The Ant Commandos announced that they are releasing a PlayStation 2 to PlayStation 3 adapter that is 100 percent compatibly with all game controllers, claiming you can use your PS2 guitars with both Rock Band and Guitar Hero 3.

At $19.99, it’s cheaper than buying a new guitar for either game, and it works!

If you already have some PS2 controllers, then get this to give them more life. Many people bought PS2 controllers for games and haven’t been able to use them with their PS3. The universal adapter works with all features on the controllers, even ones the other adapters are known to have trouble with. TAC is guaranteeing 100% compatibility with all Guitar Hero 3 or Rock Band features.

What we don’t know yet, is if the adapter works with things like dance pads and drums.

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  1. marvin

    i have a ps3 and my ps2 game can not work why and what can i do the use them


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