Sony Computer Entertainment announced Wednesday that they will be releasing a full QWERTY keyboard attachment for Sixaxis and Dualshock 3 wireless PlayStation 3 controllers for the holiday season.

Sony promises the keyboard will come out in late November in North America and by the end of the year worldwide.

We’ve expected this for some time now as Sony moves to social interaction in both its games and its PlayStation Home social network.

The keyboard attaches onto a controller, works standalone via Bluetooth or can be plugged into the PS3 via USB.

It also features a useful touchpad button that acts as a slider, moving around while performing tasks like web browsing.

One of the major titles this keyboard will be useful for is the highly anticipated LittleBigPlanet coming out at the end of the year.


Product Name: Wireless Keypad
Product Code: CECHZK1JP (For Japanese market)
Weight : Approx 60g
Voltage: DC 3.7V
Operating Temperature:
5 degrees C ~ 35 degrees C
Built-in Bluetooth(R) Ver.2.0
Keypad Layout: QWERTY layout
Battery: Built-in Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
Battery Capacity: 610mAh

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13 Responses

  1. Nick

    This is cool and is definetely needed, but I wish more people would just use a Bluetooth headset.

  2. ZenKai

    This doesn’t strike anyone else as a rather HEAVY add-on? I mean, I have a lightweight wireless keyboard (I’m using it now) but it still weighs a good 8 oz. I’m not sure getting wrist strain from holding a significant weight at a fulcrum is worth the “convenience”.

  3. ZenKai

    Oops, just say the 60g weight. 2.1oz isn’t bad, but it’s still an awfully weighty accessory considering the angle at which it would needs must be held…

  4. Ival

    Why do these companies keep releasing PS QWERTY pads that attach to the TOP of the controllers, when the obvious more ergonomic and convenient location is the bottom a la 360 chatpad?

  5. Coonor

    Why the fuck doesn’t Sony just make their online easier, and yes, get a fuckin head set. If I have the choice I play online games on my 360, its so much easier.

  6. Stephen Daedalus

    I’m not sure getting wrist strain from holding a significant weight at a fulcrum is worth the “convenience”.

    So true… and when you add the fact that anything bluetooth (including a qwerty keyboard phone) works pretty well with the PS3, the questiojn is “why?”. This addon made sense for the 360, which supports nothing like a decent keyboard the way the PS3 does, but that is not a reason for Sony to release this.

  7. Richard

    I’m not sure getting wrist strain from holding a significant weight at a fulcrum is worth the “convenience”.

    Wait… why would that hurt your wrist? Aren’t you typing on it while it sits on your lap? Don’t tell me that is goes on top of you gamepad or something, that’s just stupid

  8. Bob

    It’s amazing that there’s intelligent conversation about this. Not in the sense of “Oh finally, civilization!” but more in the “wait, why?” sort of sense. The very idea of a console is that it’s there to facilitate playing games. Anything added to it should do the same. That’s why voice chat is considered an obvious communication choice. Talking doesn’t require taking your hands away from your controls. The people who already have keyboards available to them, pc gamers, even realize that it’s just more efficient if you talk. Anything you would do with a keyboard doesn’t fit into console gaming. Can we please just stop making keyboards for things that don’t need them?

  9. Fish

    Eventually there will be a hummer attachment to the controller that allows you to drive a racing game as if you were actually driving

  10. Richard

    Bob, I understand what you’re saying, and I also think that voice chat is more efficient. I simply want to know why that would hurt your wrists…

    Bye the way, if there’s a mouse attatchment, I don’t know. I would think many PC gamers would love to be in on the much more lively console online gaming scene. But that’s just me.


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