Live blogging Senator Hillary Clinton’s address at the DNC in Denver’s Pepsi Center:

10:03 PM:

Governor Mark Warner just concluded his keynote address. Well delivered, kind of boring, seemed like he was trying a bit to hard to preach. So far a lot of the night has been about bashing John McCain. Most speakers have reinforced what Senator Barack Obama has said in his many public addresses. The speakers are preaching unity, but none will do it better than Clinton, who’s coming up soon. Dennis Kucinich’s arm flailing performance was especially entertaining. What I hope Clinton does is try–as she has been doing at smaller events–to reach out to her supporters and try to make them understand that a vote for Obama is a vote for the democrats as a whole.

10:11 PM

Also, it does seem like this speech is getting a lot more press and attention than I thought. The reason I am interested is because of what I hope she will say to help Senator Obama, mainly how she will say it. Many are excited just to see how she handles speaking at the DNC, where, earlier this year, she hoped she’d be in Obama’s shoes. A lot of attention toward this address, she will deliver, but how effective will it be? Will her speech inspire her supporters? Will she be able to convince everyone that everything she said about Obama during her campaign should now be ignored? We’ll see soon.

10:15 PM

CNN’s Anderson Cooper says there’s about 10 minutes until the speech. I’ll check in when she starts. Chelsea Clinton will introduce her mother, Bill Clinton is on hand.

10:35 PM

It’ll start soon, one of the few times Cooper’s been wrong I guess.

10:40 PM

A video about Clinton’s campaign. Historic in every right, groundbreaking and progressive. Chelsea Clinton narrates and appears in front of a standing ovation.

10:42 PM

Senator Clinton appears on stage. She receives a standing ovation of nearly two full minutes. A shot of Bill Clinton in the audience shows him tearing up at the sight of his wife receiving such a warm welcome. His eyes are filled with pride.

10:45 PM

“Whether you voted for me, or you voted for Barack, the time is now to unite as a single party with a single purpose.” She gets started right away. “We are on the same team.” Like I said, she tells everyone a vote for Barack is also a vote for the democrats and her as well.

10:47 PM

“No way, no how, no McCain.” New banners and t-shirts?

10:48 PM

She touches in with middle-class Americans. “Hard work…devotion to duty…love for your children and determination to keep going.” As she explains middle-class America, she explains the Clintons and the Obamas. Both have gone through all of that.

10:50 PM

“To my supporters, to my champions, to my sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you because you never gave in and you never gave up, and together we made history.” Talking about her campaign. Seems she got some of the unity talk out of the way at the beginning. She also pays tribute to two fallen democrats.

10:54 PM

A lot of personal talk so far. She’s telling her supporters that, if they vote for Obama, she’ll be there fighting for what she promised. And with him in office, that fight will be a lot less brutal and perhaps easy.

10:56 PM

Those are the reasons I ran for president, and those are the reasons I support Barack Obama for president.” There’s her connection. She’s now telling her supporters to now think of America, not her. To help struggling Americans, vote Obama.

10:58 PM

She’s talking about Obama’s platform. She connects Obama with middle-class America, he once was at he bottom, he’s made it to the top. He knows how to help others do it too.

11:00 PM

“I cannot wait to watch Barack Obama sign in to law a health care plan that covers every single American.” Basically this helps her too because if he misses any of this or somehow loses, she’ll be there in 2012.

11:02 PM

She offers her support and approval of Michelle Obama and Senator Joe Biden. Another attack on McCain, “we don’t need four more years of the last eight years.”

11:05 PM

She’s reaching out to women, urging them to vote democrat. Saying, I think, that this, her campaign, would never happen in the republican party. The democrats are progressive, they are moving forward, not standing still, “if you want a taste of freedom keep going.” She links the democrats with the groundbreaking work of Harriet Tubman.

11:07 PM

She ends with an urgency. Telling voters the time is now, don’t sit around, vote democrat and take this country back.

She pretty much nailed this speech. She could’ve talked more about Obama and unity, but I liked how she talked about her own views in the middle of the speech, and then asked voters if they were in the race for her or what she believes in, much the same of what Obama believes in.

That’s it from me and the DNC for tonight.

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2 Responses

  1. gail Huntley

    I am proud to have worked for Hillary’s campaign in Concord, NH. I was proud of her speech tonite, and I will never not believe she could have been a better president. Barrack is the lucky candidate whom has Hillary on his side. May they work together, bring together the democratic party for a victory in November!

  2. Howard

    D I S E N G E N U O U S N E S S …

    Everyone knows that Obama disrespected Bill Clinton …
    playing the race card on him, and trying to tarnish his
    record during the primaries … but, because of the
    disingenuous DNC, and Obama, and their putting party
    above country, and blackmailing the Clintons into
    supporting Obama … using their debt and Hillary’s
    future in politics as their leverage, the Clintons have been strong armed into supporting Obama. Why should a
    successful and respected two term President like
    Bill Clinton have to stoop to the ambitions of the far
    left DNC, and their upstart, empty suit candidate …
    while disingenuously pretending that everybody has
    kissed and made up??? Also, the PUMAS and other
    Hillary supporters have had to endure the same
    condescending disrespect from them as well. I say
    the DNC and Obama made their bed, so let them lie
    in it … they deserve nothing more.


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