over this person mean and abnoxious actions, but please don’t stop writing this book just because some person did this to you.Because millions of teens are just dying to finish reading your series[maybe its because they’re so BEAST]but yahh don’t stop!

  183. Edward Cullen

    I love myself sooooooooo much in these books. dont leave me hanging!!!!!!!!!!! plz finish

  184. lauren v

    I love them so much…… more than I can put into words pleeeeeaaaaaaaase finish the awesome book you began to write i didn’t read a word of it yet I swear!!!<3

  185. Selene

    Stephenie please please please finish your fifth book quickly. I cant wait to read it. U have done a superb job on the first four books, please continue!!!

  186. Team Alice

    Please keep writing the Midnight Sun I know that your mad but think about the girls (and some boys) around the world that love your stories.

  187. Crista

    The Twilght series has been by far the best books I have read. I did read the draft from Midnight Sun on your offical website….It was amazing. Please find it in your heart to finish the book. I respect your feelings and the turmol this has bought you. I can only hope and pray that you re-read your books from the series and go on with Edwards view. I know that it is a frame of mind that you have to be in and that this “peson” has deeply hurt you, but try to remember your fans and how much they love you and this story you have bought into thier lives.

  188. nelzs

    Hey stephanie please finish midnight sun I got so interested in your books that I read al of them for about a 5th time and now I have nothing to read please hurry and publish it. I’m on my my hands and knees pleeeeeeeeeesssssssssseeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

  189. amber

    stephaine! please publish midnight sun…. these are like the best books ever! I think i speek for everyone when i say we want to read more! Please! This would mean alot to everyone!

  190. stephanie

    dude stephenie you need to finish midnight sun i’m reading all the books again

  191. brittany

    OK AT THE END OF BREAKING DAWN I STARTED CRYING BECAUSE I DID NOT WANT IT TO STOP! and i thought renesmee was geneticly impossible and i have this feeling evrytime i read about edward i have this feeling and that is like there is fire ripping threw my veins (but in a good way)and if steph dosent write midnight sun i will be crushed and somtimes i wake up sceaming in the night because i have dreams that i am walking down a hallway that will never end people telling me that midnight sun will never come out and steph thanks alot fo writting ‘ARG!’ at the brggining of breaking dawn I KEEP SAYIN ARG!

    al….bel….brittany……but my freinds call me suckie!

  192. cassandra

    yes yes yes yes! PLEASE finish midnight sun! were all counting on you ! we know you can do it! and we cant wait to go out to the store and buy that final copY! 😀 so please please please finish the book !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  193. Mandie Jacobs

    Hello. I’m not going to say I love the Twilight books (I do), and I’m not going to get down on my knees and beg Stephenie Meyer to write Midnight Sun (I considered it), but I am going to say this. My sanity relies on the publication of this book. I don’t think you realize how important this is to me. I am 12, and I read Twilight and Midnight Sun on the same day, and Eclipse and Breaking Dawn on the same day. I haven’t touched another book in 3 months. I DREAM about Twilight. And someone illegally leaking it onto the internet? Terrible. Horrifying. Evil. Just plain bad. But that isn’t any reason to lay down and take it. You stop writing it and they win. You continue, and you write a glorious book that will only add to the amazing Twilight Saga. So get up, dust yourself off and continue to be the magnificent writer you are. Stephenie Meyer. Steph. You are incredibly clever, I know and I haven’t even met you. Your mind created what is now my soul. I drink in everything, I hang on every word coming from your book, and I can quote it like THAT. Everyone now thinks I’m crazy, and if I’m going to be the insane unsocial little girl reading that book in the corner, at least let me get more out of it. So if your not going to do it for the millions of fans that are begging you to continue, do it for me. Please. Do it for me. Do it for all the people out there that something terrible has happened to them. Show them what I know they should do. Get up. Try again. Please, Stephenie Meyer. My sanity is in your pen.

  194. jazmine

    hey stephenie!
    please still publish Midnight Sun! I love your books so much
    ! But i will not read any of it unless it is officially published!
    I can’t wait for it to be published!

  195. janel

    to stephenie meyer.
    i am 12 years old and i absoluely love your twilight books and The Host. Please publish midnight sun or i will be so sad! those books arr at the top of my shelf and i need to read them ALL. so if midnight sun is not published i will be very very sad 🙁
    from janel

  196. khloe

    hey steph
    i am a huge twilight fan you have no idea. . . well you probably do but anyway, we all are very sorry about what happened and i don’t know what to do to make you feel that you should finish midnight sun. really!!! i cant wait to read the rest, yes i am one of the people who read the first few chapters of midnight sun, but it was worth every second! it made me understand so much more and i just loved it! if you contunue to write the next book i will buy the first one i see!! even if i have to BEG to get it! my friends at school, that is all we talk about when we see each other! some of our teachers think were obsessed and, … well i am and i love it. if it werent for your books i never would have gottin into reading like i have, before this i never read books. i hated it but know i find any book i can that is about supernatural things and i just fall in love with it right away! you have opened my eyes to new and unbelievable things and in order to keep them open, i need yo to finish midnight sun! please please please!!!

    your biggest fan:
    khloe (16)

  197. MorGaN

    OmG i LoVe tHe tWiLiGhT SeRiEs mY moM DoEs toO ShE HaS ReaD tHe sErieS lIKE THrEE TimEs

  198. ky-yen

    i loooove this book so don’t end it i loove bella and edward soo much they are sooo cool pls plspls i know howyou feel but think about the 1million people who wait to read midnight sun and soo on plsswrite it i would thank you for the rest of the life

  199. Libby

    Stephenie Meyer:
    I am 12 years old and i am in love with your books.
    Last year alot of my friends started reading the Twilight Saga, at first i decided not to read them but when i finally did i was amazed.
    You are an incredible author. I loved how Edward tried to protect Bella,Bella’s love toward Edward, Alice’s loyalty, Esmes’s and Carlisle’s support, Emmetts strength,Jacobs unwavering Friendship, i even loved Rosalie who still wanted to be human.
    I really hope you finish your book, but even if you don’t you will still know that your Twilight books rivaled some of the best Teen fiction of all times.
    I hope you decide to finish Midnight Sun which was also amazing, but if you decide not to I will still Love twilight,

    Libby Butler

  200. Jane

    The draft of Midnight Sun was wonderful please finish the book because every one loves your books and cant wait for Midnight Sun.

  201. Jane

    The draft of Midnight Sun was great and every one cant wait for it to come out u have lot of fans dont stop writing.

  202. nikki

    i really think that Stephanie should finish midnight sun i have read all four books on Bella’s point and i was wondering through them all what ed.c was thinking or how he viewed things and by her beginning to write midnight sun gave us all a reason to see his ways a lot better i am sorry that someone took advantage of your kindness but i know that you have said before that he was in your head wanting to come out and i can only hope that you allow it

  203. marty graw

    your books are amasing i love them, all my friends nearly died when they heard about the fact that you might not finish midnight sun pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese finish it. you rule :] :] :] :]

  204. Dylan

    hello stephanie! i’m a big fan (sorry you probabley get that alot) i’m 13 and i have read the saga 12 times!!! and due to my fan-nes i have not read a word of midnight sun. so PLEASE finish it. all my friends have read it and whenever they talk about it i cover my ears… haha. well please finish and don’t punish all the true twifans

  205. Rachel Anne

    Hey. I’ve read all the Twilight books, twice, and I really wanted to read more, so I read what was posted of Midnight Sun. Now I really want to know whos thinkning what, and what Edward is thinking in the rest of the book. Please Finish this book, and ones from Edwards point of view for New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. I really wish you would take into consideration of how much the fans want the book to be finished, as well as the rest of the series from Edwards point of view. Please Please finish the book.

  206. viri ***

    porfavor porfavor publicalo, he leido todos los libros una y otra vez y me meto tanto en ellos que hasta he llorado, ya lei los primeros 12 capitulos y no me puedo resistir, ojala los puedas publicar porq me quede traumada, y tambien los otros libros en la prespectiva de edward aunq no creo q se pueda, bueno, tan solo q termine el de sol de medianoche plisss =)

    te amo edward***
    *el amor les da a los demas el poder para destruirte*
    * solo un vampiro te querra para ziiempre**

  207. Fran

    I just CAN’T wait to read the Meadow scene from Edward’s perspective!!!
    I was so frustrated when I finished the draft, snif!! I NEED to read it ALL!!
    Please fishish it!!

  208. Danielle

    Stephenie the Twilight series are hands down the best books i have ever read and the way i pictured them in my head they could very possibly be better than any movie or show i have ever seen. I think that all of your fans will stand behind you if you choose not to continue writing Midnight Sun but imagining how unbelievably amazing it will be has us all going out of our minds. Please consider finishing Midnight Sun.

  209. iman

    hi stephenie
    you can say that i live in the other side of the planet earth and guess what
    im on love with your saga
    so pls pls plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
    finish it as soon as you can
    i didnt read any books since i finished the saga
    and pls pls make it hot i already in love with edward but i cant get enough o him i want o be in his mind to see how he thinks how he feels
    pls go on finish it
    the leak of this small part of the book made us more hungry for it it is like the human blood to a newborn vampire
    how can i make you undersand e readers feel
    and not only the wilight book but the newmoon too pls we want to know wht edward was ding when he left bella
    ok i ll tell you write all the saga again from edward side nd we ll buy it and read it for sure no question about that
    also why did yo end the saga till a lot can be done
    we all dont think the voluri ll stop
    what about jacob and nesie love story and what new creature ll they bing to life as a union between a half vanpire and a wolf
    lots can be done and given its a wast to stop now
    we ll never forgive you if you stop

  210. avani

    stephenie, you are the best writer of all time. everyone i know adores your books. i go to a girls school and the girls over there refused to touch a book unless they absolutely had to,that is, until your books came out.every single person i know is either reading your books or has already finished them. before, girls used to dream about finding mr. right or their romeo but now, everyone wants to find their’Edward’. its amazing how much effect you’ve has on these people. please don’t stop writing because of some idiot. think about all your fans who love you. please continue writing. we all love you.

  211. tina

    if you respect our love to you stephanie you ll continue the book and the rest of the saga
    we need more of this facinating world you created
    pls dont make us beg

  212. carla

    i am in tears since i heard you ll not finish the book
    im in love with edward
    pls dont do that
    you must finish it

  213. Mellisa

    I Totally love twilight I read all 4 books and have them!I hope stephenie meyer publishes Midnight Sun! She is such an inspiring author I want to be just like her when I grow up!

  214. iqra

    you’re a very creative and APPETIZING writer.i simply loved all the twilight books especially eclipse.please do finish midnight sun as soon as u can.it seems even more interesting than from bella’s view.i just don’t want this story to end

  215. iqra

    im in a passionate love with this story and i simply cant stand it to end.please finish midnight sun as it is the most encaptivating somehow for me due to edwards view

  216. Brazil...

    please continue Stephenie…

    the world loves twilight!
    Here in Brazil, everybody loves the twilight… please, you must finish it!

    we love you!!!

  217. alice

    hey stephanie,

    i know you must be upset that someone put your story out but all your fans are waiting… you can’t let them down! your 1st 4 books were amazing but you need to finish what you started! come on girl! get back out there! we all beleive in you!

  218. emmet

    hey steph,

    we all know the cullens aren’t real but we are in spirit! oh my god what are you doing to me? are you making me sentimental? AHH!
    don’t let anyone know okay? but the point is all your fans are waiting for this book to see what’s really going on in that hard head of edward’s. plus i’m having a hard time finding new material for making fun of eddie! i need some new stuff! come on steph, you can do it!

  219. marie

    please please finish midnight sun!!!!!!i just read the 12 chapters and i know i wont be able to sleep until i read the rest!!!!!!(whitch is a bad thing since im sick ) but please please finish it!!ive been looking every where the other chapters…but i cant find anything…….ive always wondered what edweard tought when bella answerd his questionss…..
    anywayy please please!!!!!if not for ur afans that has stuck with u till the end then for ur familly…..us fans are really counting on you!!!!


  220. courtney

    hi stephanie meyers i love your books. i have read your series 3 times and i always wanted to know what was going through edwards mind throughout the series. your books inspired me to actually start reading before twilight i could never finish a book but now i cant stop reading anything that has vampire, werewolves, or the supernatural and i am hooked on them now. plzz dont stop writing because some idiot did something stupid. all my friends talk about is your books and the movie. i am one of the few who havent read midnight sun but if you finished i am defiantly buying the first one i see. plzz finish the book i am judst dying to read it. 😛

  221. Luli

    Setphanie Meyer: Porfavor!! termine Sol de Medianoche, porque no importa que se haya filtrado!! aca lo que importa es que sus fan, sus lectores, estan muertos de la intriga pir saber el resto del libro crepusculo a traves de los pensamientos de Edward…
    Meyer no tiene porque tener ni una duda, en que los lectores de la saga, van a comprar el libro, porque es hermoso saber lo que siente y lo que piensa Edward.. pofavor..
    Yo lo voy a comprar, porque es un libro hermoso, y necesito seguir leyendo el resto de Sol de Medianoche!! Amo al personaje de Edward Cullen: es tan dulce… Adoro la Saga!

  222. Tracey


    I’m a lot older than most writing on this blog (and I can honestly say that this is a first for me) but I agree with every comment. You really should finish the book and look at following on with the others in sequence. It clears up so many questions, it rounds out the characters. I just love Emmett in Edward’s story (I read it on your website), I love his relationship with Carlisle and mostly, I love seeing Bella the way Edward does. More than anything I think Bella deserves this story to be told. I hope you will find a way to go back and complete this. You are a very talented woman, not many writers have characters that are so real and rounded as yours are. Thank you for the Twilight Saga!

  223. cat

    I have read all the 4 twilight books at least 10 times , after that i lost count. I loved each and everyone of them . I have also read your fisrt 12 chapters of Midnight Sun off your website and WOW just WOW. How can you keep us in such suspence it is purley and utterly unbearable. I feel likei become more agitated and hungrier every day, please finish this book, please release this book about every teenage girl (and quite a lot of the guys to be honest) are waiting for Midnight Sun to be released.
    Please for your fans, and Edwards! (of course)LOL

  224. Courtney

    Hey Stephenie,
    honestly I think you should whatever is best for you to either finish Midnight Sun or leave it the way it is. You should think about how writing the book would make feel, better or worse. I have not even looked at the copy of Midnight Sun yet because for one, it’s totally wrecking the book for me because maybe if you decided to keep on writing you wanted to change a part and then if it came out, a part i really liked was gone, maybe i would be disappointed. Overall I think you should finish writing Midnight Sun because it would give your fans the experience to be in the eyes of Edward Cullen. But do whatever you think is best!! I will always love your books!! And maybe you could hook me up with Taylor!! Just joking!

  225. Haley♥'sTWILIGHT!

    okayy.. i am eleven years old and i read all of the twilight books twice in 4 months! they are my life! i dream about them and i have posters all over my walls! i asked for a twilightt shirttt for my birthday andd i got like 7 now! lol. i havee readdd the first 12 chapterss of midnight sun and i think they are amazing (even with all the errors!) i didnt know all of these things that edward thought and it gives you a whole different perspective on everything, most importantly edward! i really, really, really, REALLY! hope that STEPHANIE MEYER! continuess to write this book because it is truly amazing! it would make alll of her fans soo happy! and it would be suchh ann accomplishmentt of stephaniee herself just to know that she completes 5 HUGE books in a seriess that is on the new york times! Whoa! Anyways, THIS IS TO YOU STEPHANI! YOU MUST CONTINUE WRITINGG THIS BOOK OR I WILL DIE! YOU ARE AN AMAZING AUTHOR AND PLEASEE DONT END THIS SAGA NOW! ♥♥♥

  226. keri

    hey stephanie meyer i hope u r reading this i am one of ur fans n as u no ur a great author n u have a gift most people dont u need to use it n finish midnight sun i no ur not happy about wat happen, ur fans are not happy. just cuz some1 did that does not mean you let down ur fans cuz im not that happy with u not finishing it plz consider what im saying i hope u dont let down ur fans

  227. miranda

    hey steph. i am so very sorry for wat happend. you are an amazing auther and you have inspired me so much. please finish midnight sun.i have dreamed many nights over your books. and yes i have read them all. so please finish this book and get it published. think of ur fans. we all feel terably bad about what happend but dont let that stop you from doing what you love. please make ur fans happy(it not like u havent all ready but still).so please, PLEASE, finish it.

  228. Tyler

    i admit that all i ever think about is the twilight saga. im 12 years old and i have read all the books except the first 12 chapters of midnight sun because i want it to be a surprise when i get the book. i have twilight posters bracelets pins shirts necklaces and magazines and anything else you can think of that has to do with twilight. i really hope that stephenie meyer doesnt end the series now. I WOULD JUST DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everyday, i dream think and talk about twilight no matter whuat the conversation is about.

  229. Alyssa Cullen

    Hi!!! omg i <3 Twilight!!!! i bought the first book like a week ago and im now reading breaking dawn!!! stephanie meyer please finish midnight sun!!! I <3 Twilight!!!

  230. KittyKat

    I was bored over my spring break so why not get the books… I didn’t know of the series till the movie “twilight” and im also into vampire love stories that have an edge and definitly.. one of my favorite series… I did not read the first book since it might taint my image of the movie (but im thinking otherwise..)and read the second book a day.. the third book in 7 hrs and fourth book in a day and definitely…i love the fourth book!! If anyone who hasn’t read the saga… YOUr’e sooo missing out… now i wish there’s more to it…so sad that it ended… 🙁

  231. kayddee

    i was one of the late bloomer;s with twilight im 17 &;nd i read all 4 books in under a week. &;nd ive read the 12 chapter;s on stephenie meyer;s website.
    i used to be a harry potter fan as well &;nd i always read the books before the movie but i saw twilight before i read the book then after the movie is when i started reading the books. i couldnt put them down for a second. all i can say is that im ready for the full midnight sun novel to come out.

  232. Gracie Brown

    Hey I would just like to say that midnight sun is a really fantastic book! I was reading it then found out that it just stops at the chapter of the meadow (my favourite chapter in twilight) I was so dissapointed and angry that i didnt get to read edwards point of veiw of that certain scene. when i found out that there was a draft or that midnight sun even existed i ran to the computer and looked it up. the next day at school i told all of my friends who are obsessed with twiliight as well that it existed. I really hope that Stephanie finishes the book which all her fans would be grateful for and would love it like I do already! PLEASE FINISH IT!

  233. Luna

    You have to finish the book and then you you have to write more you cant just leave the saga on breaking dawn i need more i remember the last words on the last page of the breakingh dawn book “and we continued blistfully into our small but perfect peice of our forever” You need to “continue i need It And Fast im Getting bored reading The Saga For The 12th time and I Not kidding!!!!!!!!

    -Luna Age 14

  234. jessie

    hi stephinie i am like in love with your books i have read them oveer 10 times so yeah it rocks alot and i cant wait for midnight sun to come out ill wait till its published 🙂 :L 😛 XD i can not wait ur biggest fan

  235. bri

    plz plz plzzzzz!!!!! write midnoght sun im begging i have NOTHING to read and my mom says she wont buy me the books plz plz plz plllzzzzz!!!!!!!!! start writnig it again

  236. bri

    HI im 11 read all the books and NEEDS TO KNOW MORE OR WILL DIE!!!! plz plz plz Stephine read this look at what ur fans want and PLZ LISTEN TO THEM IM BEGGING!
    i have nothing to read and wont go to harry potter cant turn my back on twilight i want twilight everything but i cant to much money STEPHINE LISTEN TO UR FANS START WRITING IT AGAIN PLZ!!!!

  237. Ulil (Indonesia)

    I’ve read Twilight Saga for twice times and it’s now the third times. i even watch the movie for more than 10 times. don’t know why… but these books are the most interesting books. i love it very much.

    one day i tried to find another Stephanie Mayer’s book and i found her website. i thought Midnightsun already published so i tried where i can found that book via internet. but I’m surprise when i read Stephanie’s article. i download the Midnigntsun draft to know the story… to be honest i like it and i love it. i hope Stephanie can continue to write it… i really – really want to read it until the end…. PLEASE TELL HER “DON’T GIVE UP… ALL HER FANS ARE WAITING FOR THE STORY……”

  238. Alicia

    o my gosh i luv the twilight series i read new moon in half a day and 3 hours !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!my FAVORITE IZ BREAKING DAWN IM A REALLY FAST READER WELL ANYWAYS THANK YOU SO MUCH 4 THE TWILIGHT SERIES…………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND THE WAY YOU DESCRIBE THE EMOTION,MOVEMENTS,ITS LIKE YOU PAINT A PICTURE AND IM THERE WATCHING IT. ………….ITS INTENSE I CRYED SO HARD I COULD FEEI THE BALL IN MY THROAT ……………YEA WELL THANX ……..AGAIN IM ALICIA AND IM TWELVE GOING ON 13 MY BDAY IZ DECEMBER 10

  239. virginia powell

    I’am 30 years old and was not at all interested in twilight until my husband suggested watching it at first I thought not another vampire movie, but almost immediately after the movie started I was frozen could not stop watching it, when it was over I wanted more, I never heard of twilight or any of the books in the saga until after I could not stop talking about and I was told about the 4 books I went right out bought all 4 books on a tuesday and by sunday was already rereading them I was crying upset happy elated and needed more, I just read Midnight sun and I always wanted Edward’s perspective and I just hope that you can please forget about those who wronged you and please finish, it sounds crazy but I need this!! You are by far my favorite author and not just because of the characters but because it seems so real please finish for us all and keep the saga alive!!

  240. Luvie1990

    i read all 4 books in 1 week nd i have read the midnight sun draft. SHE HAS TO FINISH/PUBLISH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  241. Katiiie.

    STEPHANIE MEYER! i love the books in the twilight saga. i know midnight sun is just TWILIGHT in edward’s point of view but you still have publish it! it will mean a lot to us fans of twilight and if you dont we will be very sadd! i hope i dont have to write a persuasive essay to make you continue writing it, haha. well please stephanie meyer, dont make us miss out on the wonderful 5th book of the TWILIGHT SAGA<333.

    thanks so muchh! we all love you!

  242. aneesah

    hey stehanie! i am 11 and am one of ur number 1 fans and i absaloutely love twilight! its so cool and i really realy want you to finish midnight sun and carry on writing it till the end of the books ( uptill breaking dawn). please please please finish it and by the way you are my favourite author! xxx

  243. Jessie

    i absolutly think you should continue with the stories but instead of just midnight sun i think you should do all the books that you wrote in bellas perspective in edwards perspective but as i was saying before you CANNOT stop wrighting midnight sun because i read the first 263 pages in 2 days thats how much i love those books they have me totally addicted

  244. olivia

    damn it srry 4 the language but i just want to read the first 12 chapters i heard and know 4 a fact it has been leaked and if ur out there post it and make sure it can be printed

  245. peter

    dont know about this novel, but i recomend to anyone who can to go and witness nature at all its glory and see the actual midnight sun

  246. tiffanie cullen :]

    love the books :]
    edwards hott& i was i were a vampire, i truly so, but im not oone of the crazy obsesive type lol, i really wanna meet edward tho <3

  247. Rachel

    Hey Steph! Don’t give up that easily! I’m sure you’re hurting because of what happened but you gotta move on! Plus if you don’t finish it your letting down thousands of people! Seriously! You must have at least that many fans and it would suck if you stopped now since you obviously already got the first 12 chapters and plus theres probrably already a whole lot of people waiting for the book!

    And BTW when I write my book I’m not leaking anything!!!!

  248. Cyndi DeBolt

    Stephanie Meyer,

    I live in Arizona, 20 year old college student at a community college; and I LOVE Twilight, Eclipse is probably my favorite because of the insight into Jasper’s past. But Breaking Dawn is no doubt a masterpiece. I have read the first few chapters off your website and I am in awe at the complete mouth watering, heart throbbing perfection that Midnight Sun has already taken. I urge you to put what happened with the transcript leak behind you and finish the novel. You are a pheominal author and deserve your recognition.

    Thank you so much Steph for the wonder you have placed on this planet!

  249. Ashlee Roberts

    Hey I am sorry about what happend but I love your books and wish that you would finish it. I hated reading utill my friends told me about you and know all I want to do is read the books that you wright! I mean that I love your books and as your fan wish that you would finish it. If you see it not fit to finish a grate book that is up to you but your fans want you to!

  250. Shrurti

    I m a fan of twilight series and i got to know about this series only 3 months ago when i saw twilight movie. Till today i have read the whole series i.e. all the 4 books minimum 15 times with my studies and work and i have also read the midnight sun partial pdf i.e. nearly 5 times coz i got to know about it a month back. The news that Ms. Stephenie Meyer has stopped writing midnight sun is a real bad news for me coz this book give me peace of mind and i really like this book i start it again n again even i love to watch this movie even it not even half of the book bt still i like it. I just want to request Ms. Stephenie Meyer to plz cont. it and complete it. It is totally on her when she feels to complete it bt don’t put an end to it without completing it. PLZ PLZ PLZ.

  251. Shruti

    I would like to thank Stephenie Meyer for the novels and request her to finish the other 4 parts in Edward’s view n i m really sorry for the leak out.

  252. allison purcell

    plz plz plz tell stephenie not to stop writing her book i hate reading but when i read her books i just cant stop and now that i read all of her books at least 3 times i want more but i exspeacially want TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean who wouldnt
    i <3 stephenie meyer

  253. Rachel the lover of twilight

    Stephenie PLEASE PLEASE PLAESE PLAESE make midnight sun i am begging u i LOVE THEM i cant live without them i am 11 years old and i have read all the books in 1 week i need the books!! u have been a inspiration to me
    i hope to be a writer too! i love reading and this is by far my favorite book
    i just LOVE THEM!!if i don’t finish i will probably never read that fast again i know every line in the whole twilight book because i loved it so much and there was no more books i read them all i read twilight 10 times
    i am NOT kidding please make more
    for a person who is inspired by u and wishes to be just like u please make more u are very talented and u should use that talent to make more books and i am sure u will enjoy everything u write i know u do
    and i have not even read midnight sun cause i really want the book to come out and that will just spoil it reading the first half of the book
    please please please Finnish the book i am counting on u ur number 1 fan

    Rachel 😀

    ps i loved the twilight movie!

  254. emma

    i know that i am only 11 but u need 2 finish m.s because it seems so interesting
    please plese please please please finish i begging u

  255. Tired of it

    Why is everyone BEGGING for her to release this book? I think its a damn shame that she would do this to the fans of Twilight, because someone was stupid enough to put out Midnite Sun without her permission! She is punishing everyone else for one persons mistake! Personnaly I think she is being a selfish brat! Im not going to sugar coat how I feel about it, in hopes that she reads all of Twilights fans comments. Honestly if it wasnt for the people that loved the Twilight series she wouldnt be where she is today! So get off the pot Stephanie Meyer and give what your fans are hungry for! PUBLISH MIDNITE SUN ALREADY!

  256. Allison

    Steph, i know alot has happened but u hav 2 finish it and i’ll give u the reasons. 1.u’ve written 12 chapters and u might as well finish it. 2. think about this, everyone loves it and i know wat happened 2 u was tough but think about the reason y ur known is cause of ur fans, the people who adore u and ur books, the people who got u here 2day. plz at least think about it

  257. chandler

    i love and obsess over all the twilight series books , and i honestly like Edward’s side better.Sure i love kissing him through Bella’s POV but his thoughts and feelings are SOOO much more intens . I wish the leaked draft had made it to the meadow though… If it was only the meadow scene and nothing else I would be content and leave her alone until it was published(which she said she plans to do on her website) becauls who doesn’t love the meadow? IF ANY ONE CAN FIND THE MEADOW CHAPTER PLEASE TRY TO GET IT ON THE WEB!!!!I DESPRETLY WANT TO READ IT!!!

  258. chandler

    i love and obsess over all the twilight series books , and i honestly like Edward’s side better.Sure i love kissing him through Bella’s POV but his thoughts and feelings are SOOO much more intens . I wish the leaked draft had made it to the meadow though… If it was only the meadow scene and nothing else I would be content and leave her alone until it was published(which she said she plans to do on her website) becauls who doesn’t love the meadow? IF ANY ONE CAN FIND THE MEADOW CHAPTER PLEASE TRY TO GET IT ON THE WEB!!!!I DESPRETLY WANT TO READ IT!!!

  259. chandler

    oh and all u twilight fans out there don’t forget that no matter how much people tease u about being obsessed STEPHANIE MYER AND ALL THE BOOKS SHE’S WRITTEN ARE AN INSPIRATION and u shouldn’ t be ashmed 2 have goood taste in books…

  260. Twilight Fanatic Dest

    I absouletly loveee this book I have read the draft and the Twilight books more times than I can count. LOL I read Twilight at least 3 or 4 times in three or 4 days. Yeah ppl probably won’t believe me but o well they can keep there comments to themselves. I’m actually twelve and I am quite smart for my age. I would probably die if I would not have read this book. My older cousins had to read it before me which made me horribly mad!

  261. katherin!!tenorio

    im a Twilight Fan i read all the Twilght,New Moon,Eclipse,and Breaking Dawn 🙂
    theey are very good books 🙂 and made me wanna live forever as a vampire 🙂 i really reallly really want to read Midnight Sun!!:)!! please Stephanie Meyer!! please continue the book!!!! i dont want the lame unfished version on the internet i want the full edit version!!!please!!!!!!!FINISH IT!!!!!

  262. Erin Sharise

    Stephanie ,

    We all loved your draft! I am so sorry that someone did that to you and I understand wanting to take some time. I ,myself, love to write and know what it is like to have someone steal from me. Only difference is you still got the credit and everyone loves you and your writing! I love all the Twilight series and The Host. Please write the rest of the story because your true fans need you and you have given so much. Don’t let that person take everything from you! Show this person that you can still go on. And, thank you so much for what you have done.We,I, appreciate it.
    P.S.Remember you are amazing and this is your work… so prove it and show everyone what you are.

  263. Patience

    To think a great book will be just plain wasted. She should just finish Midnight Sun and publish it, instead of driving her fans mad.
    And i’ve been told by over fifty people that Midnight Sun will not be published. It’s a shame really. I was looking forward to the book. And everyone can agree with me that WE want to read Edward’s perspective, mostly because Bella’s perspective left us…confused, because we didn’t understand Edward’s motives. So Stephanie Meyer should get Midnight Sun finished and published.
    And i would really love it if Stephanie would reply to this comment, but alast it is only a want.

    [email protected]

  264. Emily

    Hi, i am a BIG fan! can u plese get midnight sun published and released! i LOVE the series…plz!

  265. Brittney

    i think Stephine should finish Midnight Sun because i read the partial draft and i really wanted to know the medow scene from edwards perspective. I belive that she should finish the book not for self stisfaction of completing a series that we all want to read but to her faithful fans who really love her writing, and who are routing for her to finish. if she dosn’t finish and just gives us a partial draft i feel that more people will go looking for the illigal copy to see if it is finished more. truthfully i was debting myself. i decided not to and read and re-read the partial draft. even though i kind of know now whats going to happen i still read it to keep myself from searching for the illigal copy because i am a fan and i dont want to let you down so if you finish or even give us a clue that you are going to write again soon then that alone will give me satisfaction that i can hold on.

  266. Brittney

    I love the series. and i believe thaat she should not punish those of us who are her fans and help us understand why she said on hold when it feels more like cancalled. because of stephine i am as good a writer as i am she inspired me to write she is one of my major heros. having 3 sons and still able to write books and go to charity events and book signings. i want to be just like her someday. when i read her book i feel like i want to be there in Forks as one of the Cullens, or Bella. But to just leave us hanging like this is PURE TORTURE. i love you and still is one of your biggest fans, but i want to read the book so PLEASE publish it for Me, Us, your fans who bought your books that you wrote so addictivly.

  267. Gidget_Twilight Fan

    It just makes more sense to remember why you wanted to publish the “Twilight” Saga to begin with. Be it your fans, your want to share with others, or just to be published. They are all good reasons to begin with, so why stop now. I have never been “fanatical” about any book series before, but after reading “Twilight”, I have to say I finally understand. Now my down fall is the reason I wasn’t before. Dissatisfied. After reading Midnight Sun, I wish to finish. I do truly believe your fans ARE important to you, and as such their constant pleas should not be ignored. For our sakes please continue. We are not disappointed with what is done so far. Please continue to enthrall us with your ability. Sincerely. Unfanatical till now.

  268. ashley cullen

    ms.stephenie meyer.. i guess i have a fair idea of how u would be feeling with the unfortunate leak of midnight sun, and u have the full right to make ur own decision 2 complete ur book or not. bt what v fans r saying is that if u even have a faintest idea of how much v are craving for u 2 cmplete this book then how can u not do so?? plzz.. i dont know how this comment is going to affect u but if by any chance u happen to read this then it’s a fair requst that plzzzzzz do complete your book.. i’m 13 but what matters is that i used 2 hate reading novels but the reviews and appreciation i always heard about our book twilight, i guess i just HAD to read it.. u have inspired me and i guess a lot more fans of yours in many ways so plzz do complete our ‘midnight sun’… waiting!!!


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