Rotel 1093 DVD player


High-end component maker Rotel recently let us test out their RDV-1093 DVD player to some fantastic results.

While we’re at the point where we’re thinking of Blu-ray, professionals and philes will appreciate the 1093 for its rich audio output and 1080p upconverting display.

The player supports a variety of formats including: DVD-Video for movies, DVD-Audio for high-resolution audio, DVD-R and DVD-RW. SVCD and JPEG photo discs, conventional music CDs or CD-R/RW discs and full MP3/WMA support on recorded discs.

There are also plenty of plugs including optical and coaxial audio, component and HDMI, 5.1 channel output and old-school composite video/stereo audio.

Another aspect not overlooked by Rotel is power management. “A switching power supply with an advanced pulse circuit and individually regulated supply stages generate optimal voltages,” Rotel says about the product. “Critical audio and video D/A converters are all wideband designs.”

It’s an amazing audio/video device that really blew us away. It’s an expensive toy at over $1,000, but it’s really solid.

Rotel 1093 DVD player REAR

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