Doomsday and projects like jDoom have kept the game going well into the 21st century, with support for high resolution graphics and textures, OpenGL, new character models, particle effects, high-quality audio and a whole host of hacks, tweaks, mods and fixes for Doom, Doom 2, Final Doom, Hexen and Heretic.

It also brings 16-player multiplayer and native support to Windows XP/Vista, MacOS, and Linux/Unix.

It’s a piece of gaming history that’s been sadly losing ground with time. There has even been trouble keeping some of files hosted online.

That’s just not right.

Here’s Doomsday:

Doomsday 1.9 beta-5 for Windows

Doomsday 1.9 beta-5 for Linux/Unix

Doomsday 1.9 beta-5 for MacOS

Here are some of the addons:

To install addons, place the .pk3 into the “/doomsday/snowberry/addons” folder.

jDoom Enviroment pack (for doom and doom2)
jDoom Enviroment pack (for tnt and plutonia)

Unliminated Ammo Mod

Rain in some Doom levels
Rain and sandstorms in Hexen

Lorcan TNT music pack

jDoom high-resolution texture pack
Texture pack for other front ends

Stay tuned for more. There are full resource packs that I’ll dig up and put online.

More good stuff happening at the New Doom Forums

Screenshot of Doom E1M1 with jDoom/Doomsday

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  1. Keagan

    To say the least, this upgrade for the original Doom is ABSOLUTELY amazing. The screenshots don’t even justify how well the characters are rendered. If you were ever a fan of any of the original Doom/Hexen games, this is the download for you!

  2. keef da beef

    im alway lookinf for the exra packs, ive seen other cyberdemos(not the doggy one or the other resource pack mod.i only know the modbb site, doomsdayengine, and thats aboot just learning about the console commands from and skulltag cons_commands. can someone post some more packs. i got the hirestex and the other common ones but looking for more

  3. DimitriDon

    THANK YOU BRO, I’ve been scouring the web for even these few add-on, so many are no longer hosted, keep up the great work Doomer Guru..

  4. Joker

    Hay The Doomsday engine is great

    but all the links to the Addons are gone when i click on them i get an 404 file not found
    please fix links


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