Wow. I was going to make this a footnote to my previous story about the Steelers choosing Byron Leftwich over Daunte Culpepper to play backup QB. But, I think it deserves its own space.

ESPN’s John Clayton reports that Culpepper got passed over because he wanted a chance to compete for the starting job. With Ben Roethlisberger. I’m serious.

I get that Daunte Culpepper wants to be a starting QB in the NFL. I understand that. But, why on Earth would you fly to Latrobe, PA (touring the Rolling Rock brewery maybe?) to meet with the Steelers thinking that they might want someone to compete with their 26-year old starter who threw for more than 3,000 yards last year (second consecutive year) and 32 TD’s? Oh, and they spent a first-round pick on him and he’s won a Super Bowl while Culpepper has never been past an NFC Championship game.

Are you serious, Daunte?

If Culpepper visited the Bears or the Chiefs, I would completely understand. But trying to compete for the starting job in Pittsburgh is borderline as stupid as flying to Boston for a meet-and-greet with Bill Belichick with the same hopes.

I honestly believe that Culpepper still has the talent to play in the NFL and play well. I could be wrong. There is a reason why he isn’t on a roster and I think it has to do with the fact that he looked like garbage the last two years playing on awful teams. It also has to do with his poor management of his expectations. He seems to be living in a bizarro world and that has more to do with his current homelessness than anything.

It should be noted that Culpepper has no agent, he represents himself. Maybe hiring an agent might help in getting some reality shoved into his head.

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