Seventeen-year-old Bristol Palin, daughter of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, is pregnant, media learned today in a statement issued by the presidential campaign of Senator John McCain.

Bristol plans to marry the father of her child. She is reportedly five months along.

In a public statement, Palin and her husband said, “Our beautiful daughter Bristol came to us with news that as parents we knew would make her grow up faster than we had ever planned. We are proud of if Bristol’s decision to have her baby, and even prouder to become grandparents.”

Gov. Palin, during her campaign for Alaska governor, supported abstinence-only education in schools. In 2006, she wrote in a conservative group questionnaire, “explicit sex-ed programs will not find my support.”

The information was released in efforts to control rumors that claim Palin’s four month-old daughter, who has Down Syndrome, is actually Bristol Palin’s child.

Senator John McCain said he knew Palin’s daughter was pregnant before he tapped Palin as his VP.

Senator Barack Obama recently told media he thinks that this will have no effect on Palin’s political career and “people’s children are especially off-limits,” when it comes to politics and the media’s coverage.

Obama’s mother was 18-years-old when he was born.

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  1. God Fearing

    If God wanted teenagers to not have babies, he wouldn’t have made them horny, lacking judgment, and fertile. So what if abstinence-only doesn’t work; stop fighting the culture of life. Mary had Jesus when she was only 14. What more important thing are young girls supposed to be doing than having babies? Congratulations to Gov. Palin for raising her children with proper Christian values.

  2. Jimbo

    I think I’ve found the father… from all the things that have been hinted about him, this looks promising that this is in fact him. You can google the name and wasilla and see the other info.

    If this really is him, it really makes me wonder how all Palin is a “hunter”, yet everyone around her seems to has been nabbed for poaching (ie: her father). Real hunters don’t poach, we despise poachers.

    Location: Moose Creek
    Case Number: 07-59870
    Type: Sport Fishing in Closed Waters & Snagging King Salmon
    Text: On 7-15-07 Levi Johnston 17 YOA, of Wasilla, AK was cited by
    Alaska Wildlife Troopers for snagging a king salmon in the waters of
    Moose Creek which was closed to king salmon fishing. Bail was set at
    $370 in the Palmer
    District Court.
    Author: DGG1

    Other possibilities due to age, name and locale (although the person mentioned above fits the circumstantial hints dropped):

    levi dickinson
    levi wallner
    levi johnson

  3. erik

    This is cr@p never the less.. has no place in politics and could have easily been avoided… Kick this ticket to the curb like it belongs.. White House not White Trash… Vice President not a mom… I dont want hypocrites running the white house anymore period.. the funny thing is she wont have time to be a hypocrite, VP, and mom all at the same time with her “Family Values”… I wonder which she will pick.. this woman is stepping out this week you can count on that

  4. erik

    To God Fearing,
    Could you ask god why my house is worth 15 % less than when I bought it please…. Could you ask god why two companies that represent almost 5 trillion dollars in homes credit wise are going belly up… Could you ask God why as a nation we a trillions in debt after 8 years… Thanks and be sure to let me know what he says

  5. God Fearing

    Looks like He is moving in mysterious ways again. Any idea what did you do to piss Him off?

  6. RonDakota

    Well Jimbo you have found something I did not find. I have been scouring the web to try and find something on Levi Wallner. All I see are mentions by media…what media?…that Lvei Johnston and Wallner are one in the same. Levi Wallner of Wasilla was arrested for minor in possession and was issued a citation for not wearing a seatbelt. I also find that there is a certain AK state trooper with the last name of Wallner in the Wasilla area. Leonard…Levi….makes sense to name your kid with the same letter. If these Levi’s are one in the same then it makes sense that they would want to cover up his scrapes with the law. Both Wallner and Johnston were listed as 18.
    My “take” is that Wallner is the correct name and they decided to rename this brat to protect him and his possible daddy from the media. But watch out for Campbell Brown! That sexxxy face has some pit bull iipstick on it too I am sure!

  7. RonDakota

    News release….pass it on

    “Jesus was a community organizer…..Pontias Pilate was a governor”

  8. Julie

    I know for a fact that Levi Wallner IS indeed the son of Leonard Wallner, the Alaska State Trooper. His name was busted long before Levi brought it down,as his other son Isiah is in prison for murdering his wife in May 2002 in front of 2 small children.Search it and find out for yourselves.
    Search: Brenda Lee Wallner

  9. william mcleod

    levi wallner from wasilla alaska has been one of my best friends for about 6 years and i assure you he is not Palin’s babys daddy. it IS funny though..

  10. Levi Wallner

    alright guys this is ridiculous. my name is levi wallner and i thought it would be funny to check an see what the world is saying about me. although i got on here and i see a whole bunch of different rumors about my life. levi johnson is a real person, cant say i like em too much, but atleast hes goin to take care of the kid. and im asking respectfully, please dont talk about my brother. what he did was wrong, but hes still my brother. i dont think any of you would like to see america talking trash about your family. if ya have any questions, i really dont mind answering. my emails [email protected]. once again, I AM NOT THE FATHER!!!


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