This is a pretty big story and 90 percent of NFL fans don’t know anything about it. Why? Because it involves an offensive tackle and the Buffalo Bills.

Stud left tackle Jason Peters continues his holdout and it doesn’t look like the Bills care very much. Peters is one of the best in the game, went to the Pro Bowl last year and dammit, he wants to be paid as such.

But, the Bills don’t seem to care much. They seem to like the way the offense is running without him. And a source has told ESPN’s Tim Graham that the Bills are more committed than ever to taking a hard-line stance on Peters.

This story isn’t getting much play from the mainstream media, mainly because Mark Schlereth doesn’t know who Peters is, but it bears watching. Will he report? Could they trade him? Will he just sit?

Chances are he’ll get his ass in there at some point and agent Eugene Parker would be wise to advise Peters of just that.

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Micah Warren is a sports writer from New York and the founder of Blast's sports section and the Off the Record sports blog.

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  1. David Lavin

    Frankly, I’m totally in the Bills corner on this one. Peters has 3 years left on his contract. Agreed, he needs a raise, and the Bills have expressed a willingness to discuss a new contract. But Peters needs to get off his couch and join the team. I think the Bills are taking the right stance on not negotiating until he comes to work. He needs to follow Lee Evans example (who is also in the middle of negotiating a new contract with the Bills).


    We don’t even know how well he did in rehab after his injury last year, he wants more money (and his actions on the field is well worth paying for a bigger better contract) – but you think he would repay the team who gave him a chance to excel in the NFL by showing up to work, and to prove to them he’s an asset that can’t be replaced. The past couple years, the bills are a team that are concerned about keeping people who not only have talent but character as well, J.Peters holdout has to look a little questionable as someone who you’d like to keep on the team. I stand with the Bills and praise them for giving him the maximum fine allowed this offseason. Their has also been rumors about recouping some of his signing bonus. I can’t think of anything else that would light a fire under my rear and get me to work than to charge me (14,000 a day), if he misses close to 30 days thats almost half a million dollars, he only makes 3, you would have to think he will start to question his agent and fire him to get a new one. Wake up J.Peters, you’re not worth your weight in gold…

  3. Pettient

    Way to go Bills front office!!!! Let the guy sit home and give his money back, bet his agent won’t be giving any refunds!!! Peters must have a brain the size of a BeeBee to follow this kind of advise. Cahill hit it on the nose, show some respect to the team that gave him the opportunity in the first place, and a handsome raise last year in the second place. Let the guy sit, cuz if the offense gets more sophisticated like it looks like it will, Peters probably won’t have the smarts to pick it up….Go Bills, Go Langston, Go “O” Line, Leave the Ungrateful Slug on the couch!!!

  4. charles warner

    he needs to get in camp and fire his agent for the bad advice he is getting

  5. George Lewis

    I am so in agreement with everything said here.
    I am very glad people aren’t saying “oh poor jason peters poor baby “.
    Let his butt sit we in the bills family don’t need another cry baby.
    sit and pay your fines

  6. John Gabrielson

    Okay, According to Peters there is a “Me” In Team.
    You have one great year, and your the best madden
    player out there, but you want the big bucks already?
    And if you don’t get what you want, your gonna sit there and
    watch your team, beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, even though
    It was a pre season game, they looked quite impressive.
    Thank GOD! The bills did not give into this, Yeah He does
    DESERVE a big contract, long term, big bucks. I mean
    jesus, You know how much tackles make in the NFL?
    Show up to work, you’ll get what you want, Until then, Enjoy your VERY LOW media holdout.

  7. Chuck

    Peters is a ungrateful SOB! The Bills took a chance on the unsigned free agent rookie and gave him a shot! Soon after they gave him the long deal term “he asked for” and signed — 3 years left! He can not even commit to stay committed — what the hell does he want now — LOSER! (Greed) To the Bills — do not bend — and please do not break — I would love to get to the playoffs and the big show again — without the “business” of losers, ungrateful players getting in the way or their way!

    Averill Park NY

  8. Pete

    I agree with everything said here. We all agree. Lately, the Bills have negotiated new contracts with those that deserve it. Peters deserves it. But not as long as he’s not working. I would have
    Jim McNally, who built Peters to try to contact him. Peters owes his career to ex-coach Mac. It would be stupid to offer a contract to a player who they haven’t seen since January. Is his health good? Is he in shape? Or, does he weigh 400 pounds from getting the munchies. Is he trying to get drugs out of his system or is he dead?? Maybe he thinks he can live on what’s left after the fines for 3 years minus 10% for his jerk agent. No team will want him after 3 years of inactivity. What would your boss say if you asked for a raise when you haven’t showed up for work in months?

  9. Alf Kaethler

    I’ve been a high school teacher for 20 years, and on occasions I have recognized that there are some stubborn students who only learn a lesson after they’ve crashed and burned in an academic sense. When they don’t like the situation that they’ve dug themselves into, then they work their way out of it, and I give them all of the support they need. This helps turn children into adults. I can only hope that Jason Peters is learning something. I’m sure that Coach Jauron will welcome him back as the prodigal son that he is. The Bills cannot sacrifice the team concept for a selfish individual.


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