10-year veteran Surry County investigator Bill Brinkman lost his job over the Michael Vick case. Did he botch something? Did he tamper with evidence? Did he try to protect Vick and let the superstar athlete walk? Nope, he lost his job because he pursued the case and wanted an inhumane criminal brought to justice. Something stinks in Surry County, VA and we think it rhymes with Derald Coindexter.

Brinkman says he knew he’d get fired the day he executed the search warrant. We find this to be utterly absurd, especially now looking back on how badly Surry County prosecutor Gerald Poindexter handled the case. Poindexter and Sheriff Harold Brown wanted the case to go away and if not for Brinkman, it may have.

If not for Brinkman, Vick is still free and a Falcon. Glenn Dorsey probably is too. Matt Ryan is a Raven. And most importantly, dogs at 1915 Moonlight road are still being tortured and killed.

"While I was on site for three days, Mr. Poindexter and the sheriff came on site and saw the physical evidence in place, but yet, during the election process they’re saying they never saw nothing, that they never got nothing. Well, I’m here to say they saw it in place," said Brinkman. "They saw the blood spatters, the training apparatuses. They saw the areas of the dogs being kept in."

Brinkman is most likely the reason that the Feds ever got involved at all.

He told them, "I think we are going to see the case go away."

Vick still faces local charges that could keep him locked up for even longer. Luckily, Brinkman can’t lose his job this time. The U.S. Attorney’s office gave Brinkman an award for his work on the case, while Surry County told him to get lost.

This case and this story are still long from over. Stay tuned.

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