Make sure to follow along tonight as I live blog the highly anticipated speech of GOP VP candidate Gov. Sarah Palin.‚  She has garnered a lot of negative media attention since her inclusion in the campaign, so it will be interesting to see how she validates herself as the VP candidate.

Last night, Sen. John McCain was endorsed by Sen. Joe Lieberman, President George Bush and Former Sen. Fred Thompson.‚  All named McCain as the right choice for office and tried to assure republicans and Americans that he is ready to lead.

Tonight, Palin will try to establish her place on the ticket.‚  She will try to reassure everyone that McCain’s choice was a wise one, and she may address some negative comments that have been made about her, her abilities, her past and her family.‚  The latter may not happen though, she may steer clear of that.

She will definitely talk about how she’s shaken up Alaskan politics, uncovering corruption and putting “country first,” or in her case, state first.

Make sure you join me tonight.‚  Palin is scheduled to hit the podium around 10:30 PM.

10:30 PM

Palin hits the stage.

10:32 PM

Palin accepts nomination for GOP VP.

10:34 PM

Palin launches into a speech about McCain, praising him, his resolve and his “sheer guts.”

10:36 PM

She mentions his service, and his approval and support of the troops in Iraq.‚  She supports his position because her son is in the military, about to go to Iraq.‚  Her nephew is serving in the Persian Gulf.

10:38 PM

Well, I guess she does want to talk about her family.‚  I think it’s wise that she’s decided to do that.‚  She’s connecting with middle-class America, saying that her family goes through the same hardships as every other American family, so she knows what it’s like to deal with them.‚  She addresses families with children with special needs, saying that if they elect her, they have a personal representative in high government.

10:40 PM

She introduces her husband, who stands to introduce himself.‚  He receives a standing ovation…..

10:42 PM

She references her Alaskan citizens, saying they are some of the hardest working Americans in the country, of course, talking about herself as well.‚  “The difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull—lipstick.”‚  Funny.‚  Also shows she is savvy and gritty.‚  Look for more grittiness throughout the speech.

10:44 PM

References Obama’s old comment about how small town folk cling to guns and religion.‚  Says he talks one way to people’s faces, and another behind their backs.‚  Says John McCain will never do that.‚  He is the “same” man.‚  Funny, democrats say he’s the “same” man too…

10:46 PM

She references the media’s speculation that she is unqualified because she has no real Washington experience.‚  She says, “I’m not going to Washington to seek their good opinion, I’m going to Washington to serve the people of this great country.”‚  Basically, says she doesn’t need experience in Washington because she is going to change it.‚  Don’t you need to know something about what you plan to change?

10:48 PM

Palin is repeating a lot of the things she said when she was first introduced.‚  She talks about how she and the citizens of Alaska reformed the government and put it “back on the side of the people.”‚  She talks about her economy reform in Alaska, and how McCain says he will use vetoes as president if necessary.‚  She tells the audience that she has vetoed nearly half a billion in unnecessary spending in Alaska.

10:52 PM

She talks about the $40 billion pipeline that is being constructed, that will “lead America one step further away” from oil dependence on foreign nations.‚  She says that the U.S. should not draw from their strategic oil reserves, Obama wants to do that.‚  Some people int he crowd caught that reference.‚  She does not want the country to be at the “mercy of foreign suppliers.”

10:54 PM

She’s now referencing the oil situations in different countries, basically showing the audience she does know a little about foreign policy and what’s going on in the rest of the world, and that she isn’t just a sheltered Alaskan governor.

10:56 PM

Talks about keeping jobs in America.‚  She says that Obama has authored two books, but no reform.‚  References his celebrity status again.‚  That’s really not working anymore.‚  Basically says he thinks he has a God-like status, “turning back the waters and healing the planet.”

10:59 PM

She says Obama wants to raise taxes.‚  Not really, only for the highest 5% of the population.‚  He actually wants to lower them for 95% of the population.

11:00 PM

Says McCain uses his career to “promote change.”‚  She’s saying, basically, that Obama is all-talk, he’s just an orator and has no substance.‚  She says McCain has actually accomplished things.

11:03 PM

She says the “American presidency is not supposed to be a journey of personal discovery.”‚  The U.S., she says, does not just need an organizer.‚  Says there is only one man in this election that “has ever really fought for you.”‚  “That man is John McCain.”

11:05 PM

She references his past as P.O.W.‚  A journey from Hanoi to the White House.‚  References John McCain’s optimism during his torture, how he smiled while walking back after the treatments.

11:08 PM

She ends by saying that if it’s change you want, join us.

11:11 PM

McCain joins Palin’s family on stage. Asks the audience if they think he made a good choice.‚  He’s already making me sleepy.

That’s it from the RNC.

Her speech was good, she took countless shots at Obama, part of what people wanted to hear.‚  She talked about herself a little, but all she said, we’ve heard before.‚  It leaves people thinking that, what we’ve heard that she’s done, is all she’s really done, that’s all her experience, and that will be a problem for many non-hardcore republicans.

She talked about, for the majority of the speech, John McCain’s goals, ambitions, and what he will accomplish as president.‚  She took more shots at Obama than many of the other speakers combined.‚  She is gritty, republicans will love her after this speech.

Not much talk about the economy or jobs in America.‚  A little, but not a lot.

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  1. Brian Woods

    I can not understand why all of our potential leaders will not address the concept of accountability. Given the fact that over the last eight years our constitution has been obliterated at the whim of our presidents need to control what is important to anything other than what is sacred to the people of the United States of America.
    Accountability, regardless of position in the government, needs to be a fundamental expectation of all the citizens of this great country. Is there anyone that will hold any politician accountable for anything, or has the system grown into something that is so absolutly self protective , that everyone is above reproach?


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