So we have one NFL series, barely two NBA franchises and now at least three tennis games. Four if you count Wii Sports.

Electronic Arts announced Wednesday that they are creating a tennis video game to rival 2K Sports’ Top Spin and Atari’s Smash Court. The new EA Sports tennis game will first be available for Wii at some time next year, with other platforms to folow.

It will be the first EA Sports game to use Nintendo’s new Wii MotionPLus accessory that adds an added dimension of accuracy to the WiiMote.

“As we look to expand the EA Sports brand and captivate sports fans from around the world with rich new interactive experiences, it was obvious that the renaissance we’re seeing in the sport of tennis provides us with a big opportunity,” said Peter Moore, president of EA Sports, in a statement Wednesday. “Our new tennis franchise, coming first to the Wii, will put fans right into the action and provide the excitement, tension and drama that true champions feel in legendary matches – like the classic from Wimbledon just last month.”

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