Here’s the procedure for making the perfect hamburger straight from the horse’s mouth.

Weber’s “The Perfect Burger”

1. Take meat out of the refrigerator about 20 to 30 minutes before grilling, and cover it well. When cold meat hits a grill, it makes for uneven cooking–and promotes the chances of the burgers not being cooked well enough inside.

2. Use olive oil to lightly coat the patty (in addition to your seasonings) before placing it on the grill to bolster moistness and to help prevent sticking.

3. When forming the patties, depress the middle of them with your thumb before placing them on the grill. This way, the burgers won’t have the normal rising in the middle after being cooked. You’ll have a flatter surface for all those wonderful condiments, and the burger will be easier to eat.

4. Grill traditional burgers for at least 8 minutes (4 minutes a side) and flip only once so you’re not constantly opening the grill, which lets the heat escape.

5. Make sure you use an instant read thermometer to ensure the burger is 160 degrees inside before taking off the grill.

6. Let the burgers sit for five minutes before serving; this will help keep the juices in the burger and prevent them from flowing out on the plate.

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