LOS ANGELES — They kept the game behind beaded curtains partitioning a dimly lit room with bikini-clad mannequins. They called it a peep show. They handed out wet-naps.

D3Publisher’s Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers is a stretch for the Wii. Instead of Mii’s and Marios it’s half-naked anime girls with bloody swords that get stuck inside their zombie victims if you don’t clean them off.

Yeah, you get to use two swords at once — Wiimote and nunchuck — to wipe out dozens of zombies at once.

The game is simple: you control two sexy sisters wearing bikinis and cowboy hats. It’s based on the movie “Onechanbara,” which came out in April in Japan.

What I liked about this game was that the developers aren’t taking themselves too seriously. They know this isn’t going to be the next 100 million unit-selling game. It’s a simple game with hot chicks, swords and zombies.

“This is the kind of game where you come home from the office and need to blow up some steam — kill some zombies,” said Alex Coward, localization manager for D3 and demoer of the game.

The demo “peep show” was pretty impressive. I’m glad to see a little more maturity on the Wii. If you’re looking for something different, check this out early next year when it drops in the US.

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