ESPN’s Chris Mortenson reports that Cowboys WR Terrell Owens has been entered into the “reasonable cause” testing program for performance-enhancing drugs. While he hasn’t tested positive for any such drugs, he was in New York on the same day of the announcement of his new contract, to meet with NFL officials to explain why he missed a day of telephone calls to set up random tests.

Owens can be randomly tested up to 24 times annually for the rest of his NFL career if the league chooses to do so. Would anyone be completely surprised to find out that a 35-year old WR with the body and skills of a 25-year old was using performance enhancers?

If anyone would be worried, it would be Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who just gave T.O. a ton of money. Well, he’s not.

“Before I ever extended Terrell’s contract, I knew that he had communication issues with the league but, trust me, I also know first-hand who he is and what he’s all about,” Jones said Monday. “Because of that, I didn’t hesitate to give him [$27 million] and I negotiated that while this was going on. Anybody who knows me knows I would never under any circumstance give away that kind of money if I had any suspicion or evidence that there was some kind of risk like that involved. There is no risk with Terrell.”

He’s talking about the risk of drug use, not the risk of him popping off to media and wrecking his team. There is always that.

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