In case you missed, and judging by the amount of people that have sent me the link to the story you haven’t, Philadelphia is officially a town that hasn’t had a pro sports championship in 100 seasons. The 76ers won in 1983, and all four teams have now gone winless in their last 25 years. has been nice enough to mention it with 100 of the worst things to happen to Philly sports during that time.

You can get Perry’s take right here. He’s as miserable a Philly sports fan as you’ll find.

Check it out, it’s a pretty thorough list. Maybe now you will understand why the fans in Philly are the way they are. From the Fog Bowl to the wet chart to the Allen Iverson “practice” tirade to Scott Rolen to the 1997 Stanley Cup Final fiasco to Shawn Bradley to the Charles Barkley trade to the three-straight NFC Championship game losses… has it covered.

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