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Spring is in the air and with each spring, many new things emerge. In this brand-new section, it is only appropriate to feature news about baseball. The Red Sox-Yankees rivalry this spring starts out hotter than ever.

As the Yankees prepare to move into a new stadium in 2009, I hope you’ll enjoy reading about why the Bronx Bombers are tearing down their storied ballpark and why the Red Sox are annually investing in their legendary home on the Fenway.

Also, take the opportunity to read about a new beer on the market. Feeling cluttered from long winter nights in the office? Read some advice about how to do some spring-cleaning in your inbox to prepare for a more productive season. And finally, take the opportunity to ride with your car windows down after reading Car Sense.

The goal of the business section is to use analytical business tools to conduct a simplified, but still rigorous examination of the dynamic world in which we live. I want the content to be user-driven.

Your comments on articles and suggestions for future reports are welcome and encouraged. As is true in business, market feedback is invaluable to the advancement of any operation.

Happy Spring!

MJ Paradiso

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MJ Paradiso is the business editor of Blast Magazine.

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