I couldn’t live blog, as there were some technical issues, but I’ve written my thoughts on Sen. John McCain’s speech tonight, below.‚  Let me know what you thought in the comments section.

Have to say though, again, a lot of things said about the Obama campaign that are simply untrue.

Same was true when the dems were speaking about McCain.‚  Look for a reaction, like the one from Biden to Palin today, later this week.

Biden, today, called Palin out on the ‘smears’ from her speech last night, and said she has “no substance.”‚  He also basically said, that in the debates, he will not stoop to her level and simply attack the opposing party and opponent.‚  He will answer the questions respectfully, responsibly, and outline clear plans for the future.

Talk about being the bigger man.

So here are my thoughts on what was said by McCain.

But before that, just for those who don’t know, delegates from all states agreed, beforehand, to chant “USA!” throughout the speech to drown out protesters.‚  As John Guilfoil posted earlier on the blog, cameras caught what viewers didn’t hear.

First, I don’t think it’s ever been more apparent the differences between the two parties.‚  I didn’t, along with many Americans, really think they were AS different as they were being portrayed, but by the end of McCain’s first paragraph, each end of the political spectrum seemed to grow in length, farther and farther from each other.

This speech was good, republicans will love it, like they will Palin’s speech.‚  Personally, I think it could have been better.‚  The best thing he said, which I think maybe Obama could have emphasized more (but who am I to tell Obama anything about speaking), was that he would reach across party lines, and have the government think as Americans, not republicans or democrats.

He showed a genuine love for his country, like Obama did, he showed he cares for his country and it’s people.‚  He used personal stories of people he met, and personal stories of his experiences in Vietnam.‚  These were especially emotional words for both McCain and the audience.

This speech was so detailed, as a recreation, mental for all viewers, of his time in Vietnam.‚  He went deep into his time there, as a prisoner.‚  He basically said, he was a fighter there, and he will be a fighter here.

In that way, the speech was great.‚  But at times, it faded.

McCain, as we all know, isn’t the greatest rhetorician, he isn’t a good orator, but his ideals (personal) are to both republicans and democrats, solid.

He has served the country with great bravery and breadth, however, he showed tonight, by not offering enough solutions for the dwindling economy, bad health care and equal pay for equal work, that just because he has served, doesn’t automatically mean citizens SHOULD vote for him.‚  He has to EARN votes, and that’s something his party knows, but isn’t doing as well as they’d hoped.

His speech, the part about the actual policies of his campaign, was pretty much non-existent.‚  He said he wants people to believe in him, since the republicans have lost credibility in the U.S. under dubya.‚  He said, in essence, if Americans can’t believe in his thirst and eye for change, that they will lose.

He’s right.‚  But trying to make this into a publicity contest won’t work.‚  Just in case he forgot, he’s up against Barack Obama, the newest and most popular major politician of the modern age.

If he wants to make it about who can change more, he’ll lose.‚  If he makes it about who has a better back story and experience, he’ll win.

McCain started out strong, letting all know of his history, but took barely any time explaining his future. Try to remember a few policy promises he made.‚  It’s hard, I know.

We’ll see how democrats respond to some of the things said about Obama, many contradictory to what Obama himself has said he has planned for the nation.

At the end of the speech, McCain, Palin, her husband and Mrs. McCain stood on the podium together.‚  Here, there was a huge difference from what we saw at the DNC.‚  At the DNC, and I am being free of, I think, bias here, I’m sure some republicans noticed it as well, that the Obamas and Bidens looked like one big family, genuinely happy, hopeful and ready to change not only America, but the World.

Tonight, As the McCains and Palins stood together, without their children, they looked like politicians, like republicans—like people.‚  They looked ordinary, which is good, but not at that time.

Being a regular American, being able to connect is important. But after giving a speech to the nation, you have to look perfect.‚  You want people to idealize you, because these people, you want them to put their faith in this country and the lives of their families and friends, in your hands.

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Sachin Seth is the Blast Magazine world news reporter. He writes the Terra blog. You can visit his website at http://sachinseth.com or follow him on twitter @sachinseth

5 Responses

  1. Sarah

    Are you kidding me? Apparently you didn’t listen to the speech because you were too busy writing this propaganda. Good Luck in november

  2. Ivan

    This is the end of the WASP, narrow-minded, exclusive, good’ole boy GOP. America is a different place today; no country for old men. Game over!!!Republicans will never win another election in our lifetime. Tick: tock…

  3. Jeni Hendrix

    Both the speech and the video collages seemed to put too much concentration on America’s past, and not enough on America’s future.

    But at least McCain’s speech didn’t completely distort the truth like Palin’s speech. I personally still can’t get over Palin’s pretentious comment against community organizers. Without community organizers, we wouldn’t have communities! Period!

    Obama graduated from Harvard Law, as editor of Law Review, and decided to take a $10,000 job, to work with churches and help people who lost their jobs as steel mills and factories shut down all over Chicago.

    To put down community organizing is just plain disrespectful to a large group of people who work 60+ hours a week to make sure everyone’s got food on their tables and people are able to take care of their families.

  4. Sachin Seth

    Jeni Hendrix, I agree. Palin’s speech was captivating, but for some wrong reasons. She attacked Obama on a level that was classic low-blow politics. Also, I don’t know if you saw, but Giuliani insulting Obama’s history as a community organizer was simply degrading.

    Thanks for reading.

  5. Patrick Pegher

    As a patriotic American, I hope and pray that Obama wins this election by a landslide. For all our sake, educate yourselves on the issues and about the candidates. You will find that there is simply no comparison and Barack Obama is the clear choice if you want a better America, or any America at all. I cannot emphasize enough how dangerous John McCain, Sarah Palin, Cindy McCain, and Todd Palin are to the future of this country. We are now witnessing the culmination of almost 30 years of the Republican Party destroying this country for the benefit of the few at the top. Anyone who thinks John McCain is any different has not educated themselves on the issues or candidates. I do not want a bomber in the Whitehouse who makes knee-jerk decisions. I do not want alaskan anarchists runing the federal government. These people are fascists by every definition of the word. Lastly, I don’t want my elected representatives taking their cues from witch hunters.


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