Barack Obama has confirmed, on his official website and through text message, that he has chosen Delaware Senator Joe Biden as his running mate for the 2008 presidential election.  Senator Obama will make an appearance in Illinois later today, with Senator Biden by his side.

The choice brings a much needed degree of experience and credibility to Obama’s campaign.  Biden’s inclusion should ease the minds of fence voters who are worried about some of Obama’s foreign relations policies.

What remains to be seen however is how Clinton backers will react to the decision.  Many are still torn on Obama, something I find quite astonishing.  A true democratic supporter would get behind a candidate like Obama, an American through and through with, as he touts and I believe, only the nation’s goodwill at the forefront of his personal and political heart.

A true democratic supporter would rally behind the newly formed Obama-Biden ticket, applauding Obama on choosing a mate that will surely increase his chances of becoming America’s 44th president.

On the other side (where the grass is not greener), McCain supporters eagerly await his VP announcement. Personally I hope it’s Lieberman, only because it would give Obama a better chance.  A McCain-Lieberman ticket would be horrifying, with 138 years between them, they are, together, only a few years younger than my country of residence; Canada.

The latest CNN National Poll of Polls (a combined tally of the results of five different surveys) has Obama’s lead at just two percent over McCain.  The poll has no margin of error, and unsurprisingly, lists 14 percent of the polled as unsure.  In order for Obama to widen the gap, he needed to pick a good running mate, one that would bring in the majority of this magical and mysterious 14%.  He’s done that.

Biden will deliver his first speech as VP at the Democratic convention on August 27th.

Now we wait.

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