I just saw, on CNN, some guy holding a black sign saying “You can’t win an occupation” during John McCain’s speech at the Republican National Convention.

Anyone else see that? Anyone capture it on video/screen grab?

Security also threw out a protester in a pink dress after someone ripped a sign out of her hands.

McCain rolled well with the punches: “ignore the static and background noise.”

I dunno, folks. There’s a time and a place for this, and there are some legitimate gripes to hear heard. But let the man speak.

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  1. kay bay

    Yes… there was also another sign stating that “McCain is against Veterans” and a lady’s pink protest sign was snatched out of her hand

  2. alex

    all of the networks have. i’m watching on msnbc.com and it they’ve been showing all of the people protesting

  3. Agnostick

    I could be wrong, but I think we’re watching “pool video.” There’s a set of cameras at the convention, and they feed all the networks.

    I say this because I’m watching everything on C-SPAN, and I saw the protestor or two being hustled out of the arena.

    Besides… why *would* you watch it on CNN? Or Fox? Or any of the other networks, when you have the straight, unfiltered stuff on C-SPAN??


  4. pam

    i’m watching it on nbc because i don’t have cable to see it on cspan. i saw the protestors as well, 3 of them, 2 women and a man.

  5. beth smith

    And another that claimed “McCain votes against Veterans”. Now, I ain’t no McCain supporter, but I’m worried that it could backfire if people see them as bullying McCain on his “big night”. I mean, this 72 year old dude’s been wanting to go to this prom for a LONG time.

  6. rum821

    I’m flipping between Fox and MSNBC (for comparison’s sake) and I saw it too. I’m voting Obama, but I still find that sort of behavior disrespectful. It’s just giving people a reason to hate liberals….

  7. Michele

    Yeah, PBS showed a guy in the balcony with a McCain Doesn’t Support Vets sign, and what appeared to be a woman was removed from the main floor.

    Not sure if the balcony guy was removed–he was shown later, after holding his sign, making peace signs with both hands (same thing the woman on the floor did as she was being removed).

  8. me

    yes, indeed. the shirt said “iraq veterans against the war”, a group that spawned off of veterans against the war.

  9. Dave M

    Static and Noise? Is that how you talk about Veterans and family members who have had loved ones die in the war? Classy!

  10. Jim

    Interesting that none of the news channels are talking about the protest. Does not give creedence to the concept of a liberal press or even freedom from censorship.

  11. MJ

    i caught a glimpse of this….after reading all the comments… i agree that this wasn’t the place for the protesters, but i think it was funny!! can’t wait to see if something comes out of it!!

  12. Michael

    Liberals can’t stand the idea of letting someone else speak without attemping to interupt them. It’s a form of low-grade intellectual terrorism. Liberals can’t hold their own with conservatives, so they pull cheap and dissruptive stunts instead.

  13. Elisha

    A woman was thrown out last night during Palin’s speech as well. They seemed more agressive with her.

  14. John

    Indeed, the young man in the upper corner of the Target Center was an Iraq war veteran and a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War (http://www.ivaq.org). If you TIVO’ed the speech you’ll notice his U.S.M.C. tattoo on his left forearm.

    I found it an interesting moment when the crowd attemted to shout down the young man, being distracted from Sen. McCain’s speech, and then to hear them slowly quiet down as they realized they were boo’ing a war veteran. Talk about your awkward moments. Hard to honor service and ‘Support The Troops’ as you’re hauling one out of your event in handcuffs for holding up a sign.

  15. John

    Type… the IVAW site it http://www.ivaw.org. Thanks.

    And Michael, what us liberals can’t stand is people who put ‘Support The Troops’ bumper stickers on thier cars while they tell those of us who served to ‘shut up’ any time we try to speak out about this aweful war.

    Representatives of IVAW were recieved by the Obama campaign in Denver when they marched to the event and asked to meet with his staff. In Minneapolis this week, when the group marched up to the Target Center, the McCain campaign had the veterans escorted off the premices.

    When the doors are closed, we sometimes need to get your attention a bit so you can hear the message.

  16. Holly

    Hey Michael…. don’t you ever watch Fox news? They are the worst about not letting the other side speak. Surely you have seen Bill O’reily… BTW …Intellectual Terrorism??? You’re a douche bag!!

  17. Ashley

    No Holly, I’m pretty sure you’re the douche bag. You didn’t see any conservatives trying to ruin Obama’s night when he was giving his acceptance address. McCain has fought long and hard to be where he was last night, and he deserved the respect of others- no matter if they agree with his political agenda or not. Protest outside of the arena, protest in Washington, protest in Arizona in his neighborhood for all I care- but have the decency to let the man speak on his big night

  18. Jeff

    I’m guessing the same thing would have happened had the protest happened at Obama’s speech. Surely it’s standard security protocol.

    As for the name calling, grow up.

  19. Don

    How is it that a young male protestor wearing a t-shirt, sporting tattoos and carrying what must have been a 4ft long cardboard banner manages to get past a phalanx of riot police outside, convention security inside and into a building full of a sea of security conscious Republicans, post-911 paranoia and people who have Secret Service details? Or was it just convenient to let someone in to serve as a foil for McCain’s “ground noise and static” comment that felt more canned than Chef Boyardee? Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.


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