Whether you are an obsessed Twilighter or a hater, these are absolutely hilarious, and we pay homage to the creative minds from Chicago’s Evil Iguana Productions, the same guys that spoofed 24 and Aquaman.

Twilight spoof cast:

Directed and Edited By Craig Deering

Edward- Allen Murphy
Bella- Robin Andrews
James- Craig Deering
Laurent- Eric Mercado
Victoria- Lauren Schwab
Emmett- Dan Drake
Charlie- Joe Korble
Hot Girl- Katie Larsen
Victim- Mike Guarino

Special Thanks To:
Veronica Zikmund
Tim Crawford
Monnie Aleahmad

Music Taken From “The Fountain” and “Harry Potter”

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  1. Katie

    Holy schizzle!!!! I was being an obsessed fangirl looking at their youtube account and freewebs, so I read this article and i love u allen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Veronica

    I love all their stuff, they rock!!!
    I can’t wait for the interview they deserve it. All their hard work finally pays off.

  3. gulsch92

    they are truly amazing! they are so professional and funny!

    wish I would make such a good videos….. or even with these guys xD


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