Senator Edward Kennedy pledged, in a captivating speech earlier tonight, that he would see Barack Obama in the White House, as well as himself back in the Senate.

The ailing senator has endorsed Obama for many months, before he won the democratic nomination. He campaigned with Obama for a while before suffering a seizure that led to the discovery of his brain cancer.

Kennedy’s promise is a bold one, but the optimism is no doubt necessary for all democrats; the road to the White House will now be even harder for Obama, but it is certainly doable.

As for his promise to return to the Senate, those on all parts of the political spectrum will surely support him in both his political and personal recovery.


Michelle Obama gives insight on her own life, speaking of the trials and tribulations of growing up and honoring the triumphs and sacrifices of her parents, ones made to help put her and her brother through college. She connects that with Mr. Obama’s upbringing, citing both of their beliefs in honesty and hard work.

She quotes something Mr. Obama said to her earlier on, of the difference between “the world as it is, and the world as it should be.” He said, “all too often we accept the difference between the two and we accept the world as it is…we have an obligation to fight for the world as it should be.”

Mrs. Obama talks about servicemen and women, and cites Senator Hillary Clinton as putting “those 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling” to help young female–and male–Americans succeed. She cites Senator Joe Biden as someone who never stops fighting for those who need help. Joe Biden rises in standing ovation for a comment about Mr. Obama.

Mrs. Obama highlights Mr. Obama’s beliefs, in ending the war in Iraq, on health care and the economy. She tells of how much he cares about the middle-class, seemingly trying to reinforce what their camp has been trying to tell the public, that he is not out of touch with mainstream America.

“The Barack Obama of today is the same man I fell in love with years ago.” She adds a story of how Mr. Obama brought her and their child, Malia, home from the hospital 10 years prior. Mrs. Obama is doing a wonderful job of infusing emotion and personal family affairs with politics, showing that their family is like any other. They are an ordinary American family with strong family values and great dreams for the country they love. No disconnect from middle-class America here.

Biden’s smiling. Great job by Mrs. Obama.

The Obama children make an appearance on stage with their mother, waving along toward the audience.

Mr. Obama appears on screen, his daughter, Sasha, yells out, “Hi daddy!” several times.

Mr. Obama has never looked more like a president than he does right now. I don’t know why, but it’s true. He’s connecting with his daughters on a personal level on international television.

Mr. Obama tells the audience he’s in St.Louis, his daughter, Sasha, then screams out, “Where are you daddy?” He corrects himself and says Kansas City. His daughters both scream, “I love you daddy!” as he leaves. What a lovable family.

That’s it from the Obama’s for tonight.

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