The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association is partnering with indie game developer Frozen Codebase to bring its “Real. Strong. Athletic. Revolutionary.” brand of modern roller derby to the virtual world, with its own video game.

“We have long thought the sport was begging to be immortalized in game form, especially considering not everyone is willing to take the risks we do on the flat track. Now everyone can be a rollergirl — all of the fun, with none of the bruises!” said “Mercy Less” the derby association’s PR chair.

“We’re confident this game will create a whole new segment of roller derby fanatics,” said “Crackerjack,” the president of WFTDA.

Frozen Codebase sponsors the roller derby association and tow of its Wisconsin-based teams: the Milwaukee BrewCity Bruisers and the Madison Mad Rollin’ Dolls

“We’ve become totally immersed in this culture” said Frozen Codebase president Ben Geisler. “It’s real, it’s punk, it’s action and attitude and it’s begging to become an exciting, action-packed video game!”

This should rank up there with the new video games for bull riding and competitive eating.

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12 Responses

  1. Manuel

    This will definitely be for a niche market. Like the CABELA franchise.

    I’m not into it, but I wouldn’t mind a demo!

  2. Pandora Bloxxx

    Man, I really could have used this when I was out on a (derby related) knee injury!!! What platforms are you planning to put the game out on?

  3. Ganks yer Face

    I can’t wait for this to come out. I wonder if it’ll have real rosters or with our favorite local heroines or all created characters? I wanna see Sadistic Sadie do her signature move where she skates backwards faster than the other Jammer can go forward and blows her kisses. At least real franchise names, I hope.

  4. Real Derby Grrl

    Sounds really cool, can’t wait for it to come out !

  5. Anonymous

    WFTDA Roller derby game, sounds like the most boring thing I have ever heard, what is your character going to do? sit in the penalty box the whole time? or is the game going to time out while your gay fucking refs run theyre circus?

    • Amanda

      That would be THEIR circus….

      Obviously you know nothing about derby. Don’t be rude.

  6. Celia Graves

    Any word on this??? This is a wonderful idea!

    The haters can kiss my ass.


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