This is something else. David Jacobs, a convicted steroids dealer, was found dead Thursday in his home in Plano, Texas. His girlfriend, 30-year old Amanda Jo Earhart-Savell, was also found dead, with both dying as a result of gunshot wounds.

Jacobs recently began cooperating with NFL officials regarding the extent to which its players were involved in steroids. Initially, he didn’t want to name names.

"I don’t want to ruin anyone’s life," he said at the time. "I just want to make things right. I got into this to help people, and I want to finish it helping people."

Early Thursday morning, Plano police officers responded to a caller who was concerned about Jacobs. Police arrived to find the two dead bodies.

"At this point, it is a homicide investigation, and we have no reason to believe otherwise," Heather Bowden, a spokeswoman for the Plano police, said by telephone.

The strange part here, is that Jacobs did end up naming names. New Orleans Saints offensive lineman, Matt Lehr, was one of them, although Lehr’s attorney denied any wrong doing.

Creepier still, is that ESPN the Magazine’s senior editor Shaun Assael had been in contact with Jacobs throughout May and said that, “Jacobs was reticent and nervous about the information he had and the people it implicated.”

Jacobs told Assael they were “the kinds of people I know about could put a bullet in the back of my head.”

"We offer our sympathy to the families of David Jacobs and Amanda Jo Earhart-Savell," the N.F.L. said in a statement. "As we have previously confirmed, our security representatives interviewed David Jacobs on two occasions. We are reviewing the information to determine if there is documented evidence establishing any violations of our program and will follow up on any other information that is provided. It is premature to comment on any specific player at this time. Anyone found to have violated our policies will be subject to discipline, including suspension. We will continue to be responsive to any needs of law enforcement on this matter."

Stay tuned on this one.

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