The much-beloved social networking site Twitter allows users to keep their friends updated on their whereabouts and activities through status updates known as “tweets.”

Until recently, the most common ways to tweet were via Instant Message, Web, SMS or a desktop application; however, TwitterFone has developed a system that enables users to make a phone call, record their tweet, and let the company take care of the rest.

TwitterFone just launched into private beta and is currently inviting users to try out the service, so I figured I would give it a shot.

My experience with the service has been excellent. The registration process was extremely easy; just visit their website and fill out a form. Within minutes, I was given a number to instantly record my tweet.  Once again, the process was very user-friendly. Twitterers merely dial the number, record their tweet and hung up. The recorded message is then sent to TwitterFone where it is transcribed and relayed to your Twitter account.

I decided to put the service to the test by recording a tweet right when I woke up and got of bed in a voice still clogged with sleep and TwitterFone was able to understand my message without any mistakes. During the day, I decided to record even more tweets while I was out, and the service’s performance and reliability were top-notch.

Overall, TwitterFone is a new, great, convenient way of tweeting without the need to be stuck at your computer or using up valuable text messages for sending status updates. The service is currently free under private beta, but it’s unclear if the company will eventually begin charging users. If you’re interested in trying out TwitterFone, you can apply for an invite at:

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