Atari, on the home continent of its parent company, Infogrames, brought the same strong lineup of games to Leipzig as it did to E3 this year.

Some of its top premiering titles include What’s Cooking wit Jamie Oliver for the Nintendo DS, which Nintendo featured in its E3 press conference, as well as My Horse and Me 2 for Wii and DS, the mature “Witcher Enhanced Edition” for a good role-playing experience, and the PS3 port of Alone in the Dark.

For anime fans, Atari is bringing out Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3 for PlayStation 2 and Naruto: Ultimate NInja Storm for PlayStation 3, which expands from the original anime storyline. Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit for PlayStation 3 will also be around.

One game we did not see at E3 was Family Trainer for Wii, featuring mat-based fun and games designed to get the blood pumping family-wide.

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition was one of the top PC titles we demoed at E3, and it promises to include a bunch of gameplay improvements and new content when released.

Another game that ranks high on the potentiometer is Race Pro for Xbox 360, which brings a little familiar taste of Gran Turismo to Xbox. The game is very realistic, but be warned that it’s no arcade racer. Race Pro requires subtle adjustments, lots of braking and gear shifting and other movements — but that what y’all wanted in a realistic racer eh?

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