610 WIP afternoon radio host Howard Eskin has stated on his show that the 76ers are very close in making Elton Brand part of their roster. Eskin also stated that it could be a sign-and-trade.

In this day and age, the sign-and-trade is a very popular approach for NBA teams to use in getting something for their free agents. In baseball and football when a team loses a key free agent they are compensated with a draft pick. In basketball, not so much.

NBA trades are usually very close to being dollar for dollar in matching salaries, so Philadelphia would need to send the Clippers Reggie Evans and almost $9 million more? Andre Miller? I would think Brand would come to Philly knowing he would play with Miller. Jason Smith? That’s only another $1.3 million. Willie Green at $3.3 million? Maybe.

Do the Sixers sign and trade Andre Iguodala at the same time? I don’t think they do that.

I don’t see how the numbers can match up in a sign-and-trade unless the 76ers clean house.

If Philadelphia somehow steals Brand away from L.A., I think they will just sign him for the maximum.

My opinion is that he stays with L.A., but something is telling me Philadelphia GM Ed Stefanski has something up his sleeve after trading Carney and Booth today (tomorrow) to free up cap space.

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