Ignition Entertainment launched an online demo for the upcoming puzzle-strategy title Red Bull BC One for Nintendo DS.

“Red Bull BC One is one of the most important B-Boy competitions in the world. The legendary battle hosts 16 of the world’s best B-Boys in a one-on-one, knock-out-battle to determine who is The One,” Ignition said in a statement Wednesday.

B-Boys and B-Girls are hip hop terms. The term originated as a way to refer to any follower of hip hop, identifiable by clothing habits, listening tastes or lifestyle. It has since more specifically been used to refer to the hip hop dancing.

There are a ton of Red Bull BC One videos, screens, wallpapers and info on the game’s website.


  • Officially licensed game, featuring the world of Red Bull BC One competitions
  • 36 battles throughout 8 stages in story mode, plus training mode
  • 70+ different dance animations
  • Many un-lockable mini games and items
  • 35 unique music tracks
  • 3D backgrounds (basketball court, urban street, beach and more)
  • Multiple customization options (outfits, hair, shoes and more)
  • Battle against a friend in wireless multiplayer mode

Red Bull BC One hits shelves September 16.

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