Have you ever been on a date and caught a glimpse of yourself in your glass of water?‚ 

You hope it’s the condensation that’s making your reflection look like you left the gym locker room, but no.‚  You’re forehead is glistening with perspiration.

Dermelect Cosmeceuticals’ Pore-Revolution-T-zone -Mattifier might be the solution you’re looking for. This beauty treatment is safe for all skin types, and a small dab of the silky cream applied to your forehead and nose, and any other areas that are prone to shine, should do the trick (Experts say to use your ring finger when applying, as this appendage has the gentlest touch). The salicylic acid in the cream stimulates the pores and, at the same time, cooling reliefs like willow leaf oil soothe the skin.‚  The thin cream dries faster than your first coat of mascara, so there will be no remnants of residue.

The odorless product also works to tighten your pores and refine your skin.‚  Stop the shine and go through your day with confidance forever more.

Other products available at www.dermelect.com include Dermelect Cosmeceuticals’ Detoxifying Oxygen Facial Commisson.‚  This facial cleanser is designed to awaken the skin with just a dime-sized squirt in the morning. Its natural ingredients, including soy protein and licorice extract, are gentle and soothing to the skin, and the cleanser releases oxygen molecules that instantaneously detoxify the unwanted dirt and residue in your pores.‚  This product, which was formulated by medical professionals and licensed estheticians, can additionally be used as a quick and easy makeup remover in the evening.

For more information or to purchase, please visit www.dermelect.com.

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