Terrell Owens, the mercurial wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, will make his acting debut Wednesday night on Flavor Flav’s MyNetworkTV show "Under One Roof." He plays Flav’s long-lost brother who is trying to get him to invest in his website. Sounds hilarious!

"I see dollar signs," Owens said in an interview with The Associated Press. "I’m trying to kind of smooth my way into the family, but Flav is not buying it. It’s a lot of funny dialogue. It was a good time."

"If I’m going to really consider doing acting after football, this a great start to let me get my feet wet," Owens said. "For an actor trying to become an A-lister, I think I’m on the bottom of the pile. I’m a D-lister."

"I think I’ve got everyone I know tuned in to watch this show. I even sent an e-mail out," he said. "I guarantee you, once people see the show, I’ll be getting e-mails and text messages out the wazoo. … Believe me, it’s some funny stuff. It’s going to be great."

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