Pacman Jones could be in trouble again. The district attorney’s office in Las Vegas is pursuing a felony arrest warrant against the choir boy for failure to pay back a casino a $20,000 marker.

While this wouldn’t be a huge problem for most celebs and athletes, it’s just another instance of Pacman making headlines for the wrong reasons. And this is at a time where he is going to have to beg to be allowed back in the league. Commissioner Roger Goodell can’t love this.

"I thought we were working it out," Jones’ attorney Robert Langford said. "He (Jones) hasn’t been playing football, so he hasn’t been able to pay it back. When it comes to casino markers, $20,000 is next to nothing. I’m going to call the district attorney’s office and get this straightened out. He’s not a gambling addict. We’re going to pay it back."

There is all this talk in Dallas about Pacman being used on offense and what he’ll add when he is reinstated. When he is reinstated. That’s an awful big word for someone that can’t keep his name out of the papers for the wrong reasons.

Update: NFL spokesman Greg Aiello confirmed that the league is aware of this instance and looking into it.

“We’re aware of it and we’re looking into it,” said Aiello.

That said, the NFL is aware of this and looking into it.

Updated Update: Jones’ agent Manny Arora says the check is in the mail.

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