Bacardi’s new pre-mixed mojito cocktail comes in a big jug and will make a big splash at your next occasion.

The mojito has gained popularity in the US over the last five years (maybe due to a Bond appearence in “Die Another Day?”) and Bacardi is capitalizing on the low-proof, pre-mixed drink craze. At just 30 proof, it’s enough to enjoy without ending up on the floor.

As the story goes, according to Bacardi, in the late 1500s English pirate Sir Richard Drake, subordinate to Captain Sir Francis Drake, prepared the first version of a drink combining aguardiente (the crude forerunner of rum) mixed with sugar, lime and mint known as the Draque, Drak or Droc.

The pre-mixed Classic Mojito captures the minty lime flavor of the niche cocktail — it actually tases like a mojito. This is a tricky drink to make — it’s not like a rum/Jack and coke or a gin/vodka and tonic where you can just dump stuff in. The mojito is one of those situations where it’s good to have something like this pre-made for parties and guests. It also provides a good alternative to the usual party drinks.

The 1.75-liter bottle will run you $20, and a 750-ml sized option is on its way.

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