Kellen Rice, one of the Blast’s writers and a regular contributor to Blast’s PSA: Politics, Sports, Anything Blog recently picked up and read the entire Twilight series.

She did not like it. No, ma’am, not one bit.

“Thankfully, the ‘Twilight’ series is over. Not as great is the fact that millions of girls are reading this sexist tripe without a care in the world, obsessing over the "perfect" Edward Cullen and the "hot" Jacob Black, pretending to be Bella Swan and ignoring the unhealthiness of the relationship just as successfully as the character does. What happened that two hundred years after feminist hero Elizabeth Bennet is put down on the page, we get one of the most awful excuses for a female literary hero that I’ve ever seen?”

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  1. Jenny

    Bullshit. Pure bullshit. What is anti-feminist is not allowing a woman to live & love any way she pleases. If Bella (and other real-life women) want to live their lives in this way (as opposed to the uber-empowered working female), then it’s their right to do so. To squander that, and speak down to it, is the most anti-feminist thing you can do.

    Shame on you.

    • Kirsten

      You’re kidding, right? It’s anti-feminist to say that an abusive relationship is not a happy relationship? Sure, if you’re a freaking masochist, which apparently Bella is. Shame on YOU.

  2. Elle

    I’m a 22 year old fan of these books and I find them entertaining (as I did with Harry Potter respectivly) although I agree that anything boys can do we can do better, I don’t find these books offensive at all. I respect your opinions as I hope you will mine. I think alot of the swooning from Bella’s POV was to get across to readers just the intensity of love she felt for Edward. As for New Moon and the whole break-up thing, try to think back to when you were young and had your first real boyfriend and everything else would be put on hold because being with him made everything seem so brand new and wonderful and it was total bliss to just hang out with him (maybe he even took your verginity) which we all know is a big deal. Now think to how it felt when you or he decided to break things off and (even if you were the one to break-up first) just sitting at home eating ice cream and crying and moping around school thinking no one else would want you (lets face it as teenagers us girls don’t have the same self-confidence as we might in our 20’s or 30’s) So unless you were a complete schrew and hadn’t or haven’t had any emotional connection to a signifacant other maybe you would think this is a crap book. I honstly think it is agreat series (trust me I’ve read worst-Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith-at least The Twilight Saga has some depth) I don’t think there is anything wrong with teens reading this work of fiction. I have seen far worse things in real life then a fictional teen girl fall in love with mythical creatures. Maybe I would have had a problem with the series if Bella let Edward and Jacob pull a train on her-trust me there are far worse things out there.

  3. Lisa Tarvin

    Maybe this writer is jealous because we’re reading Twilight which I don’t believe is over by a long run. I”m 46 and read a wide variety of books. I loved this writer. She really pulled me into this world she created. I cannot wait until the movie and I’m not even a teenager!

  4. Jennifer

    I am a 24 year old female. I am not offended one bit by this book, the exact opposite actually. I am all about women’s rights. I work a full-time job and I am a full-time graduate student working on my master’s in education. I am doing it all. I do not have kids yet, but I am in a very serious relationship. I love that part of myself. Love is great. And you don’t have to be anti men to stick up for women. And you don’t have to give up love and emotion either. This book is phenomenal. Yes, Bella got married and then had a kid and then didn’t go to college, but since when does every story have to have a moral point. This book is a “story”. It is fun and you can get lost in it. You can have emotions and feel all of these things. Oh and did I mention, it’s fiction! Which means Bella can have all these things and she still has time, eternity to be exact, to get her education and do whatever she wants. And I agree with Jenny above, since when does being feminist force every woman to go to work and get your education and put all else to the waist side. Being a woman is having rights and a choice. So if a woman chooses to choose love and a husband and her child over college right away or if she wants to get swept away in love and emotion, why can’t she? Again, this book is fiction, it is a fun read and if you are not a teenager reading this book, it is about first love and it makes you feel like a teen again. There is a lot of raw feelings and emotions in this book. A fun world to get lost in when escaping everyday life!

  5. Liana

    The main focus of that article is not about feminism, it is about the concern that teenage girls are reading a book that glorifies mentally abusive relationships.

    Can you honestly say you would not be worried for a friend or family member if they were in a relationship where her boyfriend was taking the motor out of her car so she could not see someone else, or having her kidnapped, or “suggest” she not talk to certain people anymore?

    That is what the article is about, expressing concern for a serious subject. Many teenage girls are in relationships like this and it is unhealthy. And when there are millions of teenage girls who are absolutely in love with the idea of a guy treating them like that, it is just disturbing.

    Relationships are about balance – each partner needs to have a say and each partner needs their independence. Edward and Bella’s relationship does not show this. She easily goes into the submissive role and does not question him and thinks it is romantic that he is preventing her from leaving the house. That is a perfect example of an unhealthy relationship.

    I would not be so upset by this series if there were not so many girls wishing the could have “perfect” boyfriends like Edward. Since when is being controlled romantic?

    And no where in the article did the writer say there should be no romance and women need to go out and do something – that is never discussed. Nor does she bash men. Feminism is the right to choose. If you choose to stay at home, power to you. If you choose to get a career, power to you. But, the article is not about that. Pretend that you did not even see feminism mention, can you still say it has a bad message?

  6. Amy

    It would be one thing if Edwards every decision and being since meeting Bella wasn’t about keeping her safe, alive, happy…. To increase her self esteem, to make her feel beautiful, and to show her how wonderful she is. Edward makes some stupid decisions. Sorry, but this is not an abusive relationship, and it dilutes real abuse by trying to make it one. I have worked with abuse victims for years. An abuser does everything he can to knock the victim down, to take away her spirit, to make her nothing. Where does Edward do this?

    In Breaking Dawn the heroes are the females! Bella is at the top, Alice, and even Renesmee. I think all the anti-feminist rhetoric comes from the fact that these women want us to live like them. I gotta let you know, being a mom is the most courageous, feminine being a women can be. It is my DREAM job!

    I don’t expect everyone to like these books, but geeze. Why post a blog so angry?

  7. Michelle

    I am completely with “Jenny” on this. Feminism has always been about choice, not about how buldoggish women can be against the opposite sex. The entire purpose of the sexual revolution, and of feminism itself, was to allow women to CHOOSE and decide for themselves what is best for them, whether it’s at home, raising kids, caring for her home, her husband, etc…, or living independently and working, if that’s what fills her with happiness, then that’s HER choice. And if its something else, like giving up humanity and becoming a freaking vampire for the love of another, then that, too, is HER choice. THAT’S true feminism, lady.

    Shame on you.

    (See: Jenny)

  8. michael

    It is this kind of mindless conservatism that keeps minorities down worldwide.

    Feminism is NOT a choice. It is the concept of equality between the sexes.

    That is not something you can choose. Either men and women are equal or they’re not.

    And that doesn’t mean, oh a women should be able to choose to stay home and be protected by her man if she wants to. That means, god forbid, you have to think for yourself. That means, heaven forbid, that you have to take care of yourself sometimes.

    That means you don’t have to kiss a man because he wants to kiss you. That means a MAN doesn’t have to kiss a woman because she wants to kiss you.

    Heck, that means grow up and get a job like the rest of us.

    ‘michelle’ your argument is without any sense of merit. It’s simply not a choice. Equality means you’re held accountable and held responsible. Men can’t just “chose” to stay home and not work, especially by your logic that women should be free to chose to stay home. If women are free to do that, men are not free to do that, and that means the sexes are not equal and that means women are admitting they are inherently weaker than men. I don’t believe that one bit.

    That’s the problem with these young girls, these 13-19 year old girls. They have no idea what it was once like for women. Study history. Trust me, barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen while your soulmate brings home the bacon isn’t all it was cracked up to be.

    • Musafreen

      Agreed; I’d never put myself under someone else’s ‘protection.’

      But (this might be slightly off-topic) there’s this tiny problem where working women are ALSO expected to take care of the home.

      That doesn’t sound like equality to me.

  9. Hilda

    I am a 33yr old woman who is happily single! I also love these books and I love the characters. Whats so wonderful about these books is that they do take you out of your everyday and you get immersed in Bella and Edward.
    What woman who reads these books can’t relate to they’re first love or they’re crushes that you were so eager to get to school just to see him. If you can’t then I feel sorry for them,they have truly missed out.

    Edward is in noway abusive to Bella mentally or physically.So he takes a part out of her truck,big deal. The whole point being that Alice saw what Bella was going to do and he believed he was protecting Bella from the Jacob and his pack. Edward KNOWS about the Wolves and he feared for Bellas safety around them. He was wrong and he admitted it to her.

    I think people need to just stop reading so much into these books,just realx and enjoy a great story!
    Can anyone so uptight seriously do that anymore?

  10. TwilightFan

    WHAT A PIECE OF SHIT ! Well we have the right to give you a piece of our mind about your feminist self. IT’S A LOVE STORY AND IT’S FICTIONAL LADY GET OVER IT !!!!

    I loved the series and this is just a sad article which I couldn’t bare to read all of because it’s so NEGATIVE.

  11. Elaine

    You sicken me. But it’s your opinion which ALOT OF US DON’T SHARE OBVIOUSLY ! The series was written beautifully and if you can’t see that then YOUR MISSING OUT ! I don’t think you should be telling other people WHAT MAKES A REAL WOMAN or a hero ? MILLIONS BOOKS SOLD HONESTLY WE KNOW WHAT A REAL WOMAN IS LIKE. AND LADY THIS ISN’T GOING AWAY FOR A WHILE ! FOUR MOVIES, MIDNIGHT SUN AND PROBABLY MORE BOOKS TO THE SAGA SORRY WE’RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE !!!!

  12. Sia


    IT’S NOT OVER WE’RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Joscelyn

    I am getting so sick of all the negativity. It’s a great story. This lady should go out and try to write a book-instead of tearing down others and ruining it for them. If she hated it so bad why did she read all of them-why not stop at the first one. When people say they hate the Twilight series when they have read all of them doesn’t make sense-Don’t read them then!
    As far as Bella being antifeminine in anyway is also untrue. What makes falling in love antifeminine? Bella also becomes the strongest character who saves everyone-she is the heroine.
    Stephenie Meyer is an example of a strong female-she is her own person and has great opinions and ideas and she is a wife and mother and she is amazing. And she is out doing great things while the lady that wrote this article just goes around knocking everyone else. Being a feminist doesn’t mean you have to be a lesbian does it? It means you have the same rights and opprtunities as men (Micheal) and you can have a say in your life.
    Please don’t go see the movie and ruin that for everyone too.

  14. Anna

    Well, I definitely do not agree with this blog– I’ll just put it at that. Actually, it really makes me angry and I can see why some of the previous comments are so harsh (profanity and all).
    This is probably what the writer wants… to get us twilighters all worked up and angry. Of course we want to defend SM and the Twilight saga, but all of this negativity towards people who don’t have anything else better to do but rant sends out a bad image of us twilighters and to SM.

  15. Monique

    I think I know what Kellen is talking about. In the book, sometimes Edward comes off as pushy towards Bella–making her eat when she doesn’t want to like in the pizza parlor scene in Twilight– but in the end I think Meyer’s choices go back to showing Edward having a firmer grasp on time (he is 109 after all!). He knew that Bella was experiencing everything humanly whereas he was able to step back and keep her grounded. Edward’s main motivation is to keep Bella safe, not to dictate her choices. He doesn’t make her give up college, she chooses that. In fact, if Edward never existed, Bella STILL wouldn’t have went to college. He doesn’t coax her to become a vampire, she chooses that. Everyone that has had a relationship knows that sacrifices or choices need to be made, but through it all Bella was never forced to change the person she was and Edward respected her completely and that’s what made him love her more.

    I don’t see how you can think this was sexist at all. You’re just overthinking it way too much lady. It’s a fantastic story, something to escape the everyday, not a dictation of lifestyles.
    **Spoiler Alert***

    When Bella does become one of them, Edward praises her for her strengths. He doesn’t try to hold her back at all. He’s happy that she’s on the same level as him. It’s empowerment by Bella, isn’t that what feminism is about? Being regarded on the same level as our peers?

  16. John Guilfoil

    Anna, as the editor of Blast I’m disappointed to hear you say that.

    I can say with certainty that this post was not written to anger anyone or stir debate — not that there is anything wrong with that.

    Debate, especially literary and political debate, are the cornerstones of this country.

    Try to tone your remarks to that. I allowed the post to run because the author read the entire series and responded in kind. It wasn’t a mindless rant like others I’ve seen.

  17. kara

    Thank you for this review.
    I’m happy to read someone who doesn’t have shit in the eyes 😀
    Yes, Twilight sucks… and not in a good way. Thanks!

  18. Twilight All The Way

    This article is pure CRAP!!!!








  19. Anna

    Joel, you’re right. I’m sorry, really. I guess you can say that that was my mindless rant. I didn’t actually mean to submit it, but I did. >.<

    another rant, but i just had to say it–
    Kara- you don’t make any sense. I don’t have poop in my eyes and I really loved the Twilight saga.
    Hmm, Edward is in no way abusive to Bella. He always gives her what she wants. He didn’t take away her future like college and a family; in fact he was all too willing to give those to her. It was up to Bella to make her own decisions of what she really wanted. Bella’s experiences however, shouldn’t be compared to reality– for example, Bella’s pregnancy. We all know that pregnancy isn’t like that, thank God that this is *ahem* fiction, or else I’d be scared to death at the thought of babies. Of course, this being a fiction isn’t an excuse for the other points you’ve made. I agree that Jacob’s personality drastically changed in New Moon (confusing me for a bit), but his relationship with Bella was also not sexist, abusive, or whatever else you said. Jacob, like Edward, also gave Bella a choice, but like any crazy in love teenage guy, he fought (figuratively speaking) for her by being extremely stubborn, haha– though, who could win against dazzling Edward? haha. Oh and she didn’t magically fall in love with him half way in Jacob’s kiss… it was later, much later (just to point that out).

    I do praise you though for at least reading the entire series before bashing the books, unlike others…
    I’m so happy with the outcome of the plot. Breaking Dawn is definitely my second favorite! And after reading it three times now, I can really see that this was how the series was intended to end. And “The several hundred pages are filled with sickly-sweet self-indulgence” of Breaking Dawn was my favorite part! hahaha.

  20. Roxanne

    Anna – I Agree with you whole heartedly. I thought your last post was intelligent and not rife with profanity and CAPS.
    I too was happy that the blogs author read all 4 book before giving an opinion, but thats just what it is her opinion. I am upset because there really was no need to attack those who enjoy the series. I am all for people having an opinion and expressing it but the unkind (and that’s putting it nicely) comments made about people who enjoyed the books was crossing the line.

  21. Anna

    ahhh I just realized that I typed “Joel” instead of “John Guilfoil” on my last post. sorry!

    I’m glad you agree, Roxanne. Definitely! (I agree with you too and happy that you liked the series!)– expressing opinions are fine with me, but comments which intentionally attack people who liked the books (and down talk SM) are really just… arghs. But at least this article didn’t do that, reject those who liked the books that is; but it did insult SM, which I’m really not okay with.

  22. TwiLiGhT LoVeR ~*~

    isn’t that quite hypocritical ? you go on and on about how this book sucks and that it’s so negative , yet you’re trying to load everyone you can with such a negative article, that seems to suck as well >?Respectivly i do give you credit for sticking your neck out there, but quite honestly do you REALLY think you could get by with SPREADING SUCH NAGATIVE CRAP ?!?!?!?! People can write what ever they want, about what ever they want, hence the reason you were allowed to spread such bullshit ! Back off and leave one of the greatest series of all time alone ! ITs not going anywhere NO MATTER HOW HARD you try to talk crap about it !!!!!

  23. Sara

    TO let you know, the guys in the story (if you were paying attention) ARE FROM A TEENAGE GIRL, I am a teenage girl and if I see a hot guy I am gonna say or think “OMG that guy is adorable or sexy.” Praising someone for their looks isnt bad. Another thing, this is from Bella’s perspective, she sees the guys as beautiful or perfect, when you are in love thats how you see it, you never no they could be ugly. ARE YOU TO COLD HEARTED TO SEE BELLA WAS IN LOVE????

  24. Ti

    Wow. May I just point out that this contributor created a thoughtful, discerning, well-educated review, expressing her personal opinion… and I have rarely seen less tolerant responses. Be the change you wish to see in the world, Twilight Die-Hards. If you want others to be more open to your point of view… perhaps you should reflect a certain measure of dignity and passive understanding in your own actions?

    I did not dislike this series. I have also bought the same thing for a dime off a gasoline station stand. As entertainment, it reads at the about the same level as popular shoujo manga titles. This is not negative, but Twilight fans claiming Meyers to be on the same level with Cervantes, Hugo, Dostoevsky, Stoppard, and Salinger, are of course not going to be taken seriously. Fandom does not equal superiority, and thus no matter how times you post in all caps that everyone opposed to the series is a fucking cold-hearted asshole, you’re never going to rally the ‘positive’ support behind this romance series that you feel it deserves. Since when are others not allowed to have a negative viewpoint? Only when it conflicts with your interests? How self-absorbed.

    And please, Sara, do not categorize teenage girls. We don’t all respond the same way to attractive males. The rest of us do not appreciate the stereotypes. 🙂

    To the point – I agree with the characterization of Edward. Any professional who has worked with abuse victims would not take the above comment seriously. No derision needs to be attached to make control abusive. Many controllers appear very loving, tending to the needs of their mates… as long as their mates do not step outside their expected roles. Edward reacts very negatively when Bella does this, fretting, becoming angry, retaliating (the Engine Incident). All of these indicate an unstable individual seeking to master a situation through socially unacceptable routes. Edward may love Bella, and Bella may love Edward. That alone, however, is not an ultimatum that their relationship will be perfect. And that is why Rice is so concerned – because above all else, the Twilight series teaches that LOVE will make whatever else happens okay. But it won’t. That’s not negative. That’s not over-analytical. That’s life.

    I am very relieved that the internet continues to be very. serious. business.

  25. Matylda

    Oh wow. Some of you need to grow the fuck up and stop screaming. Not everyone is going to like that shameful, crappy series just because you love it. We don’t give a damn IF ITS FICTIONAL; that may be true, but never in my LIFE have I read a book with so many unexplainable plot holes in them. Some of you don’t even realize this AT ALL and I feel really sad for you, especially for those who are whining and crapping their little pants because OMG DEY R MESSIN WIT TWILITE.

    For GOD’S SAKE, I feel like I’m the ONLY teenage girl here that sees that this series is nothing but complete CRAP. EDWARD AND BELLA DO NOT HAVE THE PERFECT RELATIONSHIP. HELL, ITS NOT EVEN HEALTHY. Some of you should have grown up a little more before deciding to read this series because it just seems like too many of you are ignorant of the things going on in the books. Is it just me or are the fans of the book blind?

  26. Nazne

    As a teenage girl who’s actually felt something of what Bella supposedly feels towards Edward (but of course not all of it – no goddamn human has *that* much emotional OMG I WUV YOU), I’d just like to note something here…

    Falling in love is the most intoxicating narcotic in the world. Refusing to live your own life as a result of constantly trying to feel that way is just fucking stupid. Being entirely depressed over a boyfriend leaving you is fine. Trying to commit suicide because you have no sense of self without him isn’t. I realize that actual humans have this issue, and I don’t wish to trivialize it in any way; however, actual humans can manage to deal with it given proper assistance from friends and the drive to live. Actual humans can manage to grow from traumatic experiences. Not, as Twilight would have it, by relying on the boyfriend the moment he reappears on the scene, but by taking stock of their own selves and motivations. Bella has no personality, no sense of what *she* wants to do without the love of an ever-perfect Edward guiding her every choice. Is this the kind of mentality we want to instill in teenage girls – that their own actions are always secondary to the wonderful guidance of their boyfriends, who are after all ever-loving? Or, given that teenage girls actually have brains, and know when they’re too invested in their boyfriends and when to back off, why attempt to teach them that the ideal of romantic love is a woman who only lives for her lover, and not one who can actually think independently?

    Twilight sounds like a fairy tale and should be treated as one. Edward Cullen deserves about as much attention as Prince Charming, and I personally like Snow White better than Bella; Snow White wasn’t a bitchy caricature of an average teenage girl.

  27. Bessie King

    Wow… that is the first thing that I can honestly say. Now, to my analysis. As an editor here at Blast I also took the “Twilight Challenge” and read the four books, Midnight Sun and character guides, in a week.

    Yes, I do read fast but the books were, well amazing. Amazing int he sense that they took me in, as many of you has mentioned, but also because they reminde me of tru, beautiful, love and had me at the point of tears when I saw Bella’s reaction after her breakup with Edward.

    As the blank pages passed… October, November, December… I literally felt MY pages turning with the same heartbreak… May, June, July. Furthermore, after realizing that Edward felt the same way and was really to end his life because he though his lover was dead too, hope sprang and like Bella I believed they’d make it work. “Yes, Yes, Yes!” I chanted.

    The series is as addicting as it is inspirational. Like fellow readers said, if you cannot remember a time when you felt like your life would come to an end because you lost your significant other, sadly you have not loved at all. As crazy as it sounds love is wonderful and horrible but after the pain you remember the goodness.

    Now, there were some things I did not like about the book. Yes the author is great at bringing you in but there were questions left unanswered. Like, what happened to the bracelet Bella got? Did she use it again or not?

    Aside from this I do not, whatsoever, think this book should be apt for teenage reading. Let’s say its better as a PG-17 because the 13 year rating is still quite young but kids could read this “responsibly” between 15-18. After that the young adults have been more exposed and know about sex, family troubles and life dilemmas. So the danger of influencing their decisions is not as grave.

    When younger readers take this book in it is not as if they are reading Harry Potter exactly. Yes there is magic and legends involved but the context of the book and the time setting are very different and real. The topic of peer pressure is mentioned as is the unsatisfying desire to “have” somebody and even become sexually active.

    At a time where teenage pregnancies are so “popular” a book of this nature to a 10-13 year-old can be sort of wrong. The love that develops between the main characters is quick but it is because they were destined to be with each other.

    To an adult mind this is obvious, but to set of growing minds thinking that once school starts you can find, fall in love and get close to physical with somebody is normal, is pretty darn dangerous. Because there is a lack of education and censorship we have so many problems with our children and teens books like these can be blamed .

    But, like with everything else, it is up to the parents/mentors/guardians of these children and tens to explain right from wrong and develop reading comprehension. As cheesy as it sounds I think it is true.

    Finally to comment on the feminism part, I liked how a reader said that feminism is NOT a choice, simply is the fact of knowing men and women are equal. Some of us may choose the family route, others the business route and yet others both. What our writer was trying to get at, I think, is that sometimes women get so caught up in the romantics that they can-and often times do- forget this ever important fact.

    The books are good, although once Renesmee was introduced my hope this could reeeeally happen to me was completely gone. Thy are also seducing and a little racy. But if taken as literary entertainment in the correct ways they make up for their existent flaws.

    • Ink

      I respect your opinions and though there are concepts that I admitted were great in the book and lovable the overall appeal of Twilight is that it is a thinly placed, a skeletal broth minus the calcium goodness.

      I do not believe that Bella and Edward’s love is real thus I cannot sympathize with her sadness, in fact, I felt more sympathetic to Victoria whose bond with James bordered on something quite meaningful. Though twisted beings they are they are vampires who can rely on each other. With Bella and Edward’s relationship this did not stir. One of my best friends who is very unbiased of this series gave it thumbs up for entertainment but even he gave it a slight thumbs on for the romance. To him it seemed overused and hollow to some extents.

      I agree with you feminism and masculinism are not a choice they are facts. Many people do get pregnant as teenagers but Bella’s problem is that its almost like she coerced Edward to impregnate her and vise versa. She has no aims and Edward too has none. Bella is quite superficial to me for aside her contemplation of Edward she never grows to become the powerful Queen that Meyer promises with the cover of Breaking Dawn. And – it also seems that Edward got fixated with her because he had nothing else to do.

      Love at first sight is not fictional. It can happen. But with them it is blinder than a black hole. My unbiased friend commented that Bella’s unique beauty is never explored thus we feel that Edward is biting into bones (pun intended). Bella too looks only that which glitters – there is no gold or diamonds (pun intended).

      The series had potential. I loved New Moon’s movie execution of visuals and some scenes, however, Twilight still needs a stronger story. Love here does not equal immortality.

      Though I do respect your opinions these are just my feelings.

  28. Anna

    Honestly, the books were horrible. I’m sad to see 20 to 40 year old women saying how they loved the books. Ugh.

    I cannot continue reading the first book. The writing is HORRIBLE, the plot is disgusting, and the characters are just ick.

    People please. Pick better books.

  29. Anonymouse

    This woman knows her shit. And this series, infact is shit. The worst part is teenage girls thinking this could be real. Being controlled is not the same as being loved. There should be know “because he loves me”, because really it is “because he wants too and is mentally fucked up”. Men shouldn’t act to women like Edward does, hell why doesn’t he just beat her. If I want a vampire story, I expect blood and violence not shitty fake teenage relationships. People phail to understand that teenage relationships are all bullshit and never work out.

    My final remark is. Phail phail phail, desu desu desu ~

    -Love, Anon

  30. Chalice

    What is wrong with being a feminist? What is so horrible about wanting a little more from the female community? Then again, being a feminist is only bad because it happens to be against Twilight. When women couldn’t vote, it was okay but apparently opposing the underlying message in a fiction feel good story is crossing the line. This is a classic example of people taking their disagreement to an excessive level. Last time I checked, millions of posts were pro-Twilight. Some people here are defending this book like it is holy material. I’m 17 and I used to love Twilight until I saw it for what it was all on my own. One day, I got disappointed in it and myself and I GREW UP. It still hurts and I’m jealous of Twilight fanatics, I miss enjoying Twilight.

    Further more, who said Bella was a hero? She’s merely an example created to work in a fantasy. I would hope people new better than to believe that the things in that story (not the vampire’s the romance) were mundane and had the chance of coming their way. I’m sure everyone knows that life isn’t so easy. I hope. if Bella is a hero of any kind, then America’s young ladies are in deep trouble. You may want to BE like Bella but she is not someone to look up to. No mom should want to here her daughter say ‘I want to blow off my education, get preganant, and get married’, moms should want the BEST for their children.

    This is a nice story that I’m sure people loved it for a variety of good reasons but it is not something to be glorified and the people who are against it should not be bad mouthed and ridiculed. If you support the series, romanticize it in your own little circle, don’t look for some anti-Twilighter and shout your disagreement at them. This world had and has too many troubles and most of them stem from people just not being able to keep their feelings off other people. Like Twilight at the Lexicon, at your house, and 90% of everywhere else their is Twilight–let someone else have their opinion for once.

  31. heather

    OMG this is a book totally fake. I myself loved these stories but thats what it is a story why cant we leave it at that… quit “reading” so much into it. BEST I HAVE READ IN YEARS

  32. Kelly

    I didn’t like the books because I didn’t like them. Period. I read Twilight and didn’t get into it. What are you going to do about it, all you rabid fans who are easily angered over others’ opinions? Sadly there are people in this world who don’t share your opinions.

  33. Samantha

    This book was absolutely terrible in my opinion. I’m glad someone had enough courage to speak their mind about it’s flaws, despite the millions of screaming teenage fan-girls.

    I’m only 14, yet I knew the book was a complete waste of time reading. The characters were dull and two-dimensional. The plot was poorly thought out and simply uninteresting.

    The only positive thing to add is that this book inspired me to write, because I’m certain I can write better than Stephanie Meyer.

    • Cooper

      I read a quote from Steven King once that said, writers read a lot, and one day, they run across a book and go: If they could get that published, I could publish something! I can do better!

      My book was around before I ever read Twilight, sadly, because Twilight was a more impressive fail.

  34. Marissa

    I read the books, and while they are not the best thing I ever read, they are not the worst thing either. Yes, Edward and Bella have a abusive, obbsessive, controling relationship, and I would know, I’ve been in one. No, it’s not always a teardown abusive relationship, because the one the guy I was with tried to make me feel better for a while, cause I was really depressed all the time from being really far away from home because I was in the military. Well, he left the base I was at, we kept in touch over the phone, and things were ok for a while. Then I finally got home, and was spending time with my friends, and he started to tell me, I couldn’t see them, and basicly should wait around for him to call, and then dumped me when I went into the hospital, cause I was being childish. Trust me, you say those kind of contorling relationships arn’t bad till you end up in one, and it’s sad that so many teenage girls, some already in happy relationships want their relationship to be like that. One of my friends even told me how some guy she knows got dumped by his girlfriend for Edward… That says something bad on both their parts. Imagine how the guy must feel. Getting dumped for a fictional character. And hell, I’m not saying that I have never fallen in love with book characters before, I fallen for plenty, and I cried when said character died, but I didn’t go around idolising that character for more than a day, and mostly kept it to myself, unless my mom asked me why I was crying, and I told her. I have to listen to all my friends still in highschool tell me how the books are the greatest, and that there is no books better, but I have read quite a bit of books that are better written, and have much better characters, and I get sick of being told I’m an idiot for not liking the books as if they were the greatest thing. I’m not saying don’t read the books if they are your cup of tea, but some of the teenage girls really need to think about what they are saying, and idolising. Abusive, obsessive, controling relationships are not healthy. Bella has the obsessive part, and Edward with the controling. I know from personal experiance that the relationship is not healthy, and the, they’re in love bull ain’t gonna swing with me, cause, you kill someone in the name of love, you still go to jail, so it’s no excuse. I just don’t wanna see younger teens end up in bad relationships cause it was intentionally or unintetionally idolised in books, and it’s also the readers faults more so than the author’s fault, for beliving things really work like that in the real world, or desiding to idolise it. And to all the people who love the books, it’s an opinion. I don’t go around yelling, you suck, how dare you not like Dragonlance books, when someone doesn’t like them.

  35. Y.

    To the fangirls. If you can’t explain decently WHY you think the series is OMFG the most awesome thing eva~~ with something other than “because I say so”, don’t insult the lady who wrote that.

    Also, she isn’t the only one who thought the series were … mediocre at best. So did Stephen King. So did many critics who, mind you, have more experience than any of you. No plot, no character development, no conflict, … Oh wow, I wonder why some people might not find it perfect.

    Then again, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. Twilight lexicon bans those who don’t agree with the fans. SMeyer has her brother filter her mails because she can’t handle being criticized. If she was a real, mature writer, she would use the negative feedback to try to improve herself instead of whining and throwing temper tantrums . No wonder why you all get along so well, geez. You have the moaning in common.

  36. Fay

    I watched Twilight on DVD, the day after I turned 47 because I wanted some romantic escapism on a wet afternoon and I wasn’t disappointed. I’ve just started listening to Twilight on unabridged audio book, to get some romantic escapism in the gym, too. Twilight is not a major piece of literature, but it surely has something which appeals to its young readers, or it wouldn’t be such a phenomenon.

    Edward is a fictional vampire and we are all trying to judge him by human behaviour,firstly !

    He didn’t ask to be a vampire and feels he is a monster. When he tells Bella that he is a predator he’s not trying to impress her, he’s being bitter. Bella reminds him of the humanity he lost in 1918.

    Having been around for a century, Edward has more life and after death experience than all the humans around him and he is desperate to keep Bella safe from the real/perceived dangers – he knows how fragile humans are, compared to vampires and werewolves. Edward has been alone for a long time and he’s very very insecure about losing Bella therefore.

    Yes, he can be too controlling, but if Bella sets boundaries, he has enough respect for her that he would comply. But she’s too submissive, she puts too many people before herself. Since when did being watched while you sleep by a loved one become a marker for an abusive relationship ? And are there no parents out there who haven’t resorted to grounding daughters to keep them away from friends the parents don’t feel are good for their daughter ?

    • Rin

      “Since when did being watched while you sleep by a loved one become a marker for an abusive relationship ?”

      Maybe because he broke into her room?

    • Jolie


      He had been breaking into her room to watch her sleep for a couple of months without her knowing it. That’s not necessarily abusive, but it’s definitely unhealthy and stalker behavior. In real life, there would be a restraining order and charges filed against the guy.


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