For some people, imagining they are a member of a band is as far as they get, but for others it’s only the beginning. 

Guitar Hero: World Tour, the next game in the top selling franchise of 2007, gives players not only the ability to improve their timing and button pressing skills of the previous iterations but also brings in a couple of new friends in the form of a drum kit and microphone, for the first time in the Guitar Hero series. The unique wireless drum kit features three drum pads, two raised cymbals, and a bass kick pedal.

Take that, Rock Band, with your one less cymbal.

“The drum kit is unique because it’s wireless, and it’s velocity sensitive, meaning that the harder you hit the drum, the louder the note,” said Brian Bright, Guitar Hero’s project director.

So just how realistic is the new drum kit?

“It’s as real as you can get,” said Chad Smith, drummer for The Red Hot Chili Peppers, who tested it out recently. “If it can hold up to me beating on it, it should do pretty good. Playing guitar? — That’s all great, But hitting stuff? Awesome.” Smith and other drummers including The Police’s Stewart Copeland checked out World Tour at a press event recently.

Guitar Hero: World Tour may sound a lot like Rock Band — rightfully so. But it’s not just another band simulation game. World Tour also gives players the ability to create their own music. With the new innovative Music Studio, players can create, edit and record their own music and share it online with other players. 

This gives it some longer legs. 

But don’t let the ability for players to create their own music discourage those of you who just like playing along to your favorite tunes. Guitar Hero: World Tour promises to offer the most extensive catalog of classic to modern rock tunes in a video game to date. 

Guitar Hero 4

Noted inclusions thus far: Van Halen, Linkin Park, The Eagles and Sublime.

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