The push for Massively Multiplayer Online video games in the past few years has been a strong one. It’s no surprise then, that a few publishers have tried to get the first-person shooter classic Quake to take the plunge. In a recent interview with John Carmack, President of id Software and lead designer behind the Quake FPS series, said that he had passed up many offers to turn Quake into a MMO.

Carmack claimed that he passed up good money and stated that a Quake MMO won’t be coming out anytime soon. Aware of the struggles of MMO development and of the potential to rack in major dough, it’s understandable that the creative mind behind a FPS Classic doesn’t wish to put his reputation on the line just to make bank.

Id Software is currently developing a web-based Quake III port entitled Quake Live. “We did not have the experience in website development, database management, and all of that web world type stuff,” said Carmack on developing Quake Live. “And honestly, we underestimated the challenge involved in that.” It’s probably a good thing they’re steering clear of the MMO genre for now, considering their current struggle with Quake Live. But, for those of you who wish to hop online and level up your Unnamed Soldier you’ve been daydreaming about since the mid-nineties, your dream may still come to fruition.

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