This past Sunday around 3am in Las Vegas, Nevada, Boston Celtics forward Paul Pierce was pulled over for “erratic driving (illegal lane change).” Pierce passed the field sobriety test and a Breathalyzer determined that his blood alcohol content was below the .08 legal intoxication limit in Nevada.

However, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Pierce was initially “uncooperative” after being stopped but calmed down after being handcuffed. The cuffs were removed after about 15 minutes, and Pierce was not cited for a traffic violation.

Sounds to me like the cops were just trying to act tough with an NBA star.

More on the Celtics’ forward. Last week Pierce stated he was the “best player in the world.” Can we deny this? Before last year’s NBA playoffs, the majority of people would have said Kobe or Lebron. However, Paul Pierce outplayed both players offensively and defensively on the way to winning the NBA championship.

I at least think Pierce should be thought of in the same light as Kobe and Lebron (and a healthy D-Wade?). You can’t deny what he did last year winning NBA Finals MVP. Moreover, Pierce should be on the USA roster for the Olympic games. And I’m not talking about representing the track and field team in the hammer throw.

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