As I sit here and watch the first football game of the season, I’m hoping for a Skins victory and an embarrassing loss for the Giants. I’m waiting for the comeback as it’s currently 16-7 Giants in the 3rd. But more than I’m wishing for a game one loss for the team that stole our perfect season, I am wishing for Sunday. On Sunday it’s official. Fire up the grill and put on that blue jersey because the New England Patriots are back for 2008.

At the beginning of any season, fans have questions. Sometimes they are questions out of concern and sometimes they are questions out of excitement and most of the time they are purely questions out of curiosity.

Well, I have some questions and here they are: my five questions heading in to the new season.

Q: Is Brady really hurt? If he is or is unable to play, who would fill his shoes?

No, Brady isn’t hurt. Blunt? Maybe. True? Yes. Coach Belichick loves to win. We witnessed this in the infamous Spygate scandal and I think that he might do just about anything to win. But what is the one thing that Coach B. just doesn’t care about winning? Preseason games. Brady not playing preseason games shouldn’t shock anyone. What would shock me and the rest of the football community is if he didn’t suit up against the Chiefs.

Brady has been on the injury report every week since the 2005 Super Bowl. Belichick doesn’t believe in injury reports and loves to spite just about everyone by placing the perfectly healthy superstar on the list. This week is the first time since that 2005 Super Bowl that Brady hasn’t been on the list. I mean, either Belichick is playing minds games or he knows without a fraction of a doubt that Brady will be on the field.

But let’s just say that he doesn’t play. Who would fill his shoes? I think they would go with Cassel. They always do. And then he gets picked off and fans curse the television. If I were wearing the grey hoodie, I might just put in the rookie. O’Connell may be new, but at least he is fresh. But I suspect that this question won’t have to be answered.

Q: The AFC East has undergone a serious facelift over the offseason. Will this plastic surgery affect the juggernaut Pats?

A: Oh yeah. Favre, an all time great, is leading the Jets, the Dolphins have been redesigned by Parcells and the Bills- well the cold weather is always tough. Changes have made the division more complicated and in my opinion there are no longer any definite win games, games that we may have counted on in the past.

Q: Asante Samuel is with the Eagles and Ellis Hobbs is our strongest cornerback. Should I be nervous?

A: Sometimes it hard to get nervous when you’re a Pats fan. I think we may have been brainwashed into thinking that if we have a weak spot in the roster- the coaches have a secret plan which will leave us dumbfounded but happy when it all works out. This leaves us believing that we have no flaws. Some see it as cockiness, but I swear we are just sipping the Belichick Kool Aid.

But yes, my friend, the cornerback spot seems weak. Hobbs has been in the league for four years, but lacks the size and the experience of many other league cornerbacks. Here are our other CBs: Lewis Sanders, Terrence Wheatley, Jonathon Wilhite and the newly added Deltha O’Neal. Yep- there seem to be no go-to guys. No interception machines and big play guys like Samuel. What can you do? Watch and see. Just don’t stop sipping the juice.

Q: The Giants exploited the Pats’ offensive line during the Bowl last year. Can the line continue to give Brady the time he needs?

A: Yes. The Giants tore us apart- that’s hard to type– but the line still has it. With players such as Light, Koppen and Kaczur, I feel confident to say they will continue to block the way they always have. Brady is known for having time and I think it will stay that way. Let’s hope that injuries don’t plague us: O’Neal is currently on the PUP list.

Q: The Pats signed veteran safety John Lynch only to drop him less than two weeks later. What?!?!

A: The Patriots are the team where players come to prove themselves. No, I’m (Junior Seau) not too old. No, I’m (Randy Moss) not washed up. Here’s Belichick’s statement:

“It goes without saying, but John is an all-time great safety, one of the league’s classiest professionals and his elite play speaks for itself. As has been the case in other situations, I would not rule anything out down the road.”

Yeah, he’s coming back…

Those are my questions and my answers. Now, here is the biggest question of all: Are YOU ready for some football?

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Casey Ramsdell is The Girl in the Huddle and a Blast Magazine staff writer

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  1. David

    Good work with the blog so far. I would like to see maybe you branch out of the boston area to make it relevant for other readers but great job so far.

  2. GITH

    Thanks David! My blog is going to be focusing on New England sports- but I will definitley be discussing other teams as they are revelevant to the Boston sports scene.


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