It was all “Tropic Thunder” for a second straight week as the riveting action comedy bested the sexy playboy flick, “House Bunny” by $1 million.

“Thunder” raked in $16.1 million last week, while “The Dark Knight” finally showed signs of ending its historic run, comng in fourth with $10.3 million.

The Fred Durst-directed “The Longshots” started its theater run in eighth with $4.3 million.

Here are the top 10 films of the week in North American box offices for the week beginning August 22.

1. Tropic Thunder: $16.1 million

2. (new) House Bunny: $15.1 million

3. (new) Death Race: $12.3 million

4. (-2) The Dark Knight: $10.3 million

5. (-2) Star Wars: The Clone Wars: $5.7 million

6. (-1) Pineapple Express: $5.6 million

7. (-3) Mirrors: $4.9 million

8. (new) The Longshots: $4.3 million

9. (-2) Mamma Mia!: $4.3 million

10. (-4) The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor $4.1 million

Domestic totals:

The Dark Knight: $489.2 million

Mamma Mia!: $124.5 million

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor: $93.8 million

Pineapple Express: $73.9 million

Tropic Thunder: $65.7 million

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: $25.0 million

Mirrors: $20.1 million

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