Michelle Obama has been described by many as a “firecracker.” Now when I hear that, I think of Teresa Heinz Kerry. A strong woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind, people act like that’s such a bad thing. To me? It’s inspiring.

She has a strong and respectable background, coming from a family with parents who wanted more for her and her brother, parents who worked hard for what they had and knew that they wanted more than that for their children. Michelle Obama has dedicated herself to her work, her community and her family. She is, what I would call, a very respectable woman.

Her speech was full of heartfelt anecdotes about her older brother and her late father as well as why she believed her husband was the best for the job of President of the United States. A speech that was unexpectedly emotional, moved many of the delegates on the floor of the convention hall to tears.

The most inspiring aspect of Michelle Obama is how well she believes in her husband. From the beginning she hadn’t been a big campaigner, however as the primaries progressed she spoke out in favor of her husband, and in favor of what she believed in – her husband leading America in a better direction and to a better future.

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