After getting their heads handed to them in the first game of the Euro Cup by Holland 3-0, Italy inched closer to elimination Friday with a 1-1 draw against the Romanians.

The Italians should consider themselves lucky. Zambrotta made a bone-headed play in the second half, heading the ball back to his netminder while allowing Adrian Mutu to slip in and score. Not too bright.

With the game tied at one and destined to be a draw, Panucci committed a terrible penalty in the box. The announcers called it questionable, I say no way. In most sports, it’s a foul to wrap your forearm under another player’s neck and drag them down. You do that in the box in soccer, and it’s a PK.

But, as has happened numerous times in the past, Jean Luigi Buffon saved the day, punching and then kicking the ball out of the net to save the tie.

Still, Italy is in trouble.

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